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She was born in Chicago and was educated at Barnard College. From she co-edited the literary journal Formations. In she co-translated Beyond the Limit: She lives with her family in New Haven. The Owl Question underscores and relishes life's transitions from young girl to woman, from child to wife to mother, and from isolation to connection this poet's bright sense of abundance and awe, here expressed in finely tuned detail and refreshingly open observation, reads like a collective memory.

Though private and closely held, these questionings are as familiar as our own souls, and in their transformation to poetry, Shearin has created the very "map" she wishes to guide her when she "can't learn the world fast enough. Tomorrow's Living Room offers a pleasantly disorienting verbal territory.

The collection is alternately wry and dark, hopeful and bleak, full of unexpected light and laugh-out-loud incongruities. We begin to see that the shape and the furniture of Jason Whitmarsh's world reflect our own world and may in fact be universal , but we're considering them through completely new terms of engagement.

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In his Foreword, McClatchy speaks of the musical qualities of Lindsay's work: This is not just a matter of delicacy or virtuosity. It is also a matter of knowing how to phrase a line Lindsay moves from detail to trope with utter poise, with an intuitive sense of what to sustain or emphasize.

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Her language is crisp. I can pick a stanza at random Where She Always Was allows us.

In her craft is the truth. Swenson Poetry Award Winners.

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This annual competition, named for May Swenson, honors her as one of America's most provocative and vital writers. In John Hollander's words, she was "one of our few unquestionably major poets. Built on the Johns Hopkins University Campus. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Without cookies your experience may not be seamless. Poems George Bilgere Book Published by: It's not surprising that George Bilgere is blurbed by Billy Collins.

In the foreword to this book, Edward Fi Kind of shows how silly Goodreads "Reading Challenge" is when you can down a page poetry book and count it as much as, say, Moby-Dick. In the foreword to this book, Edward Field says of Bilgere, "Not openly political, this poet -- you knew from his very first lines -- didn't fall for anything phony, the hypocritical discourse the media swamp us with, and his own language is irresistibly no-bullshit, down to earth, even sassy.

He's unpretentious, speaks as openly from his feelings as guys in this culture can, and has opera in his life -- I dig that, with its sexy overtones.

A bit, but not much, which is good for me because I admire no-bullshit but not Madame Butterfly. Here's a sampling of Bilgere's guy-centric, Everyman approach: We are having coffee together in that quiet first hour of the morning, respecting each other's silences in the shadow of an important old building in this small but significant European city. All the characters can relax.

I'm giving them the day off. For once they can forget about their problems— desire, betrayal, the fatal denouement— and just sit peacefully beside me. In the afternoon, at lunch near the cathedral, and in the evening, after my lonely, historical walk along the promenade, the men and women, the children and even the dogs in the important, complicated novel have nothing to fear from me.

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We will sit quietly at the table with a glass of cool red wine and listen to the pigeons questioning each other in the ancient corridors. And here goes with the title poem: Haywire When I was a kid, there was always someone old living with my friends, a small, gray person from another century who stayed in a back room with a Bible and a bed with silver rails. They were from a time before the time the world just plain went haywire, and even though nothing made sense to them anymore, they'd gotten used to it, and walked around smiling vaguely at the aliens ruining the galaxy on the color console television, or the British invasion growing from the sides of our heads in little transistorized boxes.

In the front room, by the light of tv, we were just starting to get stoned, and the girls were helping us help them out of their jeans, while in the back room someone very tired closed her eyes and watched a wheat field where a boy whose name she can't remember is walking down a dusty road.

Haywire: Poems

No sound but the sound of crickets. No satellites, Or even headlights in the distance yet. The great thing about the Collins School of Poetry is how easy it goes down. The frustrating thing is how easy conversational looks until you try to bottle it in stanzas of your own. It's enough to inspire poetic silence. View all 5 comments. Feb 12, Peycho Kanev rated it really liked it Shelves: She wears sneakers and a warm-up suit to the grocery store.

Her knees are giving her trouble. Nobody bothers to airbrush her nipples anymore. But I remember the times we had back then when we were young and crazy, locked in the bathroom for hours while my sister pounded on the door. What the hell, I think, and take her inside. One more time, for auld lang syne. Aug 18, Nina rated it it was amazing.

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Haywire covers diverse topics such as masturbation, drinking, divorce, middle age, and death of parents. There are also some quiet, introspective poems, which succinctly capture a moment or thought. Reverently, I unplug the Christmas tree, leaving Christ and the little animals in the dark. The last thing I do is step out to the back yard for a quick look at the Milky Way.

Bilgere writes about ordinary moments and events in an extraordinary way.

Charles Wright, 2014-15 U.S. Poet Laureate, Oct. 13, 2015, Emory Libraries

He has an uncanny ability to make a per Haywire covers diverse topics such as masturbation, drinking, divorce, middle age, and death of parents. He has an uncanny ability to make a personal subject universal. He uses strong imagery and unique metaphors to juxtapose the personal with the universal in his narrative poems. He is a master of double entendre. He frequently starts a poem with something personal, a remembrance from his childhood, a comment, then expands into a broad cultural metaphor before bringing the poem back to the personal. The cultural references movies, music, politics help ground time frame.

The year he came out with his warning, like Luther nailing up his theses, my mother was frying us some salmon cakes and the 4 closing lines: Bilgere writes about things readers know and understand, he uses carefully crafted language, and his lines dance and sing. May 22, Michael Meyerhofer rated it it was amazing. To highly recommend this book would be an understatement.

I couldn't even count the number of times I've picked up a contemporary poetry book and found myself assaulted by the incomprehensible, pretentious verse of someone with too much cleverness and too little heart--but George Bilgere's "Haywire" is different. Here is a poet who not only walks, but glides with ease down that tightrope between accessibility and intellect, between entertainment and dare I say it?