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We talked to the guy who sang Chocolate Rain on the video's 10th anniversary -

And what about its meaning 10 years later, in a climate with the Black Lives Matter movement in one corner of the internet and President Donald Trump in another? Despite its political undertones, Tay is arguably one of the least controversial viral characters still online. His video is more in the vein of Charlie bit my finger than Rebecca Black, the autotuned tween whose viral music video Friday got a decidedly crueller reception than Tay did in According to Tay, content that went viral before could be more controversial than it can be now.

By Adam Hale, Press Association A family were stunned to receive a sack of Christmas presents their late neighbour had left for their daughter — for the next 14 years. We talked to the guy who sang Chocolate Rain on the video's 10th anniversary.

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By Grace Rahman April 22 9: How much do you remember about the internet in ? So what happens when you become a worldwide trending topic overnight?

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Also in World News. Why the US government is giving advice on how to eat cannibal sandwiches Fancy a cannibal sandwich this Christmas? At least homes destroyed in Brazil blaze At least wooden houses have been destroyed in a fire in northern Brazil, Motorists vote to move festive wreaths because of their infuriating placement New York motorists have won a victory against Sex predator 50 used elaborate catfish scam on dating websites to groom A year-old sexual predator who posed as a physically Judge postpones sentencing of ex-Trump security chief Flynn A US federal judge has agreed to delay former national security adviser Michael But he said the political message was overshadowed by the image of the baby-faced singer with the deep voice, and the song's meaning seemed to take on a life of its own.

I wanted some honest feedback, and boy, I guess I got some honest feedback," Zonday said. Within weeks, the video had been viewed millions of times and spawned its fair share of parodies by everyone from Darth Vader's brother Chad to South Park.

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Zonday even appeared in a Superbowl commercial, but he said navigating his internet stardom was overwhelming. After eight-and-a-half years of acting, singing and doing voiceover work in LA, an older, wiser Zonday recorded an acoustic version to mark the 10 year anniversary.

We've been through an entire presidency.