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Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer - no Kindle device required. To get the free app, enter your mobile phone number. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Kat looking to have a good time and Nicole hoping to escape the pain of losing her mother for a little while. Little did Nicole know, the escape would awaken a ancient power that is hidden in her blood.

A power that evil wants for its own and will do whatever it takes to have it. This short story is a look into best friends', Nicole and Kat, life before a centuries old grudge and Nicole's emerging powers rips them apart. A power that Nicole wants no part of as it brings her to her knees and forces her to walk away from her small town life and everyone she loves. Read more Read less. Books In This Series 4 Books. Page 1 of 1 Start Over Page 1 of 1. Kindle Cloud Reader Read instantly in your browser.

Customers who bought this item also bought. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Product details File Size: Wenona Hulsey; 2 edition July 7, Publication Date: July 7, Sold by: Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention short story burden of blood blood awakening next book wenona hulsey best friend panama city want to read well written really enjoyed look forward nicole and kat looking forward mysterious man forward to reading back story intro to the series stand alone good start blood burden.

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Showing of 70 reviews. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Blood Awakening is a short story that works as a prelude for Wenona Hulsey's upcoming novel Burden of Blood. The silly banter between Nichole and Kat is hilarious, their friendship is one that you can admire and relate to. There is so much foreshadowing! Between the stranger in the dark, Nicole's dream and the intriguing ending, the story does a fantastic job of building as you go.

Did we mention the love interest? For a small vacation crush, the relationship was done tactfully and not pushed too quickly. And who doesn't want to know who the mysterious man lingering in the shadows is? I know I do. Nicole is still healing from the loss of her mother. When she and her best friend Kat travel from their sleepy Alabama town to Panama City for a short getaway, Nicole encounters a mysterious man.

As a result of this encounter, Nicole develops a strange ability. What will this mean for Nicole's future? This book was a novella prequel to a new paranormal romance series, and I must say, it did an excellent job of pulling me in. Within the short story, we learn a lot about Nicole's character, and because the reader endures the traumatic encounter with Nicole, there is a connection, an interest sparked.

Or will she find help from a mysterious man she meets on the plane? I went back to see when I last read Burden of Blood and it was exactly one year ago. I had forgotten how much I missed these great characters. Nicole is about as snarky as they come and I just adore her. She doesn't take crap off anyone and she is not afraid to tell you off The girl is a kick butt, take names later kinda girl. She is fierce and loyal to her loved ones through and through. This is such a wonderful, action packed series And it reminded me of my love for fairies. We also get introduced to even more characters in this one.

Some you will love, some you will hate, and some will have you pulling your hair out while deciding if you love them or not. Yes Slade, I am referring to you. I hate that I love you at times because it gets me all confused inside my head. Loved the way the book ended and who Nicole chose in the end.

A great and a little tearful ending to a wonderful series. Blood of Fire is a must read! Nov 14, Amy Lynn rated it it was amazing. I wanted to slap Nicole throughout this whole entire book. WHY doesn't she just stop the games and get with Luke? I have been rooting for them since the start and could not understand for the life of me why she wouldn't just be with Luke.

I won't spoil anything but the end finally satisfied my need. Another great book by Wenona! I cannot wait for the next one! It's great to be able to read a series about fae. I feel like everything is vampire related lately, not that I don't enjoy vampire novels I wanted to slap Nicole throughout this whole entire book.

I feel like everything is vampire related lately, not that I don't enjoy vampire novels, but it's great to read about another paranormal creature with a strong female lead! Dec 03, Stephanie rated it it was amazing. This is the third installment of the Burden of Blood series, and it's another hit! Nicole decides to leave her friends behind at home to take on Loch by herself. She meets some new people along her journey, one who even has a connection with a friend back home.

She's bound and determined to find a peaceful outcome without going to war.

This may be an impossible task, but she's going to do what's best for everyone or die trying. Some will stand in her way, and others will stand beside her. This is This is the third installment of the Burden of Blood series, and it's another hit! This is another great book in the series. Jan 08, Maryalice rated it really liked it. This is a story about the war Nicole fights between the Faye and the Worriers. There are two guys that want to be her boyfriend, one faye and one worrier. I wish this novel had been just a bit longer and that we had learned a tad more about the villain and his henchmen.

Since Nicole is a cop, I expected a bit more action, so that she uses that professional skill set just as much as she uses her new-found gifts. I am grateful, though, that Nicole is tough, resolved and doesn't find herself always playing the victim as we see in way too many paranormal romancy-heroines. I guess I would have preferred for Nicole to be more conflicted about things at times-- she is resolved not to have a romantic entanglement from the git-go in BoB, but to me she needs to be far more emotional about giving up that part of her life-- that would be deliciously painful, and would make the reader pang for the possibilities.

And I'm a little puzzled about how and why Nicole's dad, Jim, is so accepting of what's going down in his daughter's life. I know I inhaled this story, but is Jim the descendant if not, son of a powerful fae queen? Besides goading his daughter on to accepting her powers, what does Jim add, besides being a continued vulnerability for his daughter.

I'm sure we'll learn more about Nicole's family tree especially because there's that big old tree on the back of that lovely that's on the BoB's cover, hehehe but I would have loved more breadcrumbs about dear old dad and about Nicole's mom, if she also has a role in Nicole's supernatural development. Ok, let me sum this review up-- Burden of Blood has deftly matured from its storied-beginnings in Blood Awakening.

The pacing works-- not too fast nor too slow. There could have been a bit more action for my taste, but there is solid-enough worldbuilding here, establishing the good guys-- and the bad. Luke is a sexy and likable love interest, and that Nicole doesn't fall head-over-pistols in love with him immediately leaves the reader panting for more-to-come, but not too disappointed. This story is a fun, fast read, and I'm looking forward to the continuation of series.

Aug 27, Beverly rated it really liked it. This is one of those books where you wish that the characters were real people! It would be amazing if we had police that could hear thoughts! It would take the mystery out of deciding guilt. It would be even more amazing if a man like Luke actually existed! The characters are fantastic and for the most part drive the story. Nicole is a great character. Tough, seasoned cop with new found "super" powers that she has to not only learn to control, but learn to fight with - she beco My thoughts: Tough, seasoned cop with new found "super" powers that she has to not only learn to control, but learn to fight with - she becomes a force to be reckoned with.

Luke is obviously my favorite.

Burden of Truth, Season 2 - First Look

His character is just the right mix of bad boy meets angel. I can't wait to see where the sequel takes Luke and Nicole. The supporting characters are well done and vital to the story. The book is set in today's world but has Nicole travel to the past in her dreams. It is in these dreams that we learn about her grandmother, although this isn't where we learn who her grandmother really was. There is a theme throughout the book of both sacrifice and family. The characters are faced with loyalty, love and dedication but also of distrust, deception and secrets.

The story is filled with mystery and had me turning the pages faster and faster in an effort to find out what choices Nicole would make. I found myself cheering for her, cursing her hardheadedness and hoping for her. What would you be willing to do for those you love? This is a fresh, new look at fae and magical powers. I enjoyed the story very much. It is well written, nicely paced, easy to read and truly entertaining.

I read the book in one sitting. Be sure to give this one a read!!!

Blood of Fire (Blood Burden, #2) by Wenona Hulsey

Aug 27, Roxanne Rhoads rated it really liked it. This book instantly has me asking questions- what's she doing, what's going on, how does she have these abilities, what is she? So of course the questions made me dive right in so I could get my questions answered. I wish I would have read Blood Awakening first, this might have answered a few questions - or at least introduced me to Nicole's powers. But this is a great stand alone. I don't think I missed much by not reading the first book.

Burden of Blood was a quick read that kept me clicking the This book instantly has me asking questions- what's she doing, what's going on, how does she have these abilities, what is she? Burden of Blood was a quick read that kept me clicking the page button on my Kindle- next page, next page, OMG what is she, why I can't wait to see where she takes this series because I want to learn more about Nicole's twisted fae family tree. Aug 18, Kevin J Mackey rated it it was amazing. Let this serve as a warning. Before the reader opens this book, she or he should strap herself in tight because the roller-coaster starts early on and doesn't let up until it runs off the end of the story leaving the reader demanding "What happens next?

Strapping, sexy and sage sorry - in-joke , if snarky protectors. A story of love and friendship set against a battle raging through the ages.

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What's not to like? Hulsey has built herself a world in which Let this serve as a warning. Hulsey has built herself a world in which her readers are going to enjoy playing. I look forward to the next. Aug 07, Toni rated it it was amazing.

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This is the prelude to her new book Burden of Blood. This is an excellent book for new author, Wenona Hulsey. Shortly after the death of her Mother, Nicole and her best friend Kat take a short trip to Panama City, FL to escape the pressure and have some fun. After waking up on the beach, Nicole knows something is different, but she isn't sure what is happening to her. I enjoyed this short story and it sets you up for the series. I am waiting on pins and needles for the next in her series!

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Aug 24, Ali Woodhams rated it it was amazing. When i started reading i thought it was going to be a murder mystery book but got a nice surprise to find the supernatural elements thrown in. Aug 08, Susan rated it it was amazing Shelves: A very good first book with an intriguing plot premise. I look forward to the next book in the series Jul 29, Mandy rated it really liked it Shelves: From the start, this novel pulls the reader into the action and truly sets up the scene for the rest of the book.

It is just such a brilliant way to start a novel as it really just pulls the reader in. I, for one, was instantly hooked and it only gets better from there. This book kept me going and I always wanted to return to it, instead of carrying on with my normal life. A great novel and a great start to what looks to be a brilliant trilogy. She was this woman who was so full of strength and completely self-less all at the same time.

She pushed her personal life aside to battle the evils of the world because, in her mind, she was too damaged and derranged to have a personal life in the first place! As the story continues, it is so great to see her open up a little bit, to let people in, including her best friend Kat.

There were times throughout the novel when I wanted to whack her upside the head and point her to what was right in front of her, but at other times, I felt like I could understand where she was coming from. I truly enjoyed witnessing the journey that Nicole led but, in all honesty, I preferred the side characters in this novel to the main protagonist. While I liked her strength of character, and the way she always put others before herself, I also found her to a tad annoying at times.

So, therefore, I feel it should be good to mention the other characters here. I have a friend just like Kat and I think that this is probably why I love her so much. But I think a little bit of history just of their relationship would have been good. Obviously I had a bit from the novella I read beforehand but I think even more than that would have been good to see.

But I really hope to see more of Kat in the next book. Then there is Luke. He is the chiselled good-looking Warrior who will protect Nicole with his life. He was gentle and kind with Nicole, he never over-stepped any boundaries she put up and he was patient and just always ready to be there for her. When I heard his story I felt as shocked as Nicole and then I was right there with her, wrapping my arms around him in an embrace. I liked the plot of this book.

It was fast-paced, but not too fast-paced. It was interesting and really kept the reader hooked and on their toes. It was the perfect pace, the perfect balance between action and calm. I enjoyed the world and the world-building. It is one that makes me know just how much potential this genre has and how much I want to go out and read many, many more books like it!

It was really interesting to read and I still want to know more, I want to know what will happen now, what will happen next. A few problems I did have the novel are the fact that at times the conversations between characters felt flat. I laughed when it was funny and I felt an emotional pull when it got heavy. And I will admit, there were a few tears at the end. It was so powerful, so emotional, so amazing and just.. I need to know what happens next. This book is a great, fun, action-full, romance-included novel that really pulls the reader in and gets them turning pages faster than a yo-yo.

It was emotional and interesting and inspiring and definitely leads the reader wanting more. A great start to what looks to be a very interesting and good new trilogy! I would recommend it to anyone who likes a good faerie story or likes a bit of action but wants something with a bit of a new twist to it! I would say that readers of sixteen and over would enjoy this novel and urge people to go and buy it so that they can read it! Jun 19, Sandy S rated it really liked it. Nicole Keenan is a small town cop with an impeccable record of finding and arresting the bad-guys.

Now, that would be convenient for just about anyone, but evil thoughts surround Nicole wherever she goes, including the local bars and pubs. And Luke is most definitely attracted to Nicole, in more ways than one. In a small town there are always those residents who keep an eye out for anyone suspicious and Nicole will suddenly find herself the topic of conversation when a mysterious stranger appears asking about her family and friends.

But when Nicole finds herself hunted like prey, it will be Luke that will profess to be her guardian and protector-for all time. To complicate matters, she is the sole surviving member of the Royal Fae family. And where does Luke stand? Luke has been waiting most of his life for Nicole and he is more than drawn to Nicole as her protector-he is in love with the feisty Fae, and she to him, but life has a funny way of directing you on a chosen path. But by claiming her independence she will alienate the one person who has sworn to protect and guard the feisty Fae with his life.

The story is well paced and well written. My only complaint would be the ending. When the heroine walks away from both family and friends, she is also walking away from the man that she loves, all in the name of honor. Luke has sworn to protect and guard, but she pushes everyone away knowing that she risks her own life because of her stubbornness to ask for help.

When I read the novella, Blood Awakening, I noticed the characters weren 19t teenagers, but still didn 19t quite know what to expect from Burden of Blood. It was a pleasant surprise to discover that it was an adult paranormal romance book. You get sexual tension, a wicked villain with minions who are just as bad, and you get a powerful 13 if somewhat reluctant 13 heroine.