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Not Enabled Screen Reader: Enabled Average Customer Review: Be the first to review this item Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Would you like to report this content as inappropriate? Do you believe that this item violates a copyright? Delivery and Returns see our delivery rates and policies thinking of returning an item? See our Returns Policy. Visit our Help Pages. Audible Download Audio Books. Those will only get better when I have a deeper tub and have engineered a way to keep the water as hot as necessary to finish the book.

Basically, about an hour of awesome every week. And, this has also resulted in a vastly expanding collection of board games. Friends always ask where we find them! Fun family time — with backstabbing involved. Great way to pass an afternoon, especially if you go for more than 10 levels. Cards Against Humanity — with good friends. Let your inner depravity out. You can take on as easy or as difficult a challenge as you wish. We love getting out for hikes and finding new places in our neighborhood. TopGear BBC version only.

I am not a petrol-head, but I do love the stunts these guys pull with cars… Kind of like a live blooper reel. Which I also love. And, of course, The Doctor. As so many others have shared: It let me turn off the cable and save money, but still have access to lots of distracting television, like the entire many seasons of In Plain Sight. My Kindle Paper Bright. I figured out how to use it to borrow library books and it changed my life. Lush bath bombs and massage bars. They smell so good and are made of really good stuff.

Cupcake Sauvignon Blanc for after work. My yellow stuffed moose. An internet ready DVD player. Astronomy Picture of the Day http: A different astronomy-related image every day.

Steve D recently posted Candle Power. So, good thing I came back to finish reading this to find out about the giveaway… I got so excited about the tardis towel that I immediately went to amazon and put it on my wish list along with several other dr. Now, things I am thankful for; 1. Without them I would be dead, not to be morbid, but seriously. I have a super rare autonomic nervous system disease and bipolar2 disorder. Antibiotics in metallic form. My beautiful, sweet, ridiculous, Great Dane Margot. Seriously, sometimes I go outside and am just overwhelmed by it. Haagen Daas chocolate chocolate chip ice cream.

Connect with other users, explore your mood, find new and unique music. The whole Tea Tree Line is an addiction 2. Totally missing mine at the moment. Seriously, reading is needed in life. Free and easy…Burying myself in laundry fresh out of the dryer. A lot of my answers are already on your list — especially Doctor Who and Neil Gaiman! I would add Arrested Development, which is hysterical and has jokes so subtle you only notice them the second or third time through. Angie recently posted The Clutter Clod-Hop: I wash my hands a ridiculous crazy person amount of times during the day and I love having different types of soap to use!

My favorite right now is from Rite Aid and smells like lemons. My new favorite thing is Brownie Brittle. I love brownies, but especially the crispy corners. Brownie Brittle is all crispy corner sheets in a bag. You can get them at Costco for a lot cheaper than the grocery store. OMG, they are amazing. Melissa Olivero recently posted How I Relate. There is something incredibly awesome about everyday people writing stories about the characters we all know and love. I love all the citrusy flavors the best — your mileage may vary.

My co-worker got me a bamboo back scratcher as a joke birthday gift one year. I had never indicated a need for a back scratcher, yet somehow she nailed it. I have it hanging from my headboard in my bedroom. I told my family members that they were welcome to use it, but that they must stand next to my headboard, use it, then hang it back up. Things have a tendency to walk off in my house. I use it almost every day. Everyone should have one. When I am queen of the world, I shall decree that everyone gets one. A high school graduation present. Kind of an odd one but I still sleep with it every night.

I refuse to think of how much dust mite poop comes out of it every night as I lay on top of it. Beano and luxury sock yarn. Magnetic notepads that stick to your fridge. New Balance shoes for supa-wide feet. I also just recently joined the Netflix and Dr. Who is in my queue. AND I love my chair. I got it for myself for my birthday last year and It was totally worth the ridiculous amount of money I spent on it.

I am stuck on my tablet. I am on it all the time. My other must have that I cannot live without is lint rollers. I usually have at least 2 or 3 around the house. I have 2 shedding ass dogs and am constantly covered in dog hair. Shannon S recently posted Frick I'm a slacker!!! Well, you already have Dr. Believe it or not, they got be through my divorce.

Beth Bartlett recently posted Your horoscope for the week of July Books of all kinds — they have been my method of living a thousand different lives. By the way, do you read Christopher Moore? If not, you OWE it to yourself to read him. Kaiser Permanente has, on their website, free downloadable affirmations and guided imagery. Your blog, and Star Trek: The lessons in that show have helped me be who I am today. Building and Showcasing Your Community.

I love handmade soaps. My phone, tablet, etc. I want a Samsung computer like a girl wants a damned pony. A subscription to magnatune. Good, amazing, unusual, odd, sometimes, dare I say it, bad music from a company that lives up to its motto: I can not survive without yarns and knitting needles. Without them, I would probably kill someone on a weekly basis. It is three days of classes for cake decorators in Las Vegas. I just got home from it this morning and I am SO inspired and ready to start making cakes with all of the new techniques I learned!

Baby blankets or receiving blankets. I get them at yard sales. I buy ones really broken in and soft. I keep the massage ones and the weeping ones separated, of course. I love my kindle and ebookshabit. I have so many free books, there is no way I can read themall. Mmmmm they keep me happy. Never knew what I was missing before. I also find swiffer cloths to be extremely useful. For me, my splurge is the really good dairy-free ice cream from Trader Joes. It is more expensive than regular ice cream, but it will not come back to haunt my digestive tract like a regret boomerang.

I actually love my Ped Egg. Thank goodness for cable and Netflix. How did people survive maternity leave without them? I have twins, so I spend many hours on the couch nursing. I bought a pair of Rainbow sandals that have a double layer between the foot and the ground. I love Neuro, too! One of my absolute favorite things is my iPad because it helps me easily and quickly access other favorite things like pictures of my family, books, Portlandia clips, Dr. Who episodes, Pinterest, and your blog. They can come in houndstooth and keep me from shewing my nails. Houndstooth is the best pattern ever.

You can buy their album at Amazon and you can go watch them on Youtube.

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They are banned from a subway platform in Brooklyn because they would busk and people would just dance on the platform and not get on the train. I live in the cold winter state of Wisconsin and I could live without my mattress warmer. They are probably as pretentious as they sound but they are so comfortable its like having your legs and ass wrapped in a hug. Also they come in a variety of fantabulous colors! So bright and happy making! My latest discovery is Revlon BB cream. I would say Tang because I drink it when my family drives me bat-shit crazy.

I tell my husband that I drink it instead of drinking wine every time they are working my nerves because otherwise there are days that I would walk around loaded. Plus, I figure Tang is doing just as much damage to my liver as booze, so big deal. That little devil is constantly in my pocket so that I can play Wordament, look up recipes, figure out how to birth a calf and most importantly, settle arguments with my husband by looking stuff up on Wikipedia.

Love you, love your blog. Ooh my addi Turbo circular knitting needles are keeping me from hating an amazing but difficult project.

Now I have…a few… I take a Koosh with me to meetings to stroke like a cat I do not do very well in meetings. It feels neat, and forces me to concentrate on something else. Chocolate milk in the freezer. I make a glass of chocolate milk, stick it in the freezer, and stir vigorously every fifteen minutes to a half-hour for an hour to an hour and a half.

My Sonic Screwdriver Pen which I keep in my purse and was totally worth the price just to see my sister try to use it without breaking into giggles. Also useful for checking for Vashta Nerada under my desk. Todd in the Shadows. He does in-depth pop song reviews, one-hit wonder retrospectives, and the occasional music related movie review. He does not like stupid. He does not like boring.

Check out one of the top ten worst of YEAR videos for a decent look at what to expect from his full-length single song reviews. He makes no qualms about loving them and does a great job giving them context. The American Cancer Society. I give back to them anytime anyway I can. Claire recently posted Wishes. I love that my dog wags her tail in a circle. Beck recently posted Half-Baked: A Poorly Conceived Plan. Number one thing that perks me up has to be books. I used to be a voracious reader, but I stopped when I got behind my reading for work in an attempt to make myself do that reading… it has failed and I should just give up and go back to reading my fun stuff.

I love cookbooks, but hate that I have no time to make stuff. Stupid little toys that my kids love always get me. I love buying them little things to play with and of course books, they both have way too many books already. Chocolate is the only other thing I can think of. I eat too much of it, but when I want chocolate, nothing else will do. He also does custom work. I suffer from absolutely horrific insomnia, and this is the only thing that works without giving me massive stomach upset.

I took the pills for almost a year before I heard of this stuff, but they always made me really nauseous. Now I can get delicious orange-flavored sleepy syrup and no tummy ache. I order it off Amazon, too, so when I forget I can still get it with 2-day shipping most of the time. I love my Kindle and my spoonulas from Williams-Sonoma. I hope you are doing well with your recovery from surgery. Laura recently posted Bus Trips, Celebrities, and Meltdowns. They should start paying me to advertise, I talk about my love of them so much. No more carrying around ginormous heavy books I love fantasy novels, and they can be pretty big!

They all fit on my e-reader! Brook Falls Live Cam. When I need a little vacation from my head I click on this link and watch bears catching salmon in Alaska. Not the electronic kind…the kind that sit on my bookshelves and take trips to friends and family. You can borrow books and read them, and then they just magically disappear off the e-reader in three weeks! Upbeat top 40 radio stations I howl along with when driving in my car. My amazing family and friends. I finally had to stop reading the awesome lists, as I would never get to post my list…….

I have red streaks in my hair along with Blond. BUT, this thing keeps my house from becoming a book horders home. My husband eats up a book like every 3 days. If he can make a book last longer I sigh in happiness. I keep taking trips back to Michigan to stock up. Each time a new book comes out I expect it to be the last.

Oh but I am so happy to read it. IMDB- I taught my students to use it and get blamed for that on a regular basis. Thigh High Socks, mostly just ones that managed to get over my knee. Tammy recently posted Job Applications. I just got into Instagram after resisting for the last year or so. Because I needed another way to be up in my friends business. I am currently obsessed with Navajo pottery, especially horsehair pottery. When the pot is still hot from the kiln, they put horse hairs on it in a design. The heat turns the horsehair to carbon and creates black designs that look like marble.

I love my Hamilton Beach Brew Station coffee pot. It has an internal storage tank or something like that. I just bought my second one. Not terrible, but the cupper was quieter. My little town has 6 independent book stores. My antifreeze-filled ice cream scoop from The Pampered Chef.

It melts the ice cream as you scoop, yo! One good, comfortable, soft cardigan sweater. I swear, everyone needs one. The back up camera on my car. I will never again own a car without one. Audio books on my iPod. We all like different types of coffee in my house. This saves compromising — and who wants to compromise at 6: I will be packing mine for my vacation.

Am I sad that I love them? I use them for everything — especially as bookmarks. I will use them on my vacation when I am reading on the deck or the beach. Not sure how I functioned before they existed. For sure I got lost more. Handwritten recipes that I love with little notes about where she tried this recipe or comments like: Two things I use every day: I have to go back and read these, because I either already love them, or I suspect I could. But that will take all day, so here are mine, and apologies for duplicates.

I go back and reread this every year or so, because it makes me shrieklaugh, even in my horror. I am mesmerized by this one right now. This puzzle site, there are several sizes per game, and a huge database of games. R Martin, Patrick Rothfuss, so many great classics out there. Fast-dry topcoat that makes whimsical polish experiments possible, because you can have something else, set and dry in 5 minutes when you top off with this. You never thought coconut could be crisp, but they have it down! Link to see what they look like, but they have them at Whole Foods.

Cerignola olives huge, mild, meaty, nutty flavor Castelvetrano olives very mild and buttery. Yes, buttery Chobani vanilla Greek yogurt slightly sweetened, tastes fantastic as a fruit dip. Any kind of fruit. Torani syrups because Italian sodas or cremosas are wonderful, easy, and feel so special , Ciao Bella gelato in Key Lime Graham flavor.

They get it just right. Not too sweet, perfect pie crust note. How to make beauty from tragedy; how to pick yourself up when everything is crumbling around you; how to be a strong woman…beautiful, colorful language that pops out of the page but translates so well onto the screen. My list is a really weird but so am I so here we go….

Magic Shell on orange sherbert. I once saw a guy in the line in front of me with just magic shell and rasberry sherbert and I said nothing, I think he may have been my soul mate. Googly eyes- no matter how bad things are googly eyes make me smile every time. My sister gave me a package of 2, of them and I keep a small bag in my purse for googly eye emergencies. Discovering a new fabulous author, my brother introduced me to Aimee Bender and I was wondering how I survived without reading her before.

Iced coffee- as long as it is above freezing out I will probably be drinking iced coffee, I think the caffeine gets into your blood faster that way. Shaka Laka Lip Blaka. Strawberry scented hand cream from bath and body works, my hands are so dry so I use it constantly and it smells good enough to eat. My hair is almost knee length, and very curly, it does not tame easily, but with that shampoo and conditioner I can run a brush through my hair straight out of the shower, almost no detangler needed.

Jerry Cotton - Sammelband 5 (eBook)

The extra expense is worth the 15 minutes of hair brushing it saves me every morning. Method makes a soap that comes out of a mickey mouse shaped dispenser that smell like lemonade. Every time I wash my hands I think of the happy parts of childhood summers. My very favorite things in the whole world are, without question, my hearing aids, a pair of Hansaton Cemia Minis.

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I had forgotten what it was like to be able to fully engage in conversation without putting most of my concentration into reading lips. Music sounds amazing, some instruments can bring me to the verge of tears they are so overwhelmingly sensory. The hearing aids themselves are black with a silver wave, and they make me think of classic racecars.

Rachel recently posted Trigger Warning: Sum of my Experience. A soft, oversized comfy tshirt. To lounge in on those days when it hurts too much to get out of bed, and to sleep in. Something that will take me away from the world for a bit. Also, the internet and kittens. Or any animal pics really. Because sometimes you just need to look at something fluffy and cute. I got it as a gift from my parents and it is a. Have 22 months apart, it has been a life saver for instant caffeine.

Also, the hot water makes for an even better bottle warmer. Win on two fronts. After all that twatishness, I really dig trashy books, dark chocolate in the freezer, good music, cava, and amazing blogs. I love this one. In fact, I could use a glass or two or three…wait, I digress. I will however go with happy pills, yep, I am certainly happier with them than without. Hmm…oh yes, Snoopy anything and the Minions!

One last thing, the hand-made quilt made by my Great-grandma that I inherited from my Grandma. That and it would help pay for me to turn my car into a Tardis. I suffer some fairly severe allergies and sinus headaches. For me, my microwavable Bed Buddy sinus pack is a lifesaver: The things I need to live are simple, same for everyone. Right now, friends are topping the list. They are giving me places to stay, which is top priority. But there are other things, little things, that are pretty damn awesome, so here are some…. Basically acidopholus and whatever other ones get mixed in to whichever one I bought.

I just love music. I even started Torchwood too, just last week. I own a bunch, and when I get a job I will buy more. I use it every night with Simple face wash, and I swear my skin is clearer, lines are less noticeable, pores are smaller… -Hot dogs. Also anything peanut butter is perfect. The venture bros make me happy as shit, too! Her name is Grettith and she is the sweetest thing ever.

And finally, having a beard. I gotdamn love this thing. It totally disguises that I have the weakest chin imaginable and I can play with it. You are so right about the bath sheet. I bought one recently at Ikea, that is enormous…. I want one in ever color. The next two require a visit to the doc but have restored my brain function…. Pernicious anemia is a vicious thing…. I frequently drive 4 hours or more a week, so one of my favorite things is audible.

I download audio books and listen to them as I drive. So — I love audible and kindle. Remote open doors for my minivan.

Like Oprah, but for poor people.

In fact, I am a little bitter that the children get their doors opened automatically and I still actually have to pull the handle…. Laura recently posted Vacation. My yarn and needles allow me to relax and be creative. This is yet another type of towel. My hair takes forever to dry and by using it it allows me to sleep in a little bit longer every day. I love my mandoline with a ceramic blade even though I chopped a fingertip with it.

That stuff is the shizzle. I take a jar to work, and will eat a spoonful, just to help me forget that the douche in room 10 just threw a shit-laden bed pan at my head. I also have an unhealthy attachment to blue gel pens. If I see one laying on the desk, that sweet little thing is going home with me at the end of the shift. To join the hundreds of brothers and sisters I have already rescued.

I leave the black pens alone. And probably the one thing that I could not live without…butt wipes for grown people. Why would you use something dry to clean your cash and prizes? You wash everything else when soiled, why should your secret garden be any different. Wet wipes…never leave home without them! My iPad it houses my reading apps, facebook and music. Starbucks double walled cup not for coffee, for booze or soda. The Scy-Fy channel, gotta have it.

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Hockey, my fav sport to watch or play. For the longest time, I was very anti-TV-in-the-bedroom. I drift off to Fifth Element more often than not. This is really nice of you, Jenny! I recently listened to your audiobook, which kept me on the gym treadmill longer than I usually would without something funny to listen to, and then I found your blog. Here is my list: When I reached a milestone birthday, I had a pie party. Kidding, I love reading them. And he has a little stuffed mouse under glass just like the one on the cover of your book.

Places you can lose yourself in and ramble forever. Funny how a movie about teen angst and A capella can help me get out of my head and back into my life. Belle and Sebastian the musical group, but the cartoon was awesome too. My Silicone Baking Sheets….. Point is, I adore my cuisinart immersion blender. Like, when I go visit friends, I take it with me. I have a small child… I recently bought a Boba carrier and I use it dai, ly! It is the most amazing kid type item! People be needing books, alcohol, coffee and lip balm all up in here!

Love you Jenny Lawson! That was awesome enough, but they included a package of scented wax squares to put in the warmer. This stuff makes your house smell like someone just came in and cleaned the entire place for you without you knowing it.

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Can turn around the worst of days. Buffy The Vampire Slayer on Netflix. There are approximately episodes. A really big, sturdy wooden cutting board. Makes cooking that much more pleasant. Collections Currently only available at our Cape Town warehouse. Collection times vary, please wait for your Ready to Collect email before visiting the warehouse. Prepaid codes are delivered to you via email as soon as payment has been approved. Gift vouchers are delivered via email to the recipient as soon as payment has been approved.

Of course you want to know — When do I get it?