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This short story has all we love,Great plot, characters we want to know, and fast paced action,never getting away from what needs to be done! Quinn shows his best at a large waterpark when young terrorists start a night of horror.

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Apr 27, Greg Chesser rated it it was amazing. An action packed, non-stop, thriller. It's like watching a 90's action film. Jan 22, Craig Denny rated it really liked it. Jericho Quinn has quickly become my favorite character. Marc Cameron continues to outdo himself with each book in this series. While waiting for the next book, Mr. Cameron gives us Dead Drop to whet our appetite in a short story about at a normal day gone bad at a Theme Park. One reason I loved this book so much was how Mr. Cameron utilized all of the characters.

His writing lets you get to know each one and you are drawn into their world of danger. For anyone looking for a great series read, th Jericho Quinn has quickly become my favorite character. For anyone looking for a great series read, the Jericho Quinn tales are just your cup of tea.

Cameron has written the latest Jack Ryan book in the Tom Clancy universe, I am currently reading that, while eagerly awaiting the newest Jericho quest. Jul 11, John E. Donovan rated it it was amazing. Amusement Park gone gruesome, thanks to terrorists intent on creating as much carnage and death as possible, hopeful of media coverage that would in their own sick and twisted minds immortalize their deaths and bring glory to their cause Believable unfortunately plot, great characters, and action Dead on!

Believable unfortunately plot, great characters, and action-galore make this a must-read for those of us who enjoy action-thrillers. My only complaint is that I would have liked the book to be longer. Jul 20, Trevor rated it liked it. This is a short story in the Jericho Quinn series, that sees Jericho and his friend having a day out at an amusement park.

What starts as a family outing, soon descends into panic, as terrorists take over the park and start shooting everyone they find! This is a a good story, but as a short, does not really develop the characters, as a full novel does. It is worth reading and fills a gap, until the next full length novel arrives. Jul 11, Liza Gusarova rated it liked it. Weak and rather boring I found Dead Drop rather boring , with childish plot and unlike all other Jericho Quinn novels I read before.

The author piles up killings of innocents, stupid and poorly organized terrorists-teenagers, the theft which is the real goal of that terrorist attack and non-stop talking of the main hero Quinn about his love for his daughter in rather incoherent heap, which left me bored and indifferent to the story.

Jericho Quinn and his friends Ronnie Garcia and Jacques Thibodaux are at a Virginia water park with their families when Islamic extremists take over the facility with a plan to martyr themselves in front of the world's media. Unluckily for them, Jericho Quinn is a wolf amongst the sheep, and very keen to ensure the bad guys don't walk out alive. A fast, violent, sharp and exciting novella to whet our collective appetites for the next full-length Quinn adventure. Jun 29, David Hogan rated it really liked it. R U Kidding me Love the series and the characters.

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But putting out an appetizer instead of a meal is not right!!! It almost seamed a waste of 15 min! The true fans of this series should be less than happy of the cliff note book. We wait a good amount of time in between releases to only have a taste. Jul 19, Linda Goudreau rated it it was amazing. Good story wish it had been longer. Had really good "bones" to it. All Jericho Quinn books are pretty good. Really enjoy Maddy and Ronnie characters and Thibedoeaux and his whole family. Please keep all these great stories coming, they are really exciting to read. Aug 03, Jack rated it really liked it.

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Really short all action book. This seemed more like an action packed short story than a novel. It was entertaining in a die hard kind of way but it was better than watching tv. Sep 05, David Debenham rated it it was amazing.

Can't stop reading This is probably the fastest I've ever read, it's too tense to put down for even a second. The only problem with this book is how short it is! Oct 22, Anadarko52 rated it it was amazing. Short but plenty of action This was a quick read but lots of action. Terrorists in an amusement park battling Jericho Quinn and Jacques Thibodeaux. What more could you ask for?

Aug 11, Mary Ellen Taylor rated it it was ok.

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I have read all of the series and this is terrible. The people sound like children and the interaction between Quinn and Jacques is sophomoric. Jul 22, Norma rated it it was amazing. A new Quinn favorite from Cameron Loved watching this story unfold in real time! What a ride of non-stop adrenaline And I was only reading!!! Jun 29, Steven Zacharius rated it it was amazing. A terrific ebook novella of non-stop action featuring Cameron's stable of bad ass characters. Jul 24, Randy R rated it it was amazing. Jul 17, Henry rated it it was amazing. Short book but non-stop action.

Jul 08, K Saju rated it really liked it. Classic Quinn, shoot fast, end fast. Jul 04, Don rated it really liked it. My major complaint is that it's too short. Still a good story that could be all too real. This section does not cite any sources. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

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