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Collimator optimization studies for the new MIT epithermal neutron beam. A patient collimator has been designed for the epithermal neutron facility now being commissioned at MIT. A two piece design that can accommodate different circular field sizes will be manufactured using a composite lead, epoxy, boron and lithium mixture. Die Benutzer zeigten Gelassenheit und Routine im Umgang mit den Die Tinnitus-Belastung wurde mit Tinnitus-Fragebogen The MIT -Skywalker is a robotic device developed for the rehabilitation of gait and balance after a neurological injury.

This device has been designed based on the concept of a passive walker and provides three distinct training modes: We employed different bicycle and saddle seats and evaluated comfort using objective and subjective measures. Here we will summarize the results obtained from a study of fifteen healthy subjects and one stroke patient that led to the selection of a saddle seat design for the MIT -Skywalker. This is a final summary report on an experimental and analytical program for the investigation of LMFBR blanket characteristics carried out at MIT in the period to The main function of this report is to serve as a resource document which will permit ready reference to the more detailed topical reports and theses issued over the years on the various aspects of project activities.

In addition, one aspect of work completed during the final year of the project, on doubly-heterogeneous blanket configurations, is documented for the record. Endokrinologische Behandlung der Geschlechtsdysphorie bei Menschen mit Geschlechtsinkongruenz. Properties of hybrid stars in an extended MIT bag model. The properties of hybrid stars are investigated in the framework of the relativistic mean field theory RMFT and an MIT bag model with density-dependent bag constant to describe the hadron phase HP and quark phase QP , respectively.

In this case, the hyperon degrees of freedom can not be considered. As a result, the equations of state of a star in the mixed phase MP become softer whereas those in the QP become stiffer, and the radii of the star obviously decrease. This indicates that the extended MIT bag model is more suitable to describe hybrid stars with small radii. Der Lithium-Schwefel-Akkumulator mit seinen hohen theoretischen Kennwerte hat das Potential in Zukunft, hierbei eine gewichtige Rolle zu spielen.

Je nach Zusammensetzung und Herstellung der Kathode variieren die Kennwerte jedoch sehr stark. Quark matter revisited with non-extensive MIT bag model. In this work we revisit the MIT bag model to describe quark matter within both the usual Fermi-Dirac and the Tsallis statistics.

We verify the effects of the non-additivity of the latter by analysing two different pictures: While the QCD phase diagram is visually affected by the Tsallis statistics, the resulting effects on quark star macroscopic properties are barely noticed. The discipline required by this plan will apply from the establishment of a configuration baseline until completion of the final test in the MITS. The plan applies to configured items of hardware and software as well as to the specifications and drawings for these items. The plan encompasses establishment of the facility baseline, interface definition, classes of change, change control, change paper, organizational responsibilities and relationships, test configuration as opposed to facility , and configuration data retention.

It is suggested that hermaphrodite qanti-qg mesons could exist with rather light masses. Die Pyrosequencing-Technik ist gut geeignet, um kurze DNA-Abschnitte mit weitgehend bekannter Sequenz schnell und effizient zu untersuchen. The paper gives an overview about the organization and the research program of the Kernforschungsanalage Juelich Gesellschaft mit beschraenkter Haftung KFA. The cost accounting system is discussed in detail, cost categories, cost centers, units of production and the data flow of the cost accounting are described.

The distribution of the resulting management accounting reports and all sorts of EDP-result listings of the cost accounting system is described. Phylogenetic relationships among Geastrales, Gomphales, Hysterangiales, and Phallales were estimated via combined sequences: Eighty-one taxa comprising 19 genera and 58 species Nagelbefall kann bei Patienten mit Psoriasis auf eine Enthesiopathie hinweisen.

The development of form two mathematics i-Think module Mi-T 2. Constructivist learning theory, cognitive learning theory, i-THINK map and higher order thinking skills were the building blocks of the module development. In this study, researcher determined the validity and reliability of Mi-T 2 module. The design being used in this study was descriptive study. To determine the needs of Mi-T 2 module, questionnaires and literature review were used to collect data. When the need of the module was determined, the module was built and a pilot study was conducted to test the reliability of the Mi-T 2 module.

The pilot study was conducted at a secondary school in North Kinta, Perak. A Form Two class was selected to be the sample study through clustered random sampling. The pilot study was conducted for two months and one topic had been studied. The Mi-T 2 module was evaluated by five expert panels to determine the content validity of the module. The instruments being used in the study were questionnaires about the necessity of the Mi-T 2 module for guidance, questionnaires about the validity of the module and questionnaires concerning the reliability of the module.

Statistical analysis was conducted to determine the validity and reliability coefficients of the Mi-T 2 module. The content validity of Mi-T 2 module was determined by Cohen's Kappa's agreement coefficient and the reliability of Mi-T 2 module was determined by Cronbach Alpha's value scale. The content validity of Mi-T 2 module was 0. Der Ritter mit dem Hemd: In der vorliegenden Untersuchung gilt es, der Frage der Bisher liegen lediglich Daten aus einer kleinen Pilotstudie vor.

Es wurden Daten von Patienten ausgewertet. Unter der Kombinationstherapie verbesserten sich alle Wirksamkeitsparameter deutlich. Allgemein wurde die Kombinationstherapie gut vertragen. Informationsstand von Patienten mit Ulcus cruris venosum. Bislang existieren kaum wissenschaftliche Daten zu dem Versorgungsstand und fachspezifischem Wissen von Patienten mit Ulcus cruris venosum. Zudem ist deren korrekte Auswahl und Anwendung angesichts der langen Bestandsdauer der Ulzerationen zu hinterfragen. The MIT assessment of the Mars One mission plan reveals design assumptions that would cause significant difficulties.

Growing crops in the crew chamber produces excessive oxygen levels. The required spare parts cause a large and increasing launch mass logistics burden. Growing food requires more mass than sending food from Earth. The Mars One habitat design is similar to past concepts but does not incorporate current knowledge. The MIT tool showed the need for separate crop and crew chambers, the large spare parts logistics, that crops require more mass than Earth food, and that more spares are needed if reliability is lower.

Interestingly, the results produced by the architecture analysis tool - separate crop chamber, large spares mass, large crop chamber mass, and low reliability requiring more spares - were also well known. A common approach to ECLS architecture analysis is to build a complex model that is intended to be all-inclusive and is hoped will help solve all design problems. Such models can struggle to replicate obvious and well-known results and are often unable to answer unanticipated new questions.

A better approach would be to survey the literature for background knowledge and then directly analyze the important problems. Elastolysen und Hauterkrankungen mit Verlust der elastischen Fasern. Innovative facades with photovoltaics; Innovative Fassaden mit Photovoltaik. In the market was boosted by the heavily subsidised roofs programme, under which in the end more than 2, systems were installed on the roofs of mostly one-family houses.

With power ratings ranging from 1 to 5 kW these decentral plants require roof surface areas between 10 and 50 m On average they generate kWh of electricity per kW of installed power. The degree to which this potential will be realised in the long term will notably depend on whether convincing architectural solutions are found for integrating photovoltaic plants in roofs and facades.

In Deutschland wurden alleine etwa Die Marktentwicklung wurde mit dem stark subventionierten Daecher Programm angestossen, in welchem schliesslich mehr als Systeme meist auf Daechern von Einfamilienhaeusern installiert wurden. Die Behandlung des Akustikusneurinoms mit dem Gamma-Knife. Das Akustikusneurinom ist mit ca. Hier werden Studierende der Geistes- und Sozialwissenschaften zu "Lernberatern" ausgebildet, die als Multiplikatoren die notwendigen Kenntnisse erwerben. Die Teilnehmenden erarbeiten nach der "Leittextmethode" selbstgesteuert xml-basierte Contents.

Dies setzt den Erwerb von informationstechnischen Kenntnissen voraus, der neben dem Aufbau eines sowohl technischen als auch sozialen Netzwerks einen Schwerpunkt bildet. Automatic control and monitoring of the MIT fission converter beam. An automated control and monitoring system for the new MIT high intensity epithermal neutron irradiation facility has been designed and constructed. The neutron beam is monitored with fission counters located at the periphery of the beam near the patient position. These industrial controllers open and close the three shutters of the Fission Converter Beam.

The control system uses a series of robust components to assure that the prescribed fluence is delivered. This paper discusses the design and implementation of this system. M1-transitions in the MIT bag model. In the MIT bag model, the M1-transitions of low lying hadrons are investigated. The following calculations are performed: Recent work at MIT on uranium recovery from seawater. Recent work at MIT has confirmed the superiority of fiber-form ion exchange media for uranium recovery from seawater, subject to demonstration of the ability to control fouling by suspended particulate matter.

MIT infection during fetal and neonatal life in laboratory mice. No fetal infections with MIT were detected at days after pregnancy in any mouse strain. The present results indicated that MIT infects newborn mice after birth rather than by vertical transmission to the fetus via the placenta and that MIT infection shows opportunistically negative effects on the birth rate. In addition, the maternal immune response may affect infection of newborn mice with MIT through breast milk. The Idaho National Engineering Laboratory INEL has initiated the design and development of a novel pulsed accelerator-based, active interrogation concept.

The proposed concept, referred to as the Material Identification Technology MIT , enables rapid between accelerator pulses , non-destructive, elemental composition analysis of both nuclear and non-nuclear materials. Applications of this technique include material monitoring in support of counter-proliferation activities, such as export controls at domestic and international inspection locations , SNM controls, nuclear weapon dismantlement, and chemical weapon verification. Material Identification Technology combines a pulsed, X-ray source an electron accelerator and a gamma detection system.

The accelerator must maximize neutron production pulse width, beam current, beam energy, and repetition rate and minimize photon dose to the object. Current available accelerator technology can meet these requirements. The detection system must include detectors which provide adequate gamma energy resolution capability, rapid recovery after the initial X-ray interrogation pulse, and multiple single gamma event detection between accelerator pulses. Further research is required to develop the detection system.

This report provides the initial feasibility assessment of the MIT concept. MIT nuclear reactor laboratory high school teaching program. For the last 6 years, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT Nuclear Reactor Laboratory's academic and scientific staff a have been conducting evening seminars for precollege science teachers, parents, and high school students from the New England area. These seminars, as outlined in this paper, are intended to give general information on nuclear technologies with specific emphasis on radiation physics, nuclear medicine, nuclear chemistry, and ongoing research activities at the MIT research reactor.

The ultimate goal is to create interest or build on the already existing interest in science and technology by, for example, special student projects.

Endurance Profiles of German Elite Swimmers over Three Decades

Several small projects have already been completed ranging from environmental research to biological reactions with direct student involvement. Another outcome of these seminars was the change in attitudes of science teachers toward nuclear technology. Numerous letters have been received from the teachers and parents stating their previous lack of knowledge on the beneficial aspects of nuclear technologies and the subsequent inclusion of programs in their curriculum for educating students so that they may also develop a more positive attitude toward nuclear power. Commissioning with beam of the completed beam lines has been started.

A beam can be stored for use with an internal target, thus allowing for high duty factor, high luminosity experiments. External beams with high duty factor can be obtained using resonant extraction. This includes transporting beam, measuring beam phase space parameters using critical injection elements including a high voltage electrostatic septum, a fast beam kicker, and storing a beam in the SHR. M-Learning Applications for Classroom Settings.

EDU system, which demonstrates the potential of using a distributed mobile device architecture for rapid prototyping of wireless mobile multi-user applications for use in classroom settings. EDU is a stable, accessible system that combines inexpensive, commodity hardware, a flexible…. The microtubule interacting and trafficking MIT domain is a small protein module that is conserved in proteins of diverged function, such as Vps4, spastin and sorting nexin 15 SNX The molecular function of the MIT domain is protein-protein interaction, in which the domain recognizes peptides containing MIT -interacting motifs.

Recently, we identified an evolutionarily related domain, 'variant' MIT domain at the N-terminal region of the microtubule severing enzyme katanin p We propose that the MIT domain is a novel membrane-associating domain involved in endosomal trafficking. He is the lead innovator behind many cutting-edge learning technologies and projects for children, including the Computer Clubhouse, PicoCrickets, and the wildly successful consumer….

Analyse von Kunststoffadditiven mittels Laserablation gekoppelt mit induktiv gekoppelter Plasma Massenspektrometrie. Die Laserablation gekoppelt mit der Massenspektrometrie mit induktiv gekoppeltem Plasma ist eine vielversprechende direkte Feststofftechnik, die sich jedoch bei der Analyse von Kunststoffen wegen des Mangels an matrixangepassten zertifizierten Referenzmaterialien nicht durchsetzen konnte. Bei aggressiven Verlaufsformen, die eine Vielzahl von Papillomabtragungen im Abstand von wenigen Monaten o The basic Mit ISEM algorithm provides an automatic and flexible method to approximate a non-elliptical target density using adaptive mixtures of Student-t densities, where only a kernel of the target density is required.

The approximation can be used as a candidate density in Importance Sampling or Metropolis Hastings methods for Bayesian inference on model parameters and probabilities. Moreover the speed performance of the Graphics Processing Unit version is much higher than the Central Processing Unit one. Predicting material failure using mathematics; Mit Mathematik Materialversagen vorhersagen.

Numerical simulations provide insights into materials, technical procedures or processes that are hardly possible by means of measurement technology, or require a lot of effort. In BAM's ConDrop research project Numerical Drop Test Analyses of Steel Sheet Containers for the Konrad Repository , scientists are developing a method to predict the deformation and failure behaviour of containers for low- and intermediate- level radioactive waste for the Konrad repository. Operating experience with innovative environmental technologies; Betriebserfahrungen mit innovativen Umwelttechnologien.

The MUT '99 Merseburger Umwelt-Tag discussed modern processes, technologies and plants for treatment and utilisation of waste. The conference was attended by industrial organisations and scientific institutions. Entsprechend dem Motto dieser Tagung stellen Unternehmen, Betriebe und wissenschaftliche Einrichtungen ihre Erfahrungen auf dem Gebiet der Umwelttechnologien vor, um Entwicklungen auf diesem Gebiet einer breiten Diskussion zu eroeffnen. Dabei soll es insbesondere um die Behandlung nicht vermeidbarer Abfaelle und Abwaesser gehen. MIT Lincoln Laboratory's Integrated Modeling and Analysis Software LLIMAS enables the development of novel engineering solutions for advanced prototype systems through unique insights into engineering performance and interdisciplinary behavior to meet challenging size, weight, power, environmental, and performance requirements.

LLIMAS is a multidisciplinary design optimization tool that wraps numerical optimization algorithms around an integrated framework of structural, thermal, optical, stray light, and computational fluid dynamics analysis capabilities. LLIMAS software is highly extensible and has developed organically across a variety of technologies including laser communications, directed energy, photometric detectors, chemical sensing, laser radar, and imaging systems.

The custom software architecture leverages the capabilities of existing industry standard commercial software and supports the incorporation of internally developed tools. Tutkimus on tehty ajatellen uuden ravintolan perustamista. Die Komplikationen begannen mit einer unspezifischen Schwellung.

Die Zusammensetzung des inkorporierten Farbstoffs wurde mittels Rasterelektronenmikroskopie in Kombination mit energiedispersiver Elementanalyse analysiert. Zur weiteren Charakterisierung wurden Thermogravimetrie und Pulverdiffraktometrie eingesetzt. MiT family translocation renal cell carcinoma. Gene fusions involving two of these transcription factors have been identified in renal cell carcinoma RCC. These two subtypes of translocation RCC have many similarities. Both were initially described in and disproportionately involve young patients, though adult translocation RCC may overall outnumber pediatric cases.

Both often have unusual and distinctive morphologies; the Xp11 translocation RCCs frequently have clear cells with papillary architecture and abundant psammomatous bodies, while the t 6;11 RCCs frequently have a biphasic appearance with both large and small epithelioid cells and nodules of basement membrane material. However, the morphology of these two neoplasms can overlap, with one mimicking the other. Finally, TFE3 and TFEB have overlapping functional activity as these two transcription factors frequently heterodimerize and bind to the same targets.

Therefore, on the basis of clinical, morphologic, immunohistochemical, and genetic similarities, the ISUP Vancouver classification of renal neoplasia grouped these two neoplasms together under the heading of " MiT family translocation RCC. Hier zeigte sich kein signifikanter Unterschied zu einem Kontrollkollektiv von 19 gesunden Probanden. Rekonstruktion mit Netz beim komplexen Prolaps der Frau: Was hilft es der Patientin wirklich? Full Text Available Einleitung: Dennoch ist der Endpunkt der meisten klinischen Analysen rein anatomischer und funktioneller Natur. The Micro Imaging Technology MIT Rapid Microbial Identification RMID System is a device that uses the principles of light scattering coupled with proprietary algorithms to identify bacteria after being cultured and placed in a vial of filtered water.

This specific method is for pure culture identification of Listeria spp. A total of 81 microorganisms 55 isolates were tested by the MIT System, of which 25 were Listeria spp. In addition, a total of tests over seven different ruggedness parameters were tested by the MIT System to determine its flexibility to the specifications stated in the MIT System User Guide in areas where they might be deviated by a user to shorten the test cycle. This report discusses the tests performed, results achieved, and conclusions, along with several reference documents to enable a higher understanding of the technology used by the MIT System.

Die beteiligten Personen wurden auch gebeten, an einer Nebenstudie teilzunehmen, die ihren Gebrauch von KAM erfassen sollte. The 'Alpincenter' at Bottrop is the biggest indoor winter sports center of the world. Its ventilation systems were equipped with specially selected frequency inverters.

Mit dem Snowboard im Ruhrgebiet den Hang hinunter? Beste Wintersportverhaeltnisse an Tagen im Jahr? Und das in Deutschland? Nach einem halben Jahr Bauzeit hat das Alpincenter seine Pforten geoeffnet.

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Die Wintersporthalle ist die laengste Anlage auf der Welt. Die gesamte Belueftung wurde mit speziell auf die Klimatechnik mit Drehzahl geregelten Ventilatoren abgestimmten Frequenzumrichtern ausgeruestet. Orientierungsmedien zur Strukturbestimmung mit anisotropen Parametern und Metabonomics. Zahlreiche internationale Studien konnten den negativen Einfluss einer bestehenden Malnutrition auf den Verlauf einer Erkrankung belegen. Advanced modularity design for the MIT pebble bed reactor. The future of all reactors will depend on whether they can be economically built and operated.

One of the major impediments to new nuclear construction is the capital cost due in large part to the length of construction time and complexity of the plant. Pebble bed reactors offer the opportunity to reduce the complexity of the plant because the number of safety systems required is significantly reduced due to the inherent safety of the technology. However, because of its small size, the capital cost per kilowatt is likely to be large if traditional construction approaches are followed.

This strongly suggests the need for innovative construction concepts to reduce the construction time and cost. MIT has proposed a modularity approach in which the plant is pre-built in space-frame type modules which are built in factories. These space frames would contain all the equipment contained in a given volume. Once equipment in the space frame is installed, the space frame would then be shipped to the site and assembled 'lego-style. Thermal stress analysis has been performed and an integrated design with the space frames has been developed.

It is expected that this modularity approach will significantly shorten construction time and expense. This paper proposes a concept for further development, not a final design for the entire plant. Lessons learned from the MIT Tara control and data system. The control and data system of the MIT Tara Tandem Mirror has worked successfully throughout the lifetime of the experiment through As the Tara project winds down, it is appropriate to summarize the lessons learned from the implementation and operation of the control and data system over the years and in its final form.

The implementation depended upon a consistent approach based on separating physics and engineering functions and on detailed functional diagrams with narrowly defined cross communication. This paper is a comprehensive treatment of the principal successes, residual problems, and dilemmas that arose from the beginning until the final hardware and software implementation.

Suggestions for future systems of either similar size or of larger scale such as CIT are made in the conclusion. Die Katalogisierenden wurden u. Several months after the introduction of the new cataloging standard "Resource Description and Access" RDA, focus-group interviews with catalogers were conducted at 18 large academic and state libraries in Germany.

Among other things, the catalogers were asked how confident they feel in applying RDA, which aspects of the new cataloging code they like or do not like, how they estimate the expenditure of time in comparison to the former cataloging code RAK, which sources they use to get help or information, and what they think about the frequent changes to the new standard.

The paper presents the results of these interviews. Knocking down mitochondrial iron transporter MIT reprograms primary and secondary metabolism in rice plants. Iron Fe is an essential micronutrient for plant growth and development, and its reduced bioavailability strongly impairs mitochondrial functionality. In this work, the metabolic adjustment in the rice Oryza sativa mitochondrial Fe transporter knockdown mutant mit -2 was analysed. Biochemical characterization of purified mitochondria from rice roots showed alteration in the respiratory chain of mit -2 compared with wild-type WT plants.

In particular, proteins belonging to the type II alternative NAD P H dehydrogenases accumulated strongly in mit -2 plants, indicating that alternative pathways were activated to keep the respiratory chain working. Additionally, large-scale changes in the transcriptome and metabolome were observed in mit -2 rice plants.

This was reflected by changes in the metabolic profiles in both roots and shoots of mit -2 plants. Significant alterations in the levels of amino acids belonging to the aspartic acid-related pathways aspartic acid, lysine, and threonine in roots, and aspartic acid and ornithine in shoots were found that are strictly connected to the Krebs cycle.

Furthermore, some metabolites e. These findings suggest that the induction of local Fe deficiency in the mitochondrial compartment of mit -2 plants differentially affects the transcript as well as the metabolic profiles in root and shoot tissues. BLAST Bates Large Acceptance Spectrometer Toroid is a large-acceptance multi-purpose detector dedicated to studies of exclusive spin-dependent electron scattering from internal polarized targets.

The electron beam is let through a 15 mm diameter, 60 cm long open-ended storage cell which is fed with ultra-pure, high-polarization H1,D1 gas from an Atomic Beam Source. The target polarization can be rapidly reversed between different vector and tensor target states, thus minimizing systematic uncertainties. The target spin can be oriented to any in-plane direction via a set of Helmholtz coils. Our data on the D-vector e-vector,e'n reaction off vector polarized deuterium allow for a unique extraction of the neutron charge form factor G E n.

At same time, complementary measurements of G M n , T20 and the spin-dependent nucleon momentum distributions in deuterium are obtained via the D-vector e-vector,e' , D e-vector,e'd and D e-vector,e'p reactions. Such comprehensive program on few body physics is now well underway and preliminary data will be presented. Verantwortlicher Umgang mit Antibiotika: Notwendigkeit der Antibiotikareduktion in der Aknetherapie. In einigen Bereichen sind viele Antibiotika bei bakteriellen Infektionen, die zuvor noch gut auf antibakterielle Wirkstoffe reagierten, mittlerweile wirkungslos geworden.

Daher wurden topische Retinoide und Benzoylperoxid als Mittel der ersten Wahl definiert. Monotherapien mit lokalen Antibiotika sollten insgesamt vermieden werden. Mit Bourdieu in die Stadt: The project has two major thrusts - students get hands-on experience using a small radio telescope that has been developed at Haystack and which will be provided as a low cost kit early next year.

Beta versions of this telescope are being built for a select group of institutions. The second component is a research experience with the Haystack m telescope. Use of the m telescope has ranged from classroom demonstrations to original research projects. The antenna has a two axis mount that provides full sky coverage. The telescope is intended to provide students and faculty with an introduction to radio astronomy and instrument calibration.

Observations of the sun and the galactic HI line are possible with the current version of this telescope. The m telescope program is aimed at providing students with a research experience that can result in publishable results. The telescope has also been used in providing students with an introduction to the scope of radio astronomical data including continuum and spectral line observations. Classroom demonstrations have also been tested with non-science majors. Extensive supporting materials for the project have been developed on the world wide web.

These include a radio astronomy tutorial, hardware and software information about both telescopes and project descriptions. We also provide curriculum suggestions to aid faculty incorporate radio astronomy into their courses. Die Wirkung von Desacetylcefotaxin, einem Metaboliten von Cefotaxim, in vitro und auf die experimentelle Infektion mit Escherichia coli.

In einem Modell der systemischen Infektion der Maus mit einem plasmidtragenden, betalactamaseproduzierenden Stamm von E. Im Vergleich zur Ther However, mechanisms regulating its transcriptional activity are unclear. Here, we identified a Zn II 2Cys6-type methanol-induced transcription factor 1 Mit 1 and elucidated its roles in regulating PAOX1 activity in response to glycerol and methanol.

Mit 1 regulated the expression of many genes involved in methanol utilization pathway, including AOX1, but did not participate in peroxisome proliferation and transportation of peroxisomal proteins during methanol metabolism. Structural analysis of Mit 1 by performing domain deletions confirmed its specific and critical role in the strict repression of P AOX1 in glycerol medium.

However, these factors cooperatively activated P AOX1 through a cascade. The mechanism of iron Fe uptake in plants has been extensively characterized, but little is known about how Fe transport to different subcellular compartments affects Fe localization in rice seed. The accumulation of zinc, copper, and manganese also changed significantly in the shoots of osvit2 plants. The growth of osvit2 plants was also slow compared to that of WT plants.

The concentration of Fe increased in osvit2 polished seeds. Previously, we reported that the expression of OsVIT2 was higher in MIT knockdown mit -2 plants, and in this study, the accumulation of Fe in mit -2 seeds decreased significantly. These results suggest that vacuolar Fe trafficking is important for plant Fe homeostasis and distribution, especially in plants grown in the presence of excess Fe.

Moreover, changes in the expression of OsVIT2 and MIT affect the concentration and localization of metals in brown rice as well as in polished rice seeds. The current operating license of the MIT research reactor will expire on May 7, or possibly a few years later if the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission agrees that the license period can start with the date of initial reactor operation.

Driven by the imminent expiration of the operating license, a team of nuclear engineering staff and students have begun a study of the future options for the MIT Research Reactor. These options have included the range from a major rebuilding of the reactor to its decommissioning. Final Technical Report May 12, - May 11, Snyder, Chris [Massachusetts Inst. The Competition invited student teams from any US university to submit student-led ventures that demonstrate a high potential of successfully making clean energy more affordable, with a positive impact on the environment.

Teams receive valuable mentoring and hard deadlines that complement the cash prize to accelerate development of ventures. The competition is a year-long educational process that culminates in the selection of five category finalists and a Grand Prize winner and the distribution of cash prizes to each of those teams. Each entry was submitted in one of five clean energy categories: It uses two-factor during the initial authentication, and uses a two-way hash chain during the cross-domain authentication. TDAT effectively protects users' authentication credentials and improves users' experience.

Long-lived mitochondrial Mit mutants of Caenorhabditis elegans utilize a novel metabolism. The Caenorhabditis elegans mitochondrial Mit mutants have disrupted mitochondrial electron transport chain ETC functionality, yet, surprisingly, they are long lived. We have previously proposed that Mit mutants supplement their energy needs by exploiting alternate energy production pathways normally used by wild-type animals only when exposed to hypoxic conditions.

We have also proposed that longevity in the Mit mutants arises as a property of their new metabolic state. If longevity does arise as a function of metabolic state, we would expect to find a common metabolic signature among these animals. To test these predictions, we established a novel approach monitoring the C. Using HPLC-ultraviolet-based metabolomics and multivariate analyses, we show that long-lived clk-1 qm30 and isp-1 qm Mit mutants have a common metabolic profile that is distinct from that of aerobically cultured wild-type animals and, unexpectedly, wild-type animals cultured under severe oxygen deprivation.

Moreover, we show that 2 short-lived mitochondrial ETC mutants, mev-1 kn1 and ucr We show that removal of soluble fumarate reductase unexpectedly increases health span in several genetically defined Mit mutants, identifying at least 1 alternate energy production pathway, malate dismutation, that is operative in these animals. Our study suggests long-lived, genetically specified Mit mutants employ a novel metabolism and that life span may well arise as a function of metabolic state.

Full Text Available This paper presents the R package Mit ISEM mixture of t by importance sampling weighted expectation maximization which provides an automatic and flexible two-stage method to approximate a non-elliptical target density kernel - typically a posterior density kernel - using an adaptive mixture of Student t densities as approximating density. In the first stage a mixture of Student t densities is fitted to the target using an expectation maximization algorithm where each step of the optimization procedure is weighted using importance sampling.

In the second stage this mixture density is a candidate density for efficient and robust application of importance sampling or the Metropolis-Hastings MH method to estimate properties of the target distribution. The package enables Bayesian inference and prediction on model parameters and probabilities, in particular, for models where densities have multi-modal or other non-elliptical shapes like curved ridges. These shapes occur in research topics in several scientific fields. For instance, analysis of DNA data in bio-informatics, obtaining loans in the banking sector by heterogeneous groups in financial economics and analysis of education's effect on earned income in labor economics.

The package Mit ISEM provides also an extended algorithm, 'sequential Mit ISEM', which substantially decreases computation time when the target density has to be approximated for increasing data samples. We illustrate the Mit ISEM algorithm using three canonical statistical and econometric models that are characterized by several types of non-elliptical posterior shapes and that describe well-known data patterns in econometrics and finance.

Initiation of a phase-I trial of neutron capture therapy at the MIT research reactor. A novel form of experimental cancer therapy, BNCT is being developed for certain types of highly malignant brain tumors such as glioblastoma and melanoma. The results of the phase-1 trials on patients with tumors in the legs or feet are described.

Rehkitzrettung mit dem Fliegenden Wildretter: Zum direkten Vergleich mit konventionellen Angiographien wurde ein Verfahren zur automatischen Generierung von Projektionsansichten aus den CT-Daten entwickelt. Therapie einer postoperativ entstandenen zystischen Raumforderung mit Picibanil OK Structural analysis of Mit 1 by performing domain deletions confirmed its specific and critical role in the strict repression of PAOX1 in glycerol medium.

However, these factors cooperatively activated PAOX1 through a cascade. Energiemessungen bei Aspergillus niger mit Hilfe eines automatischen Mikro-Kompensations-Calorimeters. Beschrieben wurde ein Calorimeter.

Meaning of "anoxidativ" in the German dictionary

Sobald die Temperatur des Kulturgefaszes ein wenig ansteigt, wird trockne Luft gepumpt durch ein mit Wasser gefulltes. Renaissance des Mittelalters Teil 1: Man kann das Heute mit keiner Zeit vorher vergleichen? Crash tests with Smartcrash barriers, a technology with a future; Zukunftssichere Crashtests mit Smartcrash-Barrieren.

The Smartcrash barrier by Kistler is a completely new technology. State-of-the-art data processing with Microdau modules is combined with a singular mechanical modularity which meets all requirements of present and future crash standards. Together with a piezo measuring system perfectly tuned to the highly dynamic processes during crash tests, this provides a basis for making crash laboratories economically efficient, with safe and accurate data, and compatible with other measuring systems. The system is a 'must' for every modern crash laboratory. Neueste Technologie der Datenverarbeitung beim Crash mit Microdau-Modulen, wie sie auch in Dummys eingesetzt werden, wird mit einer einzigartigen mechanischen Modularitaet kombiniert, die alle erforderlichen Voraussetzungen fuer bestehende und zukuenftige Crash-Standards bietet.

In Verbindung mit der fuer die Messung von hochdynamischen Kraftverlaeufen beim Crash praedestinierte Piezo-Messtechnik ist hiermit die Basis geschaffen, Crash-Laboratorien wirtschaftlich und hinsichtlich des Datenakquisition sicher und kompatibel mit anderen Messgroessen im Labor auszuruesten. Ein 'Muss' fuer jedes moderne Crash-Labor. Pack also the sauna. Integration of electricity storage; Auch die Sauna mit rein.

The installers have to handle with a variety of variables and options to plan and integrate the correct personal use system of solar power systems for their customers. Underground storage with floating cover. An overview; Erdbeckenspeicher mit schwimmender Abdeckung.

A number of underground stores have been developed in recent years in Denmark. First experience reports on underground storage show that more emphasis must be put on the development of storage sealing and cover construction. Hence research works currently focuses on the investigation of liner material and further development of floating cover constructions. The target is the development of underground storage using solar energy for heating that can compete with conventional heating systems technically and economically.

Die ersten Erfahrungen mit Erdbeckenspeichern haben gezeigt, dass ein verstaerkter Einsatz bei der Entwicklung von Abdichtungen des Speichers und von Deckelkonstruktionen gefordert ist. Deshalb wird in Daenemark aktuell mit der Untersuchung von Linermaterialien und der Weiterentwicklung von schwimmenden Deckelkonstruktionen gearbeitet. Das Ziel dieser Arbeit ist es, Erdbeckenspeicher zu entwickeln, die die Ausnutzung von Sonnenenergie zur Waermeversorgung im Vergleich mit herkoemmlicher Waermeversorgung sowohl technisch als auch oekonomisch konkurrenzfaehig macht.

This paper presents the R package Mit ISEM mixture of t by importance sampling weighted expectation maximization which provides an automatic and flexible two-stage method to approximate a non-elliptical target density kernel - typically a posterior density kernel - using an adaptive mixture of. Biogas - a new energy source saves fossil resources; Biogas - mit neuer Energie Ressourcen schonen. The subjects discussed at the 10th Biogas Conference reflect the current situation and will provide a basis for committee work in Der Fachverband Biogas e. In Zukunft gibt es noch viele Aufgaben fuer eine effektive Interessenvertretung der Biogasbranche auf Laender- und Bundesebene.

Die Themen, die auf der Biogastagung diskutiert werden, spiegeln die Fragen wieder, die unter Experten derzeit intensiv diskutiert werden. Mit dem vorliegenden Tagungsband ist es gelungen, die Basis fuer die fachlichen Gespraeche waehrend und nach der Tagung schaffen. The MIT -Scan-T2 device is marketed as a non-destructive way to determine pavement thickness on both: PCC pavement thickness determination is an important incentivedisincentive: Estland und Lettland gestern-heutu-morgen".

Nebengruppe mit wenigstens einer phosphorhaltigen Verbindung als Liganden einsetzt, wobei diese. Dewatering of sludge using the hydrosoft high-pressure process; Entwaessern von Schlaemmen mit dem Hydrosoft-Hochdruckverfahren. The hydrosoft process permits to dewater sludge, especially also sludge from municipal sewage treatment plant, until it contains a high proportion of dry substance. For existing dewatering systems equipped with the long-lived chamber filter presses, too, the dry matter content of the filter cake can be substantially increased using the hydrosoft process; only the pump system must be retrofitted.

As a preliminary measure, tests with mobile pilot plants should be carried out. Auch bei bestehenden Entwaesserungsanlagen, die mit den langlebigen Kammerfilterpressen ausgeruestet sind, koennen die Trockensubstanzgehalte der Filterkuchen mit dem Hydrosoft-Verfahren, fuer das dann nur noch das Pumpsystem nachgeruestet werden muss, wesentlich angehoben werden. Vorausgehen sollten jeweils Vorversuche mit mobilen Versuchsanlagen.

Dies steht im Kontrast zum praktischen und quantitativen Beitrag dieser Therapieform. A review of the MIT experiments on the closed-loop digital control of reactor power. In this paper a review is provided of certain major experiments conducted from to as part of the MIT program on the development and demonstration of advanced technologies for the closed-loop digital control of nuclear reactors. Included are demonstrations of the supervisory control of neutronic power using an alternate formulation of the dynamic period equation, the use of the MIT -SNL Period-Generated Minimum Time Control Laws for the time-optimal control of neutronic power, and the evaluation of predictive displays as an operator aid.

The significance of each of these advances is discussed in terms of the overall development of a multi-tiered controller that includes supervisory algorithms, predictive control laws, and automated reasoning. Rethinking the Relationship Between Academia and Industry: As knowledge has become more closely tied to economic development, the interrelationship between academia and industry has become stronger. The result has been the emergence of what Slaughter and Leslie call academic capitalism. Inevitably, tensions between academia and industry arise; however, universities such as MIT and Stanford with long traditions of industry interaction have been able to achieve a balance between academic and market values.

This paper describes the strategies adopted by MIT and Stanford to achieve this balance. The results indicate that implicit culture is a stronger determinant of balance than are explicit rules. Finally, the author proposes a concept of balance to reconsider the relationship between academia and industry: A reasonable attitude toward the university-industry relationship is that of balance rather than strict separation.

Endurance Profiles of German Elite Swimmers over Three Decades

Universities can thus establish effective mechanisms to reach a balance between conflicting values. The goal of the MIT mission is to understand the coupling of the magnetosphere and ionosphere from the prospective of particles. It will focus on the outflow of the ionosphere particles mainly oxygen ions from the Earth, including the acceleration mechanisms of oxygen ions and their relative importance in different regions, the importance of these ions while transferred into the magnetosphere and the roles they played in magnetosphere activities.

A constellation of four satellites orbiting at three elliptical orbits will provide the unique opportunities to observed there ions at three different altitude with temporal changes of the flux of these particles and the magnetic field environments. The conceptual design of the spacecraft and a summary of the payload will be presented. The MIT mission was selected as one of the five candidates for the upcoming mission plan in China.

MIT Hacking Medicine is a student, academic, and community-led organization that uses systems-oriented "healthcare hacking" to address challenges around innovation in healthcare. The group has organized more than 80 events around the world that attract participants with diverse backgrounds. These participants are trained to address clinical needs from the perspective of multiple stakeholders and emphasize utility and implementation viability of proposed solutions. We describe the MIT Hacking Medicine model as a potential method to integrate collaboration and training in rapid innovation techniques into academic medical centers.

Built upon a systems approach to healthcare innovation, the time-compressed but expertly guided nature of the events could enable more widely accessible preliminary training in systems-level innovation methodology, as well as creating a structured opportunity for interdisciplinary congregation and collaboration.

In view of the many events up to per year , the skating rink must be glazed throughout the year except for the summer holidays in order to avoid the high cost of frequent freezing and thawing. Wegen der hohen Auslastung der Halle mit bis zu Veranstaltungen pro Jahr muss die Eispiste ganzjaehrig ausser waehrend der Sommerferien vereist bleiben, um den sehr grossen Energieaufwand fuer haeufig Eisbildung und Abtauen.

Center for Multiscale Plasma Dynamics: Educational Outreach at the M. Educational outreach at the MIT Plasma Fusion Center consists of volunteers working together to increase the public's knowledge of fusion and plasma-related experiments. Seeking to generate excitement about science, engineering and mathematics, the PFC holds a number of outreach activities throughout the year, such as Middle and High School Outreach Days. Outreach also includes the Mr. Magnet Program, which uses an interactive strategy to engage elementary school children.

Included in this year's presentation will be a new and improved C-MOD Jr, a confinement video game which helps students to discover how computers manipulate magnetic pulses to keep a plasma confined for as long as possible. Fragestellung Die Schmeckwahrnehmung wird u. Den anatomisch und physiologisch ersten Abschnitt der Schmeckwahrnehmung bilden die fungiformen Geschmackspapillen.

In den Geschmackspapillen liegen die Geschmacksknopsen, mit deren Hilfe die Schmeckstoffe aufgenommen und in Form von Aktionspotentialen zum Thalamus, dem limbischen System,dem Gyrus postzentral Calculations of higher twist distribution functions in the MIT bag model. We calculate all twist-2, -3 and -4 parton distribution functions involving two quark correlations using the wave function of the MIT bag model. The distributions are evolved up to experimental scales and combined to give the various nucleon structure functions.

Comparisons with recent experimental data on higher twist structure functions at moderate values of Q 2 give good agreement with the calculated structure functions. Hardware for quasi-single-shot multifrequency magnetic induction tomography MIT: Magnetic induction tomography MIT has been suggested by several groups for the contact-less mapping of the passive electrical properties of tissues via AC magnetic fields in the frequency range between several tens of kHz and several tens of MHz.

Multifrequency MIT as an analog to multifrequency EIT has been tried and first image reconstructions have been demonstrated with phantoms. In the beta-dispersion range of most tissues the method is challenging because the signals are very small and buried in noise. In order to minimize drifts and systematic errors fast data acquisition is therefore pivotal. This paper presents a method for single-shot MIT which allows us to acquire the data for a multifrequency image with an analog bandwidth of 50 kHz—1.

The transmit TX coils are simultaneously driven by individual power amplifiers with a multisinus pattern with up to 3 A pp. The amplifiers are configured as current sources so as not to perturb the excitation fields by inappropriately terminated coils. The separation of the different TX channels after reception is achieved by splitting up the carrier frequencies into individual subcarriers with a narrow spacing of at most Hz. In this way every TX coil is identifiable by its own subcarrier but the whole excitation band is contained within a few kHz. The real and imaginary parts of the received signals are extracted efficiently with FFT.

The system noise and the sources for low-frequency perturbations are analyzed and characterized. Within our community, we perceive serious problems in building on the work of others, because the different Of course, the name of the game is representation and access to the various data structures, and this has worked out very nicely. Pionic corrections to the MIT bag model: By incorporating chiral invariance in the MIT bag model, we are led to a theory in which the pion field is coupled to the confined quarks only at the bag surface.

The pion-nucleon scattering amplitude in this model is found to give a good fit to experimental data on the 3,3 resonance, with a bag radius of about 0. TDAT effectively protects users' authentication credentials a The neurosciences research program at MIT and the beginning of the modern field of neuroscience. Schmitt and a group of US and international scientists - physical, biological, medical, and behavioral - interested in understanding the brain basis of behavior and mind. They organized and held specialist meetings of basic topics in neuroscience, and the journal and book publications over the next 20 years, based on these meetings, helped establish the new field.

Schlafmedizinische Charakterisierung von Parkinson-Patienten mit Schlafattacken unter dopaminerger Therapie. Verhaltenstherapie bei Enkopresis am Beispiel einer Patientin mit chronischem "Toiletten-Verweigerungssyndrom". Gasification together with other residual materials; Vergasung gemeinsam mit anderen Reststoffen. The commonest method of thermal sewage sludge treatment at present is still combustion in mono-fluidised-bed plants.

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  8. The possibilities described in the introduction of this paper give an impression of the great variety of disposal methods with a thermal final stage among which one can choose today. The solution that has been found to the disposal problems of four sewage plants in Berlin shows by way of example how a Europe-wide tender can lead to an inexpensive, permanent, secure, and flexible disposal system which includes recycling and figures as part of an integrated disposal system for different wastes.

    This disposal system has found ready acceptance on account of its environmental friendliness and sparing consumption of resources. Unlike incineration plants, its construction did not meet with public resistance. Die einleitend geschilderten Moeglichkeiten lassen jedoch die Vielfalt erkennen, die jetzt bei der Wahl eines Entsorgungsweges mit thermischer Endstufe gegeben sind. Die Loesung der Entsorgungsprobleme fuer 4 Berliner Klaerwerke hat beispielhaft gezeigt wie z.

    Ein Verwertungsweg, der allgemein wegen seiner Umweltvertraeglichkeit und Ressourcenschonung grosse Akzeptanz erfahren hat. Widerstand, wie beim Bau von Verbrennungsanlagen, hat es nicht gegeben. Smoking plays the important part; Bewertung des Lungenkrebsrisikos durch Wohnungsradon. Lungenkrebsrisiko ausschliesslich durch Rauchen verursacht.

    Studies of lung cancer risk from the beginning of the century until today are investigated and evaluated. The result shows that the risk in homes with Radon exposure is determined exclusively by the amount of smoking. Further studies of the lung cancer risk from Radon therefore should exclusively treat with non-smokers. Das Ergebnis zeigt, dass das Lungenkrebsrisiko in Wohnungen mit Radonexpositionen ausschliesslich durch den Umfang des Zigarettenrauchens bestimmt wird.

    Untersuchungen zur Bewertung des Lungenkrebsrisikos durch Radon sollten daher ausschliesslich bei Nichtrauchern durchgefuehrt werden. Der Vortrag "Ressourceneffizienz durch Digitalisierung" behandelt folgende Themenkomplexe: A comprehensive assessment of different energy systems from the economic point of view has to be based on data showing all relevant costs incurred and benefits drawn by the society from the use of such energy systems, i.

    External costs or benefits of energy systems cover among other items employment or wage standard effects, energy-induced environmental impac Internationalisierungsprozesse als Rahmenbedingung der Mediendidaktik. Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Der vorliegende Beitrag entwickelt die These, dass die Mediendidaktik ausgehend von medientechnischen Entwicklungen im Kontext von Globalisierung einer Entgrenzung unterworfen ist.

    Diese Entgrenzung ist Chance und Risiko zugleich. Zwar gelangten neue Perspektiven ins Zentrum der Disziplin. Israelische Public Diplomacy und ihre Wahrnehmung durch deutsche Journalisten. Der Artikel zeigt die Ergebnisse einer Studie, in der untersucht wurde, wie die israelische Public Diplomacy von deutschen Journalisten aufgenommen und verarbeitet wird. Measures to enhance rational energy use in electric drives. Final report; Massnahmen zur Foerderung der rationellen Energienutzung bei elektrischen Antrieben. There is a high potential for savings Landwehr et al.

    The study attempts to identify and systematize the limits set by the market to the application of energy conservation measures in electric motors. This is followed by an outline of strategies to overcome these obstacles. Experience from other countries are integrated where efforts were made to put the potential savings into practice. Trotz dieser hohen Anteile ist bisher bei keinem der Marktteilnehmer Motoren- und Anlagenhersteller, Haendler und Endanwender grosses Interesse an Stromsparmassnahmen im Bereich Elektromotoren zu erkennen. Zudem zeigen erste grobe Schaetzungen Landwehr et al.

    Durch eine Erhoehung des Wirkungsgrades allein lassen sich ca. Groessere Potentiale koennen durch Drehzahlregelung - ca. Ziel dieser Studie ist es, zunaechst die Marktbeschraenkungen bei der Umsetzung von Massnahmen zur rationellen Energienutzung bei Elektromotoren zu identifizieren und zu systematisieren.

    Im Anschluss daran werden moegliche Strategien zur Ueberwindung dieser Marktbeschraenkungen aufgezeigt, systematisiert und analysiert. In diesem Zusammenhang werden auch Erfahrungen aus anderen Laendern, in denen von politischer und wirtschaftlicher Seite zum Teil betraechtliche. Eine Analyse des Demokratisierungsprozesses aus Frauenperspektive Buchbesprechung: Eine Analyse des Demokratisierungsprozesses aus Frauenperspektive Full Text Available Review of the monograph: Eine Analyse des Demokratisierungsprozesses aus Frauenperspektive Wettenberg: Multiple benefits through intelligent combination.

    Economic inventory optimization through the use of photovoltaics; Mehrfachnutzen durch intelligente Kombination. Wirtschaftliche Bestandsoptimierung durch Nutzung von Photovoltaik. By installing a PV system the roof areas are additionally used for power generation. To ensure the operability permanently, they must be carefully planned, built and maintained. Based on three demonstration examples it is shown how inventory optimization can be achieved by maintaining high quality standards tennis hall Oberthal and Ottweiler, warehouse roof of the building material dealer Lauer.

    Um die Funktionsfaehigkeit dauerhaft zu gewaehrleisten, muessen sie sorgfaeltig geplant, gebaut und gewartet werden. Anhand von drei Demonstrationsbeispielen Tennishalle Oberthal und Ottweiler, Lagerhallendach des Baustoffhaendlers Lauer wird gezeigt, wie die Bestandsoptimierung unter Einhaltung hoher Qualitaetsstandards geloest werden kann. Controllable electrochemical growth protection system based on pH variation. Preventing growth on ships is an economic as well as an ecological necessity.

    The current state of the art is to use antifoulings containing organotin compounds or copper for this purpose. What makes antifoulings effective are their heavy metal components. However, these also pose a formidable hazard to the marine ecosystem. This has led IMO to issue restrictive regulations aimed in particular at the organotin component. Alternative antifoulings based on silicone are only suitable for relatively fast going vessels.

    The purpose of the present project was to develop to market maturity a new, environmentally acceptable growth protection strategy that had already been tested at a small scale. The action principle of this protection consists in a discontinuous current induced pH change on the surface to be protected. Von den Schwermetallen, auf denen das Wirkprinzip beruht, gehen erhebliche Gefahren fuer das marine Oekosystem aus.

    Die IMO hat deshalb speziell bezueglich des Organozinns bereits entsprechende restriktive Regelungen beschlossen. Alternative, silikonhaltige Anstriche sind nur fuer relativ schnell fahrende Schiffstypen geeignet. Im Rahmen des Projekts soll eine neue umweltvertraegliche Bewuchsschutzstrategie, die in kleinem Massstab bereits erprobt wurde, zur Praxisreife gefuehrt werden.

    Das Wirkprinzip besteht hier in einer diskontinuierlichen strominduzierten pH-Aenderung auf der zu schuetzenden Oberflaeche. Lipase-katalysierte Synthese strukturierter Triglyceride: Verfahrensoptimierung und Erzeugung selektiver Lipasemutanten durch gerichtete Evolution. Besonderes Interesse galt dabei der Feasibility study for new ecolabels for the product group: Final report; Machbarkeitsstudie fuer neue Umweltzeichen fuer die Produktgruppe: Im Rahmen der Untersuchung wurde zunaechst eine umfassende Marktanalyse durchgefuehrt, um daraus die Anlagen zu identifizieren, die fuer ein Umweltzeichen in Frage kommen.

    Im Hauptteil der Studie erfolgte eine vertiefende Analyse der Umweltrelevanz der ausgewaehlten Anlagen. Hierzu wurde eine Herstellerbefragung durchgefuehrt und ein Systemvergleich mit Gas- und Oelheizkesseln sowie mit herkoemmlichen Holzfeuerungen auf Holzhackschnitzel- und Scheitholzbasis vorgenommen. Auf der Basis dieser Analyse wurden Vorschlaege fuer Vergabegrundlagen fuer Holzpelletheizkessel und Holzpelletraumheizer abgeleitet, die in einem Fachgespraech in einer breiten Runde von Experten und Herstellern vorgestellt und diskutiert wurden.

    Aus der Studie und dem Fachgespraech konnte ein deutliches Votum fuer die Umweltzeichen fuer die untersuchten Holzpelletfeuerungen abgeleitet werden. Holzpelletfeuerungen zeichnen sich durch ihren hohen Automatisierungsgrad und den Einsatz eines genormten Brennstoffes mit gleichbleibender hoher Qualitaet aus. Dadurch erreichen sie zum einen eine hohe Verbrennungsguete mit sehr geringen Emissionen, zum anderen werden Fehler durch unsachgemaesse Bedienung minimiert. Sie koennen zudem einen wichtigen Beitrag zur verstaerkten Nutzung erneuerbarer Energien leisten und so zur Erreichung der Klimaschutzziele beitragen.

    Als moegliche Umschrift eines Zeichens fuer Holzpelletfeuerungen wird empfohlen: Transparency and efficiency through plant operations management systems; Transparenz und Effizienz durch Betriebsfuehrungssysteme. Plant operations management systems, being IT application systems, provide integral support of the business processes making up plant operations management. The use of plant operations management systems improves mutually interdependent factors, such as high economic performance, high availability, and maximum safety. IBFS-WfMS is to optimize all processes, thus cutting costs and ensuring that processes are run and documented reliably.

    These savings are quoted as approx. This result can be extrapolated to other plants. Durch den Einsatz von Betriebsfuehrungssystemen werden die in gegenseitiger Abhaengigkeit befindlichen Faktoren hohe Wirtschaftlichkeit, hohe Verfuegbarkeit und groesstmoegliche Sicherheit im Verbund gefoerdert. Case study Sylt - Consequences and integrated assessment of climate change. Final report; Klimaaenderung und Kueste. This final report deals with the structure of the 'case study Sylt' against the background of climate change and possible consequences. In cooperation with the other projects of the case study an instrument is developed which maintains interdisciplinary communication and cooperation.

    First the 'System Sylt' is described to identify and specify the relevant aspects of functional relationships between the natural and the social system. The focal points are 1 the first-order impacts of climate change, 2 the potential ecological changes in the near future and 3 the image of the North-Sea island Sylt. With regard to the image of Sylt we find some discrepancies existing between a statical respectively a dynamical view; these discrepancies are inherent parts of the future development.

    All results are seen in the context of 'Integrated Coastal Zone Management' ICZM to derive general and specific recommendations for political action and further research. Unter Anbindung an das Sylt-GIS wird ein Instrument entwickelt und erprobt, das die bislang seltene fachuebergreifende Analyse von Klimafolgen unterstuetzt.

    Diese muendet zunaechst in eine Darstellung des 'Systems Sylt' auf der Grundlage der wichtigsten Prozesse und Randbedingungen. Die auf dieser Basis identifizierten Kernberichte des 'Systems Sylt' werden in einem weiteren exemplarisch und unter Einbezug des in den disziplinaeren Teilvorhaben der Fallstudie erarbeiteten Wissens einer vertiefenden Analyse unterzogen. Dabei wird erstens auf den Bereich der Folgen eines moeglichen Klimawandels eingegangen, zweitens auf vergangene und zukuenftig moegliche oekologische Veraenderungen und drittens auf das Sylt-Image.

    Durch eine detailliertere Analyse des. Durch eine detailliertere Analyse des Sylt-Image kann aufgezeigt werden, dass sich eine. Effects of landfills on the limnology of associated running waters; Gefaehrdung von Oberflaechengewaessern durch Altablagerungen. Five small brooks influenced by runoff from landfills were surveyed from May to March using chemical and biological methods. Results showed clear impacts on the macroinvertebrate fauna as a result of pollutants in three of the five brooks studied.

    Anhand der Untersuchungsergebnisse wurde eine Gefaehrdungsabschaetzung der Oberflaechengewaesser durch die Altablagerungen vorgenommen. Danach waren bei drei der fuenf untersuchten Deponien aufgrund von Schadstoffeintraegen Auswirkungen auf die Makrobenthosfauna der angrenzenden Fliessgewaesser erkennbar.

    Nitrate removal through combination of nanofiltration and electrocatalysis; Nitratentfernung durch Kombination von Nanofiltration und Elektrokatalyse. Then the enriched nitrate in the concentrate is converted into nitrogen by means of electrocatalytic nitrate reduction. Whereas, in nanofiltration, a concentration takes place, electrocatalytic nitrate reduction is a process by which nitrate is converted into elemental nitrogen and, thus, removed.

    Nanofiltration is a membrane separating process making use of 'open' reverse osmosis membranes, which are characterized by high flow but also reduced retention. Waehrend bei der Nanofiltration eine Aufkonzentrierung erfolgt, wird durch die Elektrokatalytische Nitratreduktion das Nitrat in elementaren Stickstoff umgewandelt und so entfernt. Die Nanofiltration ist ein Membrantrennverfahren, bei dem 'offene' Umkehrosmosemembranen eingesetzt werden, die einen hohen Fluss aber auch eine verminderte Rueckhaltung aufweisen. Environmental pollution caused by coal mining and utilization in China; Umweltbelastungen durch Kohlefoerderung und -nutzung in China.

    The large-scale coal production and use cause major environmental impacts. A large environmental impact is through the emission of some unavoidable reaction products for example waste gas, waste heat that affect and damage the ecosystem. A steady influence can lead to long-term climate changes and medium term damage to the ecosystem. Other environmental impacts occur during mining of coal by the change in the water balance and the transformation of the landscape surface mining, spoil tips.

    The environmental problems caused by coal mining and utilization can not be ignored in China. Die grossangelegte Kohlefoerderung und -verwendung fuehren zu grossen Umweltbelastungen. Eine grosse Umweltbeeinflussung erfolgt durch die Emission von zum Teil unvermeidbaren Umsetzungsprodukten zum Beispiel Abgas, Abwaerme , die das Oekosystem beeinflussen und schaedigen.

    Eine stetige Beeinflussung kann langfristig zu den Klimaveraenderungen und mittelfristig zur Schaedigung des Oekosystems fuehren. Die Umweltprobleme, die durch die Kohlefoerderung und -nutzung verursacht werden, koennen in China nicht ignoriert werden. Deutsch Durch Audio-Visuelle Methode: This teaching guide, designed to accompany Chilton's "Deutsch Durch Audio-Visuelle Methode" for German 1 and 2 in a three-year secondary school program, focuses major attention on the operational plan of the program and a student orientation unit.

    A section on teaching a unit discusses four phases: Decontamination of contaminated soils by microwave heating; Dekontaminierung verseuchter Boeden durch Mikrowellenheizung. The paper describes a system for the thermal decontamination of contaminated soils by microwaves. In addition to the determination of the dielectric material parameters of different soils, a focus is on antennas for the efficient coupling of the microwaves into the ground.

    The developed simulation model takes into account the electromagnetic-thermal interaction and makes it possible to predict optimal plant configuration, duration and costs of a sanitation measure in advance. Neben der Bestimmung der dielektrischen Materialparameter verschiedener Boeden liegt ein Schwerpunkt auf Antennen zur effizienten Einkopplung der Mikrowellen in den Boden.

    Das entwickelte Simulationsmodell beruecksichtigt die elektromagnetisch-thermische Wechselwirkung und ermoeglicht es, bereits im Vorfeld optimale Anlagenkonfiguration, Dauer und Kosten einer Sanierungsmassnahme vorherzusagen. Thermodynamic fundamentals; Verbrennungssteuerung durch Selbstzuendung. France ; Mokhtari, S. Based on the better thermodynamic particularities of the auto-ignition, which have been presented in the first part, the characteristics of this process are demonstrated in the second part by experimental analysis. For comparison with similar studies, the analyses have been carried out in base of a two stroke loop scavenged spark-ignition single cylinder engine.

    Auf Grundlage der thermodynamischen Besonderheiten der Selbstzuendvorgaenge, die im ersten Teil praesentiert wurden, erfolgt im zweiten Teil eine experimentelle Betrachtung der Prozesscharakteristika. Zur Vergleichbarkeit mit aehnlichen Untersuchungen wird die experimentelle Analyse auf Basis eines Zweitakt-Einzylinder-Ottomotors mit Umkehrspuelung durchgefuehrt.

    Effects of sorption agents on heavy metal release form incinerator slag; Laesst sich die Freisetzung von Schwermetallen aus MVA-Schlacken durch Zugabe von Sorbenten veraendern? Mainz, Mainz Germany ; Kersten, M. It was investigated inhowfar additions of sorption agents will influence the solution of heavy metals in incinerator slag. Die vorliegende Arbeit beschreibt eine neuartige Objektverfolgung durch Fusion von Radar- und Monokameradaten auf Merkmalsebene.

    Dabei werden zuerst die statistischen Fehlermodelle der Sensoren analysiert. Heating power stations - influencing costs by organisational measures; Heizkraftwerke - Kostenbeeinflussung durch organisatorische Massnahmen. The products of district heating and, in the foreseeable future also electrical power, must compete in the market with low prices. Low prices, which still provide a profit, are only possible based on low costs. Low costs are achieved by cost control. The basis for cost control is transparency of costs.

    Mainly organisational measures were proposed and described. From the individual stages of the organisation, the organisational build-up is obtained, the important feature of which is the allocation of competence to make decisions. Niedrige Preise, die trotzdem einen Gewinn erbringen sollen, sind nur auf der Basis niedriger Kosten moeglich. Niedrige Kosten erreicht man durch Kostensteuerung, Controlling. Grundlage der Kostensteuerung ist Kostentransparenz. Es wurden im wesentlichen ablauforganisatorische Massnahmen vorgeschlagen und beschrieben.

    Aus den einzelnen Stationen der Ablauforganisation ergibt sich letztendlich die Aufbauorganisation, deren wesentliches Merkmal die Zuordnung von Entscheidungskompetenz ist. Processing of maize plants by rotary kiln pyrolysis; Veredlung von Maispflanzen durch Pyrolyse im Drehrohrreaktor. The fuel quality of maize plants is to be characterized by short, elementary and thermonalysis. The plants will be pyrolyzed in order to facilitate transport and storage. The formal kinetic parameters of three parallel reactions describing solid matter decomposition are defined by means of TG-DSC, and the reaction enthalpy is measured.

    Pyrolysis experiments in a rotary kiln converter in the kg range show a strong dependence of the product spectrum on process temperature. In particular, the pyrolysis gas yield increases with temperature at the expense of pyrolysis oil and water. Pyrolyseversuche in einem Drehrohrreaktor im Kilogramm-Massstab ergeben eine starke Abhaengigkeit des Produktspektrums von der Prozesstemperatur. Insbesondere steigt die Pyrolysegasausbeute auf Kosten der Bildung von Pyrolyseoel und Wasser mit der Temperatur stark an.

    Optimization of sewage treatment plants through adjustment of the acid capacity; Optimierung von Klaeranlagen durch Saeurekapazitaetseinstellung. In many areas with soft water low water hardness , variations of degradation behaviour are noted in the biological cleaning of municipal and industrial waste water. The use of acidic precipitation agents and processes of biological ammonium oxidation nitrification reduce the acid capacity of water. Addition of lime in different forms can prevent this drop in acid capacity.

    As a new development in this field, lime hydrate can be added in dry form. This form of application dispenses with some of the elements normally installed at sewage treatment plants. Several examples demonstrate the advantages offered by this technique, especially the need for less metal salts to eliminate phosphate. Der Einsatz von sauren Faellmitteln und die Prozesse der biologischen Ammoniumoxidation Nitrifikation senken die Saeurekapazitaet des Wassers ab.

    Durch die Zugabe von Kalk in verschiedenen Dosierformen kann die Saeurekapazitaetsabsenkung verhindert werden. Eine neue Entwicklung auf diesem Gebiet ist die Trockendosierung von Kalkhydrat. Wesentliche Teile der sonst installierten Anlagentechnik sind bei dieser Art der Dosierung nicht mehr notwendig.

    Anhand von mehreren Beispielen wird erlaeutert, welche Vorteile dieses Verfahren bieten kann, insbesondere bei der Einsparung von Metallsalzen zur Phosphatentfernung. Mechatronics in the car: Erfolg durch effiziente Entwicklungsmethodik. Zentralbereich Forschung und Vorausentwicklung; Buerger, K. The ever increasing requirements with respect to fuel consumption, emissions as well as safety and comfort necessitate ever increasing complex functionalities in the car.

    In this context, the integrated development of 'mechatronic' components, including the respective software, leads to a targeted solution. Nachdem in der Vergangenheit die Entwicklung meist noch auf getrennten Ebenen verlief, steht heute ein uebergreifender, das Gesamtsystem umfassender Ansatz im Vordergrund. Dabei sorgt die integrierte Entwicklung der 'mechatronischen' Komponenten unter Einbezug der zugehoerigen Software fuer eine zielgerichtete Loesung. Biosorption of heavy metals by immobilized microalgae; Biosorption von Schwermetallen durch immobilisierte Mikroalgen.

    Durch geeignete Versuche muessen die verschiedenen Stofftransportwiderstaende Filmwiderstand, Diffusionswiderstand im Innern der Partikel voneinander entkoppelt werden, damit eine Bestimmung derselben ermoeglicht wird. Continuous high-temperature recycling of waste by the Thermoselect process; Unterbrechungsloses Hochtemperaturrecycling - Abfallveredelung durch Thermoselect.

    The plant is scheduled for commissioning in The contribution presents the product balance, the approved emission levels, and the energy uses envisaged for the Karlsruhe project. Final product quality data and energy yields illustrate the differences from conventional thermal processes. An ecobalance comparing the Thermoselect process with grate furnaces shows that water, soil and air pollution is much reduced by the new Termoselect process. Apart from high product quality, the plant also has the advantage of reduced dumping cost and no long-term ecological hazards.

    Die Produktebilanz und die genehmigten Emissionswerte sind in dem Artikel belegt. Gezeigt wird die fuer das Projekt Karlsruhe vorgesehene Energienutzung. Die Endprodduktqualitaeten und die Energieausbeute verdeutlichen die Unterschiede zu bisherigen konventionellen thermischen Verfahren. Neben hohen Produktqualitaeten wird - verglichen mit traditionellen Techniken - ein deutlich verringerter Entsorgungspreis erreicht, wobei gleichzeitig oekologische Belastungen auszuschliessen sind.

    Microbiological studies in enhanced sewage sludge degradation through cell membrane break-up; Mikrobiologische Untersuchungen zum verbesserten Klaerschlammabbau durch Zellaufschluss. Mechanische und thermische Behandlung von Schlaemmen. Mechanical disintegration breaks up the flake structure of excess sludge and solubilizes organic constituents. Bacterial cells are rendered soluble. Thermal conditioning of excess sludge, too, can release sludge constituents. This makes for enhanced and accelerated hydrolysis of polymeric sludge constituents in subsequent anaerobic processing.

    The yield of useful biogas is increased. Auch durch eine thermische Behandlung von Ueberschussschlamm koennen Schlamminhaltsstoffe freigesetzt werden. Dadurch wird bei einer anschliessenden anaeroben Behandlung die Hydrolyse der polymeren Schlamminhaltsstoffe gefoerdert und beschleunigt. Die Ausbeute an verwertbarem Biogas wird gesteigert. Energy saving by hot operating bearings in high temperature kilns.

    Final report; Energieeinsparung durch Heisslager in Hochtemperaturanlagen. The project intended to show that ceramic sliding bearings will ensure longer life, energy and cost savings, reduced environmental pollution, and functional improvements. Ceramic sliding bearings were tested at high temperatures of up to C and low sliding rates, with and without lubrication.

    High-temperature test stands were constructed in the two partner institutes and adapted to the specifications of the industrial partners concerning the parameters to be investigated. Auf der Basis der Anforderungsprofile der Industrie- und Forschungspartner waren umfangreiche Verschleisstests keramischer Gleitlager bei hohen Temperaturen bis C sowie niedrigen Gleitgeschwindigkeiten ohne und mit Feststoff-Schmierung vorgesehen. Hierzu wurden an beiden beteiligten Instituten Hochtemperatur-Pruefstaende aufgebaut, die den Anforderungen der jeweiligen Industriepartner hinsichtlich der zu testenden Lagerparameter Drehzahl, Flaechenpressung, Temperaturprofile, etc.

    The purpose of the present follow-up project was to examine the contamination with polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons PAH of different anthropogenic urban soils including clay soils containing demolition waste, household waste, ash, and residues from a coking plant. A further task was to analyse, or infer from other part-projects, standard soil parameters such as organic carbon content, pH, and anion levels in order to clarify any relationships between PAH contamination and the more easily determinable soil characteristics.

    Furthermore, the sorption behaviour for PAH of selected anthropogenic urban soils was to be characterised by means of batch experiments. Das Sorptionsverhalten ausgewaehlter anthropogener Stadtboeden fuer PAK sollte durch Batchversuche charakterisiert werden. Development of a regional concept for energy management for the region of Karlsruhe. Institut fuer Soziologie IfSoz Germany. Major objectives of this project are: Zielsetzungen des Projekts waren unter anderem: Bestimmung von zukunftsfaehigen Optionen, intelligente Vernetzung von Energiestroemen, wirtschaftliche Optimierung betriebsuebergreifender Energiemanagement-Loesungen.

    Die optimale vorgestellte Loesung ist charakterisiert durch den Neubau einer zentralen, gasgefeuerten GuD-Anlage, die etwa die Haelfte der bisherigen Anlagen ersetzt und zusammen mit den weiterhin genutzten Anlagen die Energieversorgung der Unternehmen sicherstellt. Die Erfahrungen wurden vor und nach den Behandlungszyklen auf numerischen Analogskalen quantifiziert und nachfolgend verglichen. Energy conservation by technical means: The new German regulation on energy conservation in buildings draft offers certain flexibility for choosing the quality of the building envelope thermal resistance and air tightness and of the HV equipment AC not considered in order to balance and minimize the yearly heating-energy demand.

    Up to now, there was little consideration given to control systems which are able to assist the inhabitants in using heating and ventilation efficiently. The performance of such systems is being discussed. Die Vorgaben der bisherigen Waermeschutzverordnungen und der geplanten Energieeinsparverordnung veranschaulichen das Energieeinsparpotential, das durch effizientere Energienutzung im Gebaeudebereich erschlossen werden kann. Contrast generation in the nuclear-spin tomography by pulsed ultrasound; Kontrasterzeugung in der Kernspintomographie durch gepulsten Ultraschall. In the framework of this thesis a combined method of ultrasound and nuclear-spin tomography is presented.

    Via ultrasound pulses by the sound-radiation force in liquids and tissue phantoms motions are generated, which depend on ther viscoelastic properties. This motions are made visible by a motion-sensitive tomograph sequence in the phase image of the tomograph in form of a phase change. The first measurements on simple phantoms and liquids are presented. Ueber Ultraschallpulse werden durch die Schallstrahlungskraft in Fluessigkeiten und Gewebephantomen Bewegungen erzeugt, die von den viskoelastischen Eigenschaften abhaengen.

    Diese Bewegungen werden mit einer bewegungssensitiven Tomographensequenz im Phasenbild des Tomographen in Form einer Phasenaenderung sichtbar gemacht. Die ersten Messungen an einfachen Phantomen und Fluessigkeiten werden praesentiert. Use competitions with biomass. Effects of the intensified use of biomass in the energy sector on the material utilization in the biomass processing industry and their competitive ability by means of nationally sponsored financial incentives. Final report; Nutzungskonkurrenzen bei Biomasse.

    Auswirkungen der verstaerkten Nutzung von Biomasse im Energiebereich auf die stoffliche Nuzung in der Biomasse verarbeitenden Industrie und deren Wettbewerbsfaehigkeit durch staatlich induzierte Foerderprogramme. Essen, Federal Republic of Germany report on the analysis and evaluation of technically usable biomass potentials in Germany as well as on the influence of the promotion of the utilization of biomass in the energy sector regarding to the utilization competition between different uses.

    The economic effects of the increasing use of biomass for non-food applications were examined for the ranges biodiesel, grain and wood. For biodiesel from rape it is stated that this biodiesel in future represents no cost-efficient climatic protection strategy. In the range of woods efforts are necessary to the activation and expansion of the existing domestic raw material. During the mobilization of forest remainder wood ecological disadvantages and an impairment of long-term yields should be excluded.

    Based on the investigations of project VITE-BEMS, a computer-assisted method for commissioning and acceptance testing of complex digital building control systems is presented. Tests are classified as either open-loop or closed-loop tests. A test stand was constructed in which the control systems to be tested were connected to a building and facility simulation system in order to model the behaviour of the real facility for which the control system is intended. The models were adapted and optimized with a view to simplicity and easy convertibility.

    Nach einer kritischen Betrachtung der Abnahmeprozesse in der gaengigen Praxis, werden hierfuer zunaechst Testprozeduren entwickelt. Diese Testprozeduren fuer die Inbetriebnahme und Abnahme von digitalen Regelungssysteme koennen unterteilt werden in Tests, bei denen das jeweilige Regelungssystem mit einer virtuellen heiz- und raumlufttechnischen Anlage in Wechselwirkung steht Closed-Loop-Tests und solchen, bei denen Regelfunktionen ohne eine direkte Rueckkopplung zur zu regelnden Anlage ueberprueft werden Open-Loop-Tests.

    Durch diese unterschiedlichen Prozeduren wird eine systematische Ueberpruefung der Regelfunktionen, die vom Planer der jeweiligen Anlage spezifiziert und gefordert werden, ermoeglicht. Entsprechend den Anforderungen dieser Testprozeduren wird auf einem ebenfalls neu entwickelten Emulationsversuchsstand eine virtuelle Testumgebung aufgebaut, auf der die Prozeduren an den zu testenden Regelgeraeten ablaufen. In dieser Testumgebung wird das zu pruefende Regelungssystem an eine Anlagen- und Gebaeudesimulation angeschlossen.

    Mit der Simulation wird das Verhalten der realen Anlage. Techno-economic accompanying research the national competition ''Bioenergy Regions''. Final report funding measure ; Technisch-oekonomische Begleitforschung des Bundeswettbewerbes ''Bioenergie-Regionen''. This final report describes the results of the techno-economic accompanying research of the competition of bioenergy regions. The aim of the techno-economic accompanying research was to evaluate the project regions regarding the use of bioenergy.

    To this end, the bioenergy plants and supply chains of bioenergy as well as the raw materials used were the focus of investigations. Hereby the comparison between the regions and classification of the national average should be made possible. It was also necessary to be able to make statements about the climate protection contribution of funding the project. Not least the DBFZ supported the office of competition and the regions in answering technical-economic issues. The report is divided into a theoretical part A and the result Part B.

    After a summary of the results chapter 1 and a brief overview of important and higher-level indicators Chapter 2 the background and objectives of the competition are in Part A, first presented Chapter 3. This is followed by Chapter 4 of the explanation of the methodological approach. Part B contains the results of the accompanying research project. The individual chapters are based respectively on the specific questions or thematic blocks of techno-economic accompanying research Section The final chapter 9 takes a brief look at the second funding phase from to Verlag Harro von Hirschheydt.

    Arting from an analysis of road transport tanker accidents, crash tests and overturn tests were performed and supplemented by investigations of road transport tanker components and accompanying complex calculations of the failure processes. Parallel to this, the static side-tilt stability of road transport tankers was determined on a tilting test platform. The causes of and constructive possibilities for avoiding overturning, which is the most common cause of accidents in which hazardous materials escape, wewre analysed in dynamic driving tests with supplementary computer simulation.

    Various measures for improving the safety of road transport tankers were determined and subjected to a cost-benefit analysis. Ausgehend von der detaillierten Analyse von Tankfahrzeugunfaellen wurden Tankfahrzeug-Crashversuche und Tankfahrzeug-Umsturzversuche durchgefuehrt. Diese Messungen an kompletten Fahrzeugen.

    Entwicklung von Ausdauerleistungen deutscher Spitzenschwimmer über drei Jahrzehnte

    Reuse of filter backwash water with a submerged microfiltration membrane system; Wiederverwendung von Filterspuelwaessern durch Mikrofiltration mit getauchten Membranen. Until now this backwash water charged with the accumulated filtrate is then redirected into sewers or receiving waters, either directly or after a sedimentation step.

    With sufficient separation of the filtered substances from backwash water this could again be used for drinking water purposes. This conserves natural groundwater resources and significantly reduces the volume of wastewater discharged. Especially in the face of the increasing shortage of useable groundwater resources in many countries, this will become increasingly important in the future.

    The pilot-plant consists of two treatment parts, one charged with backwash water from the iron-, manganese- and arsenic-elimination, the other charged with backwash water from the deacidification. The membrane modules are submerged in closed storage basins for backwash water. Air is supplied under the modules to generate a defined cross-flow. This article discusses the results after one year of operation of the plant.

    Bisher werden die hierbei anfallenden und mit den zuvor abfiltrierten Stoffen belasteten Filterspuelwaesser je nach den oertlichen Gegebenheiten unmittelbar oder nach einer Sedimentationsstufe in Vorfluter oder die oeffentliche Sammelkanalisation abgeschlagen. Durch eine hinreichende Trennung der abfiltrierten Stoffe vom Filterspuelwasser koennte dieses wieder der. Replacement of coal-fuelled stoves by modern room heating systems in multistorey dwellings; Abloesung der Kohle-Einzelofenheizung durch moderne Raumheizungssysteme in Mehrgeschossbauten.

    In eastern Germany, approximately one million residential units in multi-storey apartment buildings are still heated with coal-fired stoves. Not all building societies or private house-owners can afford to substitute modern heating systems for individual coal stoves within the foreseeable future. Problems encountered when modernizing heating systems are described. A way of pre-financing modernization is by loans given by the tenants to the building society. The paper deals with individual aspects, such as contract conditions, organization and experience with this model, as well as its advantages for the landlord and tenant.

    Nicht alle Wohnungsgenossenschaften oder privaten Hauseigentuemer sind finanziell in der Lage in absehbarer Zeit die Kohle-Einzelheizung durch moderne Heizungssysteme abzuloesen. Im Folgenden werden die Probleme bei der Heizungsmodernisierung beschrieben. Der Weg Heizungsmodernisierung durch Mieterdarlehen wird in einzelnen Punkten wie Finanzierung durch Mieterdarlehen, deren Organisation und Erfahrungen mit diesem Modell sowie die Vorteile fuer Vermieter und Mieter dargelegt.

    Climate protection by reducing the emissions of greenhouse gases in households and the tertiary sector through climate-conscious behaviour. The aim of the project was to identify areas in households and the tertiary sector in which changes in behaviour could result in energy conservation and thus a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and to quantify the potentials for , and A second focus was on the analysis and evaluation of programmes and instruments to realise the potentials.

    With literature evaluation, expert interviews, and a household servey potentials and further technical development have been identified. In sum, behavioural measures can contribute to the CO2 reduction by 64 million tons in in households and 27 in the commercial sector in which the potential decreases to 18 million tons in due to the autonomous technical development. Darauf aufbauend waren Programme und Instrumente zur Umsetzung aufzuzeigen und zu bewerten.

    Gestuetzt auf Literaturrecherchen und Expertengespraeche wurden Einzelpotenziale, Rahmenbedingungen, Entwicklungstrends in der Technik und im Ausstattungsgrad ermittelt. Bis bleibt dieses Potenzial im Haushaltssektor in etwa gleich. Im Kleinverbrauch sinkt es infolge der autonomen Technikentwicklung auf 18 Mio t ab. On-line analysis of water contamination by organic compounds; On-line-Analytik der Wasserverschmutzung durch organische Substanzen.

    In many environmental applications decomposing the mixture of substances in the water into its various chemical ingredients, for subsequent analysis, is a very complicated task. The most productive approach to on-line diagnosis is to treat the object as an integral spectroscopic sample, characterized by certain specific Spectral Fluorescent Signatures SFS. The SFS are recorded as a matrix of fluorescent intensity of organic compounds in water, in co-ordinates of excitation and emission spectra, providing a three-dimensional spectrum. Spectral windows of SFS are defined by fluorescent characteristics of basic groups of organic substances in the water sample.

    The novel Skalar Fluo Imager, based on this principle, is intended for the analysis of organic compounds in natural, domestic, and technological waters in an on-line mode. Ein erfolgversprechender Ansatz fuer eine on-line-Diagnostik besteht darin, das Objekt als integrale Spektroskopieprobe zu betrachten, die durch bestimmte spezifische Spektral-Fluoreszenz-Signaturen SFS charakterisiert wird. Diese werden als Fluoreszenz-Intensitaets-Matrix organischer Verbindungen in Wasser dargestellt, mit Anregungs- und Emissionsspektren als weiteren Koordinaten, wodurch ein dreidimensionales Spektrum entsteht.

    Der auf diesem Prinzip basierende Skalar Fluo Imager ist fuer die on-line-Analyse organischer Bestandteile in natuerlichen, Haus- und technischen Waessern gedacht. Die Photogrammetrie hat ihren Ursprung in der Vermessungskunde. Sie wird heutzutage in vielen Bereichen der Ingenieurwissenschaften eingesetzt und hat somit viele Schnittbereiche zu angrenzenden wissenschaftlichen Gebieten.

    Der Artikel unterteilt sich in 3 Bereiche: Auswertung von Photos dargestellt. Advantages of variable-speed operation of hydraulic turbo-engines; Vorteile durch den drehzahlvariablen Betrieb von hydraulischen Stroemungsmaschinen. The performance of current hydraulic turbo-engines in the variable speed sector is monitored and judged. The study covers radial and axial engines as well as Pelton turbines.

    Variable-speed operation of hydraulic turbo-engines can be realized by means of different combinations of electrical rotating machines and frequency converters. The operating range of the frequency converter plays an important role in the optimization of performance and is taken into account. The smoothness of run of reaction turbines and their cavitation performance can be enhanced by speed regulation. But above all, efficiency is more or less substantially enhanced during partial load or in the case of greatly varying heights of drop. The latter holds true also of Pelton turbines.

    Die Untersuchung erfolgt fuer Radialmaschinen, Axialmaschinen und Peltonturbinen. Der drehzahlvariable Betrieb hydraulischer Stroemungsmaschinen kann mit verschiedenen Kombinationen von elektrischen Maschinen und Frequenzumrichtern realisiert werden. Der Arbeitsbereich des Frequenzumrichters spielt eine wichtige Rolle fuer die Optimierung des Betriebsverhaltens und wird beruecksichtigt.

    Bei Ueberdruckturbinen kann man durch Drehzahlregelung eine groessere Laufruhe sowie ein guenstigeres Kavitationsverhalten erreichen. Vor allem aber sind im Teillastbereich oder bei stark schwankenden Fallhoehen mehr oder weniger grosse Wirkungsgradgewinne erzielbar. Das letztere gilt auch fuer Peltonturbinen. Altitude dependence of trace substance deposition from clouds to forests. Final report; Hoehenabhaengigkeit der Spurenstoffdeposition durch Wolken auf Waelder. Novel forest decline is particularly pronounced in the area of the ridges of medium-range mountains.

    Whereas acid precipitation was viewed as its sole cause early on in the discussions, it turned out later that the impact of trace gases, too, contributes to the damaging of forests. This report wants to point out the importance of fog interception, which equally plays a part in the pollutant receipts of forests.

    The deposition of fog water to a forest stand depends very much on altitude, so that trace substance deposition, too, is to be expected to be dependent on altitude. By attempting to quantify this effect, the report helps to pinpoint areas of relevance of this deposition pathway orig. Waehrend in der anfaenglichen Diskussion die sauren Niederschlaege als alleinige Ursache angesehen wurden, zeigte sich spaeter, dass auch Einwirkungen von Spurengasen zur Schaedigung des Waldes beitragen.

    Dieser Bericht soll auf die Bedeutung der Nebelinterzeption aufmerksam machen, die ebenfalls zum Schadstoffeintrag in den Wald beitraegt. Die Deposition von Wolkenwasser auf einen Waldbestand ist stark abhaengig von der Hoehenlage, in der sich der Waldbestand befindet, so dass auch eine Hoehenabhaengigkeit des Spurenstoffeintrages zu erwarten ist.

    Durch den Versuch der Quantifizierung traegt dieser Bericht dazu bei, Gebiete zu erkennen, in denen dieser Eintragspfad eine Rolle spielt. Es soll die Frage beantwortet werden, wo welcher der beiden Energietraeger am sinnvollsten einzusetzen ist. Dies schliesst auch den Vergleich zu den bisherigen konventionellen Loesungen ein. Die Analysen gelten fuer Deutschland und werden fuer die Jahre und durchgefuehrt.

    Dazu werden ausgewaehlte Primaerenergiequellen herangezogen, die jeweils fuer beide Endenergietraeger gleich sind. Dies geschieht aus Gruenden der Vergleichbarkeit. Um das Gesamtbild abzurunden, werden zusaetzlich weitere Analysen durchgefuehrt und auf aktuelle Studienergebnisse zurueckgegriffen. Oft wird diskutiert, dass Wasserstoff sich noch vor einem breiten Einsatz im Verkehrssektor als Endenergietraeger fuer bestimmte Nischen eignen koennte, die sich durch besondere Rahmenbedingungen, wie beispielsweise hohe Anforderungen an lokalen Umweltschutz, auszeichnen.

    Deshalb werden ebenfalls wichtige Nischenanwendungen fuer einen Einsatz von Wasserstoff und auch der Brennstoffzelle herausgearbeitet. Die Ergebnisse fuer den Einsatz von beiden Energietraegern im Bereich der Mobilitaet ergeben bezueglich der Wirtschaftlichkeit ein differenziertes Bild, da diese stark vom Antrieb dominiert wird Batterie bzw. Von heutigen Zahlen ausgehend muessen fuer beide Technologien die Kosten noch deutlich gesenkt werden: Bei Batterien etwa von heute rund bis 1.

    Weiterhin sind auch noch. Die Krankenakten von konsekutiven Melanom-Patienten wurden retrospektiv ausgewertet, um das Management von Zufallsbefunden zu dokumentieren. Der Schwerpunkt lag dabei auf den histologischen Befunden. In dieser Studie wurden auf effektive Weise ansonsten nicht erkannte Krebserkrankungen, insbesondere Kolonkarzinome, detektiert. Potential and possibilities of supplying energy from biomass and biogas; Potentiale und Moeglichkeiten der Energiebereitstellung durch Biomasse und Biogas. Beyond this, biomass is burdened with other drawbacks such as low supply efficiency, limited availability, and weather-dependent reliability.

    On the other hand, biomass is well suited for conversion to solid, liquid, and gaseous fuels, including inexpensive ones with low energy density solid fuels , mostly used for stationary heating applications, as well as more expensive ones such as liquid fuels with a high energy density for mobile applications in the automotive sector. Thanks to its capacity to regenerate, biomass is an inexhaustible resource. Moreover, its natural life cycle has a small impact on the environment. Es beduerfen darueber hinaus auch Nachteile, wie geringe Bereitstellungseffizienz, beschraenkte Verfuegbarkeit und witterungsabhaengige Zuverlaessigkeit, der Beachtung.

    Joggen nach Puls - Richtig Joggen - Wichtige Grundregeln

    Die Biomasse kann jedoch mit Erfolg in feste, fluessige und gasfoermige Energietraeger konvertiert werden, sowohl in preiswerte mit geringer Energiedichte Festbrennstoffe fuer bevorzugt stationaeren Heizungs-Einsatz als auch. Higher efficiency of steam flooding projects with horizontal production wells; Verbesserung der Effizienz von Dampfflutprojekten durch horizontale Foerderbohrungen.

    For 50 years, the Emlichheim oil field has had a production level of about , t. Reinjection of deposit water was started in already in order to maintain the required pressure. Until , all wells were sunk vertically as the loose sandstone was considered unstable. The Emlichheim well was constructed in ; it was the first horizontal well that proved that horizontal drilling is possible in this bedrock material.

    The contribution describes the history of this field and the projecting and implementation of a steam flooding project involving horizontal production wells. Nach der Produktionsaufnahme in wurde dieses Niveau erstmals erreicht. Bereits musste zur Druckerhaltung mit der Reinjektion von Lagerstaettenwasser begonnen werden. Bis wurden alle Bohrungen im Erdoelfeld Emlichheim vertikal abgeteuft. Als groesstes Problem fuer Horizontalbohrungen wurde die Bohrlochstabilitaet in der Bohr- und Komplettierungsphase erachtet, da der Bentheimer Sandstein unverfestigt ist. Mit dem Abteufen der Emlichheim im Jahre wurde der Nachweis erbracht, dass das Bohren und Komplettieren einer ca.

    Vorliegende Publikation gibt einen kurzen Einblick in die Geschichte des Feldes, die Planung und Realisierung eines laufenden Dampfflutprojektes unter Einbindung von horizontalen Foerderbohrungen und vergleicht deren Performance mit frueheren Projekten. Zusaetzlich wird auf gewonnene Erkenntnisse durch das Abteufen von Horizontalbohrungen im nicht verfestigten Sandstein eingegangen.

    Abschliessend soll ein Ausblick auf die weitere Feldentwicklung gegeben werden. Determination of consumption biogenic solid fuels in the commercial sector, trade, services tertiary sector. Deshalb ist zunaechst die Identifikation der fuer dieses Vorhaben relevanten Branchen notwendig.

    Neben der Gruppe der relevanten und nicht relevanten Branchen werden potenziell relevante Branchen ausgewiesen, die trotz derzeit geringen Einsatzes biogener Festbrennstoffe zukuenftig an Bedeutung gewinnen koennen. Die Eingangsdaten fuer die als relevant eingestuften Branchen werden im Rahmen einer Literaturrecherche und durch Multiplikatoreninterviews erhoben. Diese werden entsprechend aufbereitet und in das im Rahmen des Vorhabens zu entwickelnde Hochrechnungsverfahren eingepflegt.

    Fuer eine ganzheitliche Betrachtung des GHD-Sektors laesst das Hochrechnungsverfahren die Aufnahme bisher als potenziell oder nicht relevant eingestuften Branchen zu. Abschliessend werden in dieser Studie die erzielten Hochrechnungsergebnisse dargestellt und diskutiert. Detection of partial discharges in oil transformers with the aid of acoustic emission analysis; Detektion von Teilentladungen in Oeltransformatoren durch die Schallemissionsanalyse.

    Since the early eighties, acoustic emission analysis has been used for functional testing of transformers. Partial discharges of pC and above are detected reliably. This integral method provides no information on the operating conditions causing partial discharge and no information on their location. This information gap may be closed by acoustic emission analysis, which will provide the key information required for selective planning of preventive measures.