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We must say no to it.

Religious parades banned over mafia boss holy march. This website uses cookies. Read RT Privacy policy to find out more.

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Russian patrol plane with 14 on board disappears off Syrian coast during Israeli strikes on Latakia. These were reportedly the foreboding last words of Blessed Giuseppe "Pino" Puglisi, an Italian priest who was shot and killed by the Italian mafia in Declared a martyr by Pope Benedict XVI in and beatified in , the priest is being honored once again by the Vatican, which has just released a commemorative stamp in his honor on the 25th anniversary of his martyrdom. Vatican issues stamp commemorating 25th anniversary of the assassination of anti-mafia priest Don Pino Puglisi pic.

Blessed Puglisi was born on Sept.

Vatican stamp honors priest martyred by Mafia 25 years ago

He entered the seminary at the age of 16, and was ordained a priest in at the age of Throughout his priesthood, he was known for being outspoken against injustices - including Communism, the Mafia, and problems within the Church. Archbishop Salvatore Di Cristina, a fellow priest and friend of Puglisi, recalled to the National Catholic Register in the transformative effect that Puglisi had on the whole town of Godrano.

In , Puglisi was transferred to San Gaetano's parish in Brancaccio, another mob-ridden town in Palermo. His approach was the same - to win over the youth and be a pastor to his flock. He would convince youth not to steal or quit school and encouraged them away from the Mafia, who would often use children to help them traffic drugs and other illicit materials.

Pope pays tribute in Sicily to priest slain by Mafia

Puglisi preached against the Mafia, ignored their threats, banned them from leading religious processions and even stealthily gave clues to the authorities about their latest activities in his homilies. At the funeral Mass the archbishop of Palermo, Cardinal Salvatore Pappalardo , spoke out very strongly against the Mafia, echoing the Pope's words on a visit to Agrigento, Sicily, just months earlier. The Graviano brothers also received life sentences for ordering the killing.

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In , the Cardinal of Palermo started his beatification process, proclaiming Puglisi a Servant of God. To underscore this anti-Mafia conviction, he composed a parody of the Our Father in the Sicilian language:.

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Your name must be respected. Everyone must obey you. Everyone must do what you say for this is the law of those who do not wish to die. You give us bread, work; who wrongs you, pays.

Mafia boss requiem mass in Italy scrapped, priest to appeal ban with Pope Francis

Do not pardon; it is an infamy. Those who speak are spies.

I put my trust in you, godfather. Free me from the police and the law.

The Beatification of Pino Puglisi took place on 25 May Estimates state that 50, people attended the Mass. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. He was the first Blessed to die before the Mafia [1] Contents. Biography portal Catholicism portal Italy portal.