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Thursday, October 26, album review: And believe it or not that's not a diss or anything! Dori Freeman's debut was one of many fantastic records from women in indie country in , anchored in terrific layered and textured production from Teddy Thompson - son of the legendary Richard Thompson - and bound together with Freeman's writing that was subtle enough to soothe but sharp enough to sting when you least expect it. But subtle, plain-spoken indie country records like this can be easy to overlook, especially given the understated presentation Now I did have a few reservations about this - more than a few songs were covers this time around, and yet it was only a ten song release that somehow is even shorter than the last two ten song records I covered, clocking less than a half hour.

Part-Time Friends - Letter You'll Never Read (Audio)

But on the other hand, it wasn't like Dori Freeman didn't pack her last album with detail on its short length, so what did I find on Letters Never Read? Lovers On The Run is another song that carries the theme of being left behind, again spending time writing letters never read. And Cold Waves , an album standout for sure, is written from within depression and to my mind strongly recalls Roy Orbison along the way.

Letters Never Read

The covers are good fun, but end up more as tasty desserts or chasers to the main menu. I've written for several music publications online and print-based, national and regional for a while now!

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  4. Sadly you feel this song may come from personal experience of being heartbroken and abandoned. She finds herself back to the start again, wondering what men are ever looking for. Women everywhere nod their heads in sympathetic understanding.

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    This theme continues on Lovers On The Run, a devastatingly true assessment of modern dating. The fear of commitment and lure of endless possibilities are destructive forces.

    A Love Letter You Will Never Read

    She writes love letters but they are never read. Cold Waves is about the horror of depression and the dark days that engulf you. She has to push it down just to survive.

    The truth is that I never didn’t want you, I just didn’t want us to hurt each other on purpose.

    This is sung in such a straightforward tone, making her honesty sound all the more devastating. At this point the album takes a breath, a moment of pause.