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Albert Schweitzer, an engineer, tips to what is happening. Only, Schweitzer's not an engineer and doesn't even exist at all For a story written forty years ago, the tone is pretty relevant today. The man with no name, the protagonist, is a former computer programmer that erased himself from a global database so he couldn't be tracked and goes around doing good deeds for exorbitant sums of money.

Although the future of isn't quite accurate, the undersea domes, for example, the idea of a huge database containing ever bit of available data known to man seems spot on. Our nameless hero seems like he might be an inspiration for Repairman Jack. The story itself isn't fantastic but I'm a big fan of the ideas presented within, both the creation of artificial islands didn't Stephenson do that in The Diamond Age? Two men are dead and it looks as if a dolphin is to blame. Our nameless hero begins poking around, leading him into a plot involving adultery, diamonds, and questions about dolphins and their culture I didn't enjoy the second story as much as the first but it was still good.

I didn't expect Martha Millay to play such a prominent role when she was introduced. Home is the Hangman: An artificially intelligent planet exploring robot, the Hangman, has returned to earth to exact vengeance on his creators. This was quite a yarn. For a novella, it sure had a lot of twists. Our nameless hero continues taking megarisks for his client, Don.

The Hangman's creators were an interesting bunch and, as I said, it had enough twists to rise above its seemingly simple plot. I'd recommend it to fans of spy novels, since the nameless protagonist is more of a spy than anything else. The man with no name reminds me of John D. He should be a well-received character by fans of either.

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View all 4 comments. Dec 19, Jim rated it really liked it Shelves: This is a collection of 3 stories with a central character, a man with no name. I get the impression that Zelazny was wondering about some things, kind of thinking out loud. In the first story, "Rumoko", we meet the head programmer of the world bank database. He decided that the system he labored on so long, a database that contains every fact about every person on Earth, might not be such a good t This is a collection of 3 stories with a central character, a man with no name.

He takes on interesting jobs such as protecting a project which is creating a new island chain by blowing holes in the Earth's crust with atomic weapons. A deep space exploration robot is more intelligent than its creators counted on. All in all, not his favorite work of mine, but a good read. Dec 09, Frank Hood rated it it was amazing. Roger Zelazny's 3 tales written some 20 years apart featuring the same character. All 3 are enjoyable adventure yarns.

My Name is Legion

The first is only that, the second, written years later adds much more interesting speculation and emotional depth, the last, again written years later, is so good that the first page makes you lean back in your chair and exhale mightily and the theme is worthy of the wonderful style--a yarn truly worthy of its Hugo. Rarely does one get the chance to see the gr A marvelous book. Rarely does one get the chance to see the growth of a writer demonstrated so clearly. Three stars is a gift.

Better than most Zelazny, which isn't saying much. Despite writing this forty years ago, Zelazny avoided the obvious technology and historical problems. Hard to believe the Brothers Hidebrandt did that insipid cover art. Nov 19, Thomas rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Almost great stories, August 25, My name is legion is a collection of three stories by Roger Zelazny. He can basically assume any identity legion--many names.

The first sto 19 of 25 people found the following review helpful: The first story is set in the year The technology in is quite astounding with cities on the Ocean bottom, advanced space exploration, and the existence of truly intelligent super robots the hang man. At the same time as the story is referring to tape drive and punch cards. Predicting the future is difficult. This is a little funny from a perspective. However, this is to expect. When people attempt to make predictions they typically extrapolate current technology and make the assumption that existing technology will be extremely advanced in the near future in the 30's people said all cars would be flying by the 's.

At the same time it is near impossible to predict entirely new technologies. In the first story the agent is trying to solve a mystery regarding terrorist attempts against the project RUMOKO in which nuclear bombs are used to blast holes in the Moho layer below the Ocean bottom to create artificial volcanoes that will create new land like Surtsey, Iceland to mitigate earth's over population problem.

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Even though the story itself was not bad, I had a few problems with its context that I could not easily accept. First, creating artificial land by having magma bubble up from the Ocean bottom is most likely counter productive since the magma below the Ocean surface is likely to push away enough water to reduce the coast line land area in excess of the tiny land you gain from the new Islands. To gain land the average depth of the Ocean must actually increase because the Ocean water will not vanish. Let's make a calculation. Reality would likely be worse.

According to GIS statistics the World's coast line is around ,km. Since it is flat coast land that will be flooded, not the fjords of Norway, it is the flat coast land we should consider. If we assume meters rise on km for flat land actually not very flat we get 0. Secondly, exploding nuclear bombs on the Ocean floor and allowing massive amount magma to flow up into the Ocean cannot be good for the eco system of the Ocean, and the people living on the Ocean bottom the Ocean bottom cities are likely to complain.

Thirdly, you can much more easily create new land by building floating cities which will not push away lots of water, and you can irrigate the Sahara desert and other deserts. New volcanic islands have to be made fit for life anyway. Allowing this to happen naturally will take a very long time. These other approaches would be cheaper, quicker, safer, and not likely to be counter productive in the sense described above. So why would anyone choose this silly and dangerous approach?

I don't buy it. I say three stars. The second story "Kjwalll'kje'koothai'lll'kje'k" was beautiful, thought provoking, and philosophical. This story revolved around the sentience of dolphins and whether they can compose ideas or music or have a concept of spirituality, and also whether they are capable of murder. If you love Dolphins you will love this charming story, but I found the story to be a little bit too "dreamy" and speculative for me. If you love Dolphin salad you will not like this story since it humanizes Dolphins. The third story "Home Is the Hangman" was my favorite story.

The "Hangman" was a space robot possessing what seemed to be "real autonomous intelligence" and perhaps self awareness. Having worked in the fields of robotics and artificial intelligence myself I had a few objections, but not anything that most readers would care about. The story was believable if set in the year or instead of , and very exciting. The story took a few unexpected turns that took me by surprise, and explained the story at a deeper level.

I love that sudden moment of dawning comprehension that explains what is going on and makes the story better. It shows that the plot was very well thought through. Overall this was a good book, but not good enough to go on my list of favorite classic Science Fiction, and the author does not match up to Arthur C. Well, I have only read one Zelazny book, so far, so that may be a hasty judgment.

The book is recommended to hard core Science Fiction fans but not recommended to those looking for only the best of Classic Science Fiction. A surprisingly engaging trilogy. The prose was a little choppy at times, and sometimes a bit disconnected, but not too bad. Reminds me a bit of steven king. Originariamente pubblicati come tre racconti separati dello stesso personaggio, qui vengono raccolti come se fossero un romanzo. Feb 23, Michael rated it liked it. My Name is Legion is an interesting trilogy about a man with no identity. Sure, the content is interesting, but what makes it so fascinating is how the quality of the three stories are so different.

You have one amazing story, one average story, and one that is best to be swept underneath the carpet and never heard from again. The Eve of Rumoko is the carpet sweeper. The dialog is a mess, the story is a mess and is incredibly ranty. Seriously, my eyes glossed over several times and I was reading My Name is Legion is an interesting trilogy about a man with no identity.

Seriously, my eyes glossed over several times and I was reading during the day with what I thought was good sleep. I almost felt like this was taken from Zelazny's high school days when he was starting to find his gift. Kjwalll'kje'koothai'lll'kje'k don't ask me to spell that ever again would be the average story. Actually any story that involves dolphins is probably average at best. It's almost a progression from the last tale. The dialog is slightly better, the rants are still pretty bad but this time we have content which leads to a decent conclusion.

Finally, we have Home is the Hangman. The amazing piece, the one that won a Nebula, the one that won a Hugo too. From the first page, it is easy to see that this story jumps off the page, right into your lap and nuzzles up to you for the hour, hour and a half that you will read it. The dialog is perfect and the few rants actually make sense to the story. The ending is well thought out and it's one of the best short stories I have ever read. It probably is the best "novella" length story I have ever read.

Why it hasn't been made into a movie is beyond me. Thankfully, Home is the Hangman is available elsewhere like Volume 4 in Hardback of the Roger Zelazny collection of stories. Last Exit to Babylon That way at least you don't have to go through two stinkers to get to the good parts. But, much like life Feb 07, Michael rated it it was amazing Shelves: I have been in the mood to re read Roger Zelazny books lately. I'm currently re-reading My Name is Legion.

The hero who, like Zelazny, worked for the government. I believe Zelazny got the idea for this character while working for the Social Security Administration. His character is able to completely wipe out any record of his existence from the new "world data base" that he was involved with creating and programming. As a result, he is also able to create new lives for himself at will. He uses I have been in the mood to re read Roger Zelazny books lately. He uses this tool to become a sort of super-spy trouble shooter for hire on "impossible type missions". This book has three related stories or missions.

The first is "The Eve of RUMOKO" about a plan to use nuclear explosives to create artificial islands but there is a saboteur on the project that he has been hired to identify and stop. Our hero must find the Hangman and stop it with time running out. This is the best of the 3 stories and won a Hugo and Nebula Awards for best novelette. There are three stories in total, and the premises actually sound cool enough: It was hectic, disorganized, ranty, and the characters and dialogue were meh at best. I have lots of things to think about, now.

By the time I reached the 3rd Frankensteinesque story, which I later found received an Hugo, I was half skimming through it. I partially blame myself- I had other books lying around that I was eager to start reading, so perhaps I should just have waited until I was in the mood for this. Non dei grandi racconti, ma gradevoli. Het las als een ineen geflanste reeks verhaaltjes. Feb 08, Timothy Boyd rated it really liked it.

An excellent selection of short stories by one of my favorite writers. Great reading if you need something for short periods of time. Publicado originalmente en , se trata de un libro con una historia bastante curiosa. Mar 20, Al Brown rated it it was amazing Shelves: One of my favorite books, Good in hard copy and good in this audiobook.

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Aug 23, ReinisB rated it did not like it Shelves: Sep 21, Domenic rated it really liked it. A bit dated now, especially the IT stuff, but the titular story always a classic. Delfines asesinos y peleas cuerpo a cuerpo con robots Jan 11, Alex Melnick rated it really liked it. A collection of stories with a common protagonist. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. My Name is Legion 3. From acclaimed action author David Morrell comes a short thriller based on bizarre actual events.

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On a blistering desert landscape in World War II, two armies face each other. One belongs to the legendary French Foreign Legion, but the other belongs to the French Foreign Legion also, one side working for the Allies, the other for the Germans.

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In this vivid historical recre From acclaimed action author David Morrell comes a short thriller based on bizarre actual events. In this vivid historical recreation of one of the strangest battles in modern warfare, a terrible twist of Fate compels comrades-in-arms, who trained together, ate together, and slept in the same barracks, to become mortal enemies.

David Morrell is the prize-winning author of First Blood, the novel in which Rambo was created. His numerous New York Times bestsellers include the classic espionage novel, The Brotherhood of the Rose, the basis for the only television miniseries to be broadcast after a Super Bowl.

Kindle Edition , 39 pages. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about My Name is Legion , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. May 01, Jeff Kalac rated it it was amazing. David Morrell has long been known to research subject matters exhaustively, and his propensity for collecting knowledge can turn a short story into a history lesson.

It would sound like quite a fiction to imagine that an army could train, live, and eat together--yet someday be pitted against one another. It would sound like some half-cooked idea for a movie, perhaps, to imagine friends w David Morrell has long been known to research subject matters exhaustively, and his propensity for collecting knowledge can turn a short story into a history lesson.

It would sound like some half-cooked idea for a movie, perhaps, to imagine friends who are now faced with sincerely trying to kill one another. Truth is stranger than fiction.

The dilemma described above actually took place. While Morrell has created fictional characters in order to drive this story, the landscape they inhabited was all too real. It raises questions, certainly, about where it is best to place one's honor. Is it a commitment to the cause By killing a friend in order to prevent him from killing you, who wins? Morrell does his usual outstanding job at setting the scene and building tension.

His descriptions pop, and his narrative voice is uncanny in its ability to describe not only action, but also the long dredge of time spent alone with one's thoughts, waiting for this action to happen. And surprise, dear reader, but you've just gotten a taste of actual history. Not a bad investment to make when you've got a few hours to kill on an afternoon. This is a short story, and a fast read, but it will stick in your mind long after you've read that last word. Dec 04, Katia M. Davis rated it really liked it. I've never read any David Morrell before, so I thought I would ease myself into the writer of First Blood with a short story to see if I liked his style.

This poignant piece both entertains with action and pulls at the heart strings. It deals with duty, friendship, forgiveness, and that indescribable thing that drives people on during times of war. I loved it and would highly recommend for a quick but thought provoking read. Jul 01, Pete Aldin rated it it was amazing. Fourth project of Morrell's I've read. He is merciless to his characters and writes gripping action. The added bonus here was insight into an historic event I'd never heard of. Sep 12, Jeremy Sadler rated it liked it.

A bit of a let down I was a bit dissappointed as i was looking forward to more.