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Phillips calls for a "deeper" way of considering political equality not in the traditional sense that every person is equal in politics but that every person should be viewed as such: I think it's a more "emotional" way of viewing human equality instead of the cold logic of "one person, one vote.

Which Equalities Matter

It is arguable that not everyone in the US has access to the same quality of education, let alone the proper education to give them the skills to actively participate in government. Sure, anyone can run for a political position with enough endorsements, but winning an election requires a credibility that can only be established by a previous reputation or proof of the skills required to perform as expected in that position. So there is even inequality in this philosophy of political equality.

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A democracy will give special priviledge to the private sector so that they can be successful in their dealings. This comes full-circle when the private sector must pay their taxes to the government, the very group that gave them special privileges to begin with. This allows for a host of economic inequalities to arise.

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A way of trying to balance this scale could be the participation of members from all economic levels of society to create and pass initiatives preventing these special interest policies do not come to pass. Would this suggestion be considered utopian? This chapter reminded me of the age-old question: How can you have individuality without inequality? Phillips calls on a segment of Marx's essay "On the Jewish Question" suggesting that in order to have political freedom from inequality, you must have freedom from the state.

This requires erasing personal qualities that lead to inequality in society birth, rank, education, occupation, religion, etc.

Which equalities matter?

In doing this, one would be essentially destroying most of their unique, identifying qualities. This is quite a paradox for a society that proclaims diversity in a melting pot of cultures and ideas but calls for unity at the same time. Are we as a society willing to give up personal identity or the chance for equality?

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I'm hard-pressed to find a solution where we can have both. Phillips tells us we must address political and economic inequality together. She feels capitalism perpetuates inequality.

Which Equalities Matter

Due to the focus on profit making, there cannot be enough redistribution, and holding capital over labour forces results in unequal power.