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You just get up and have another go the next day. This book is so good it's practically Runyonesque. Like when some Wall Street broker juliennes his little petit four over who gets to work the channel changer, or this lovesick rabbi decides to end it all by salting his beard with anthrax and inhaling. That's why when somebody reported a dead body on Riverside Drive at Eighty Third with no bullet holes, no stab wounds and no sign of struggle I didn't freak to some film-noir conclusion but put it down to one of the thousand natural shocks the Bard claims the flesh is heir to but don't ask me which one.

Did I not lecture myself blue in the punim on overweening ambition, using as a for instance Icarus?

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Arvide Mite was only waxing hyperbolic when he said you could make the phone book into a hit. Only an idiot or a megalomaniac would have accepted the challenge. Especially the Yellow Pages. I couldn't ask for anymore, and if I did, I doubt anyone would hear me. Esto es genial para verlo, pero leerlo es una tortura.

Jul 09, Sowmya rated it it was amazing. Just as hilarious as 'The complete With words like 'panatela' used to describe a cigar you've got some work to do before you can get to the humor , which works out well if you can't stop laughing at his jokes which run unabated line after line, consistently.

A master of satire, I think his talent lies in the way he turns his sentences subtly taking them one way, when they start out seemingly headed some place else. Lik Just as hilarious as 'The complete Pugh arrested his father on nine occasions; He values their conversations although many took place while the two men were exchanging gunfire" Or "Sygmnd was a poor Austrian who lost all the vowels in his name in a boating accident. Recommend for all those who can stomach an overdose of humor and don't mind ruffling through a dictionary sometimes more than once , while on the same page.

View all 6 comments. Sep 04, Lucy rated it it was ok Recommends it for: As I read this book I told myself, " I am as big a fan of synonyms as the next bibliophile but c'mon! This one I had to admit was funny, "my son from a previous connubial holocaust".

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Aug 28, Samir Rawas Sarayji rated it did not like it Shelves: Dumped after 20 pages. Jun 07, Nicole Beaudry rated it liked it Shelves: Some were quite good, some less so, but every story was distinctly Woody Allen, and that isn't necessarily a good thing. While there were flashes of absolute hilarity, after a while it all starts to feel like the same joke. Maybe I'm just not neurotic enough hah! Tiene par de cuentos bastante divertidos. El resto de relatos son vueltas de tuerca a los temas que motivan las obras de este autor: Apr 20, M.

The Second Coming - Yeats

I'm starting to finally realize that compilations of a single writers columns are just not for me. Reading one column here or there might be alright, even entertaining and thus worth those few minutes I've spent on the thing. But compilations, oh god, compilations It becomes painfully obvious the writer's created a persona for writing these things, and what makes it the worst is how that persona is exceedingly limited.

Compilations really bring out the formulaic nature of an individual's colu I'm starting to finally realize that compilations of a single writers columns are just not for me.

Mere Anarchy

Compilations really bring out the formulaic nature of an individual's columns. The same joke patterns, the same underlying assumptions. Reading becomes such a chore. As if it wasn't tiresome enough, Woody Allen shoots it all up to a whole another level. I bet everybody knows at least one of those people who just can't help but cannon everybody with jokes after jokes after jokes, seemingly unable to say a single phrase without something that's trying to be witty with a spoonful of snark, right?

This is how Allen's compilation of short story-like columns felt like. Allen has a mission. A mission to fill every single sentence with witty, snarky remarks. Each of these sentences, if isolated, can arouse a chuckle or an approving smile. However, when it's nothing but that, no downtime from the remark, just constant machinegun fire of verbal acrobatics Honestly, I numbed quickly to it.

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Witty remarks tend to be exhilarating when they have enough mundane flesh around them - because that's when they actually stand out. After 70 sentences of nothing but Allen trying to outdo himself in wittiness with each passing phrase, you just kind of end up wanting to choke him with this book.

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It turns annoying, really, really, really fast. Another thing is that Allen seems to be very much into reinforcing this stupid image where the only kind of sexy lady is one that has soccer balls for boobs, miles of legs, and pouty lips. I was jsut thoroughly exasperated by that image.

I could have taken the remark once or twice, but it really seemed to be a theme much loved by the writer.

The Second Coming (poem)

This book made me glad I've never seen a single one of your films. These columns right here have nothing profound to say, which gives me little hope the films would be any different. I must hence admit that my enjoyment level of this book was worth one star only, but the two stars are given solely because I do recognize he had some pretty interestingly construed sentences in there that I probably would have laughed at had Allen had the good sense to use them sparingly.

See, I can be merciful like this on an occasion. May 14, Mika Auramo rated it it was ok Shelves: May 25, Paula Dembeck rated it it was ok. In this volume Woody continues to be witty and clever, offering us twenty-eight absurd and quirky tales some of which have been inspired from real life news or events. Only a man like Woody Allen could create these original stories from his imagination.

Who else would think about auctioning off prayers on eBay?? Or going to a tailor to order a suit that can recharge your cell phone? At first it is funny, but after a while with constant repetition, it ceases to be noteworthy and you begin to skip over it entirely. At times his sentences seem to tumble and fall over one another because they are so full of little witticisms, colloquialisms and Yiddish that they must be read two or three times to make any sense.

Mere Anarchy

He piles on even more absurdity when he throws in uncommonly used words that send you running to the dictionary to decipher their meaning. Again done sparingly this is fun, done consistently it can be annoying. It makes reading these selections one after the other as you would in a book , become tiresome.

Many of these selections came originally from The New Yorker where Allen is a frequent contributor,and I think this is where these short comic pieces belong. On a parting note, maybe Woody like me is getting older and his style is changing. I liked his earlier work when he used to wax on and on about the things we all worry and obsess about, helping us to connect with his creative abilities and more fully appreciate his wild oddball humour.

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  • His subject matter was our common anxiety and the mundane experiences over which we all obsessed although probably not as much as Woody! Yeats used the phrase "the second birth" instead of "the Second Coming" in his first drafts. Phrases and lines from the poem are used in many works, in a variety of media, such as literature, motion pictures, and television.

    Examples of works whose titles draw from "The Second Coming" include: A analysis by Factiva showed that lines from the poem were quoted more often in the first seven months of than in any of the preceding 30 years. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is incomplete. Please help to improve it, or discuss the issue on the talk page. Yeats's figures as reflections in Water" , Cambridge University Press , p.

    The New Critical Idiom 2nd ed.

    Modernity and Nationhood in Irish Writing Since The Last of Goodbyes. The Ceremony of Innocence. The Tired and the Hurt. Welcome to Hard Times. Falling Rain and Light.