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Generally considered the greatest English poet of the twentieth century, his work has exerted a major influence on succeeding generations of poets on both sides of the Atlantic.

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Auden served as a c hancellor of the Academy of American Poets from to , and divided most of the second half of his life between residences in New York City and Austria. He died in Vienna on September 29, On the Frontier The Ascent of F. From Another Time by W. Auden, published by Random House.

Auden, renewed by the Estate of W.

September 1, by W. H. Auden - Poems | Academy of American Poets

Used by permission of Curtis Brown, Ltd. Auden was admired for his unsurpassed technical virtuosity and ability to write poems in nearly every imaginable verse form; his incorporation of popular culture, current events, and vernacular speech in his work; and also for the vast range of his intellect, which drew easily from an extraordinary variety of literatures, art forms, social and political theories, and scientific and technical information.

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    September 1, 1939

    Auden , - I sit in one of the dives On Fifty-second Street Uncertain and afraid As the clever hopes expire Of a low dishonest decade: Waves of anger and fear Circulate over the bright And darkened lands of the earth, Obsessing our private lives; The unmentionable odour of death Offends the September night. Accurate scholarship can Unearth the whole offence From Luther until now That has driven a culture mad, Find what occurred at Linz, What huge imago made A psychopathic god: I and the public know What all schoolchildren learn, Those to whom evil is done Do evil in return.

    Exiled Thucydides knew All that a speech can say About Democracy, And what dictators do, The elderly rubbish they talk To an apathetic grave; Analysed all in his book, The enlightenment driven away, The habit-forming pain, Mismanagement and grief: We must suffer them all again. Into this neutral air Where blind skyscrapers use Their full height to proclaim The strength of Collective Man, Each language pours its vain Competitive excuse: But who can live for long In an euphoric dream; Out of the mirror they stare, Imperialism's face And the international wrong.

    Faces along the bar Cling to their average day: The lights must never go out, The music must always play, All the conventions conspire To make this fort assume The furniture of home; Lest we should see where we are, Lost in a haunted wood, Children afraid of the night Who have never been happy or good. The windiest militant trash Important Persons shout Is not so crude as our wish: What mad Nijinsky wrote About Diaghilev Is true of the normal heart; For the error bred in the bone Of each woman and each man Craves what it cannot have, Not universal love But to be loved alone.

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    From the conservative dark Into the ethical life The dense commuters come, Repeating their morning vow; "I will be true to the wife, I'll concentrate more on my work," And helpless governors wake To resume their compulsory game: Popular stops include the Columns Hotel and Audubon Park. During Mardi Gras season, this is the place to be for parade-watching with the whole family. But if you know where to look, Bourbon Street is also home to historic bars, jazz and burlesque clubs.

    Though it runs parallel to Bourbon Street, Royal Street feels like a whole other world. Lined with art galleries, antique shops and fine dining, this street is full of culture and history, and it is known to have some of the most stunning architecture in the city. Most bars and clubs have no cover charge, making it easy to wander in and out and experience a variety of artists and styles.

    Check out local favorite spots like Spotted Cat or d. Today you can still see many of the original elegant homes and townhouses along the oak-lined avenue. Rent a bike and take in the sights! Once the main street of the historic Town of Carrolton, Oak Street has been revitalized and gives the present neighborhood a small town feel.

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    Running parallel to St. The street is lined with boutique shopping, restaurants, coffee shops, bookstores and affordable bars. Freret Street has experienced a true transformation in the years following Hurricane Katrina.