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Also, my favorite characters are the ones who go through the biggest journeys either physical ones or emotional ones. I think that's what makes a character real for me, their journey and their choices. I mean three dimensional, they can't just have the same reactions to everything you know?

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The characters I connect to most when reading have experianced the same emotion as me so I can empathize with them. Harry in Robin McKinley's The Blue Sword - moved to a distant land and had to deal with feeling lonely and out of place.

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I moved over a dozen times before my senior year in high school so I could totally relate. So I connect best with chatacters that share my pain. Glad everyone likes the new look! I love seeing everyone responses to my question about characters with the strongest connection. Let's keep them coming!

Thanks everyone for commenting!

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Hope you know I really do read all of them. Working on all of this right now as I work through my outlines and character profiles. The characters I have connected the most with have a really clear voice.

Making The Connections

It's obvious that the author thought a lot about them. So first and foremost and I really need not say it there have obviously been a few changes to the blog. A guide for the helping professions. Research encounters, reflexivity and supervision. International Journal of Social Research Methodology, 15 5 , — A strengths perspective on supervision of social workers: An alternative management paradigm within a social development context. Protecting children in time. Child abuse, child protection and the consequences of modernity. The new politics of social work.

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Power relations in supervision: Preferred practices according to social workers. The Journal of Contemporary Social Services, 95 2 , — Supervision conversations about social justice and social work practice. Journal of Social Work, 15 4 , — Culturally relevant, socially just social work supervision: Becoming visible through a social constructionist lens. Supervision in the helping professions 4th ed. Intersectionality, power, and relational safety in context: Key concepts in clinical supervision. Training and Education in Professional Psychology, 4 1 , 29— Critical supervision for the human services: A social model to promote learning and value-based practice.

Supervision in social work 4th ed.

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  • Social work supervision contributing to innovative knowledge production and open expertise. Experience as the source of learning and development. Working in the bicultural context of Aotearoa New Zealand. Community Development Journal, 41 4 , — Issues and challenges facing social work supervision in the twenty-first century. China Journal of Social Work, 8 2 , — There has been a lot of news about all of the long-awaited bikeway connections becoming a reality over the next 3 years.

    Some are on-street improvements, others are altogether new routes, and one is a key bridge connection over a wide swath of land occupied by railway lines.

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    This is the map that has been circulating for a few months now. But there are parks on either end that are super assets, and getting a connector between them will take some creativity. The design work is still in process, but in the image below you can see how the route will be added on the embankment between the road and railway in this area:. This will create an optimum way to get between these 2 assets, and will radically alter how riders and pedestrians access this area — access that currently requires a rather long out-and-back to accomplish.