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I like your stories and your Christmas themed stories I know will be terrific. I love getting together all our extended family Christmas Eve , open some presents that we drew names for the adults only. The yule log tradition is interesting. Your Christmas sounds like fun. Raonaid Luckwell My husband decorates the trees. I set up the all the stockings and the decorate kitchen. We like to watch a holiday movie while we decorate. McNeal Thank you so much. I love those tidbits, too.

Thanks for the chance to win! We open presents and have a big dinner. Thanks for coming by. Hi Karen, what a fascinating post. Certain preparations for Christmas have become something of a 'ritual' for my husband and I, and an indication that Christmas is on its way. WE like to visit Redwings Horse Sanctuary at the beginning of November to see the rescued horses and purchase some cards and gifts to help funds for their care, then in December there is a special Christmas area at our local garden centre, with models of reindeer and polar bears, and again the opportunity to buy gifts and decorations.

We don't put our decorations up until a week before Christmas and a few days before we pay a visit to the Christmas tree farm, to pick out our Christmas tree. It's then I know Christmas is truly on its way.

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Hywela Lyn I'd love to have a real tree, but I'm allergic to them. I've heard if we brought in a live tree perhaps in a pot I wouldn't have a problem. We decorate two artificial trees-- one with Hallmark ornaments we've collected in our 27yrs of marriage and the other tree we decorate with homemade ornaments.

We plan to decorate this weekend. Oh my gosh those books look good! I find that Christmas spider one I just heard about interesting. I love the Spider legend, too. Karen, mistletoe is the state flower or plant of Oklahoma can't remember which and when I was little, I remember several kids my age, and a little older, coming around door to door with sprigs of mistletoe wrapped in plastic saran wrap that they were selling to get Christmas money.

A couple of them lived on an acreage outside of town and they'd climb up into their trees and get the mistletoe down then wrap it and sell it. We usually decorate our tree the day after Thanksgiving but it seems like as I've gotten older and the kids have moved out, I'm getting slower and slower about it. LOL Great post--I really enjoyed reading about all the different traditions.

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Cheryl Pierson I know what you mean-- We've been a little slow decorating, too. We plan on decorating tomorrow.

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Ann Montclair It's fun meeting new authors and and chatting with readers. Thanks for popping in for a visit. Those are very interesting. I have never heard any of those. We always had a big meal on Christmas Eve and than opened presents. And when my kids were small we would cut down a Christmas Tree after Thanksgiving.

Or favorite was after it snowed. The trees were so pretty on the tree farm. Thanks for the giveaway. Sue B katsrus at gmail dot com. My fav holiday tradition is the decorations and lights. I take long trips home just to look at them! Thanks for the giveaway!! My favorite tradition probably doesn't seem that exciting, but I love it all the same. Every Cmas Eve my kids, my husband and I play board games, listen to Cmas music and eat fun food. We make up a buffet just for us and munch all evening. They are 12, 18 and 19 this year.

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You actually cut down your own tree? Thanks for coming by and sharing. April Holgate My husband loves putting up the lights and coordinating the music to go with them. Brenda Jean Hyde I actually think playing board games is a lot of fun.

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  • My mom said my grandma started it there were 9 kids in her family But the tradition is every christmas Eve you get to open a gift Santa Jammies Which is a new set of Jammies so Santa can find you I buy my husbands and boys and they pick out mine You never know what your Santa Jammies are until you open them Kinda nice having new PJ's for Christmas. The tree, lights, cookies, presents and family get together, these are ours. Thank you for the giveaway and for being a part of the hop.

    Our only family tradition is spending as much time as we can with as many family members as possible over the holidays! I just received my book cover yesterday! What do you think of it? In the scene below: Cassandra Hayes has just found out the vampire she's suppose to kill is Tremayne Graystone, the man she's been dating. They're in the forest behinds his house and she's already shot him once with a crossbow, but Tremayne believes the relationship can still be salvaged.

    Tremayne is the one speaking. He looked above his head where the arrow sat lodged into the tree trunk. When had she moved? I hope you enjoyed the six! So, do you think Tremayne will be able to sway Cassandra from killing him? I'd love to know your thoughts? If you want to play with us. See the site for information on how to do just that: If you have a Twitter account, you can add the hashtag sixsunday to your tweets when you tweet a link to your Six Sentence Sunday post.

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    What a wonderful idea for a Christmas story. The six sentences were so enticing. Leave it to you to come up with something clever and different for Christmas. I love the cover.

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    Did you design it? Laura Shinn designed the cover.

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    But then how could it not be with JT on the cover. Oh boy he is going to have to do some convincing and fast. I bet he can do it. The cover is very pretty.