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The Value of Art

In this email is a confirmation link. Please click on this link to confirm your subscription. There is nothing related. Share - What is the value of art to life? Self styled leaders in any industry are only satisfied when they are leading the parade and are often more inclined to try to get in front of a parade that appears to have already started than to choose to try to form a brand new parade.

Collectors are the single most important force in the art world. Still collectors are less visible than the other major forces within the art economy. So, how do they decide what to buy and how much to pay?

The Worth of a Work of Art - What Determines an Artwork’s Value

To a large degree, they are influenced by the gallerists they have come to trust. Art dealers naturally take great pains to keep their client lists confidential and many collectors are passive investors, taking advice from dealers as often as acting on their own personal taste. Yet when collectors become personalities, their choices become public statements of their interests. The more artists can keep themselves in front of art collectors the more likely they are to develop the kind of following that can propel them into the limelight and the value of their art upward exponentially.

With the explosion of the media and the social network over the past couple of decades, we have witnessed the birth of a new phenomenon… that of the celebrity artist.

Instead of living a creative life solitude in their studio…free from the trappings of modern society, celebrity artists now hang with pop stars, fashion designers and various media types. With the art market continuing to show strength celebrity artists who make it to the top now command sometimes unbelievable prices for their work.

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Once an artist gains celebrity status this new power means they can dominate the exhibition circuit and will be courted by museums and institutions. Still this kind of power can be fleeting, particularly if an artist gets carried away by the arrogance of their own success. As we witness the global expansion of more newly built public museums and art centers along with the continuing expansion of the international biennials, curators are the veritable gatekeepers to the highest level of visibility and critical prestige. The State owes it to itself to sustain and encourage them…iIl fares the race which fails to salute the arts with the reverence and delight which are their due.

What holds the highest records for anything ever sold at auction? And that value goes well beyond the monetary into the very soul of a culture.

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  • These are the values that art represents, our highest human values. And art will always remain important to future generations as they try to understand us.