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All candidates must submit a full set of fingerprints , and pass a background check. All candidates must be at least 18 years of age, and have a high school diploma or its equivalent.

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Applying for the Exams: Upon completion of the hour pre-licensure course, the course provider electronically transmits the candidate's eligibility to PSI. Upon PSI's receipt of the eligibility information on a candidate, that candidate is deemed eligible to register for the exam. Candidates should register to take the state exam through the PSI website scheduling page. The New Jersey state real estate licensing exam is comprised of two separate portions, the national portion and the state-specific portion.

The questions are intermixed, and the exam does not label each question as national or state-specific. Five to ten disbursed throughout the exam are considered "experimental" questions and are not scored. All questions are multiple choice format with four answer choices provided for each question.

Requirements for Licensure as a NJ Real Estate Salesperson or Broker

Test takers are allotted 4 hours to complete each test. The national portion of the test consists of 80 questions, and tests the candidate's knowledge of general real estate concepts, including the following subject areas: Access all your email alerts in your My Trulia account anytime! Is radon testing typically part of a home inspection process? Highest rated Recent Oldest. Thu Jun 11, House Hunter, Since Ken is looking to play one up: I have been at inspections that the inspector has an machine that tests within an hour with a printed report. Not too many people have these and the inspector charged much more for this I guess he had to pay for the machine and offered both tests.

There are not many options on how to have the testing done and I would dare say, from my expereince in Real Estate and being at home inspections I'm a radon measurement technician in Knoxville Tn.

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We use continuous working monitors that test over a 48 hour period. When then connect that monitor to our computer to download the results. You mentioned a radon measurement device that tests within 1 hour. Would you happen to know what that device is called. I'm interested in this device. My concern, however, would be the 4 hour equalization period. The EPA protocol states that we can't use the first 4 hours of data because that's how long it takes for the house to equalize so that you are getting true and accurate numbers.

I'd like to learn more about this device if you have any further information. I would love to eliminate the return trip to pick up the radon equipment. I also always recommend a radon test. They are generally inexpensive when purchased as a part of a home inspection package. While we do not often find Radon in the shore towns of Monmouth County, it has been detected in some local homes.

Better to find out ahead of time and have the seller remediate which isn't very difficult than find out afterwards and you have to pay for it. Local inspectors are qualified to perform the test and if you need the name of a good local company, try Eastern Home Inspections. I totally agree with you Diane.

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I'm a radon measurement tech here in Knoxville Tn and I find a lot of the buying agents we work with tell me not to offer a test to their client. They despise the test.

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To them, it's just one more thing that may cause a problem before closing. I think it's completely irresponsible for a buyers agent to not at least discuss radon with a buyer. Most of the general public dont have a clue what radon is and it's the agents job to protect their buyer when working a deal. I hate it for all those buyers that were told 'radon isn't a problem.

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Dont worry about it. Fri Jun 12, Radon doesnt settle into the basement, it comes from below and rises. This is why even passive systems may reduce the levels. This requires inspector to retriev.

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  8. Often the mail in tests are of questionable validity as there is no chain of custody in handling. In short ,many procedures and atleast a couple of testing methods. I recomend that the client do it, especially in certain areas that I know have had high readings. Check with your specific inspector to be sure, some times inspectors job out things like the wood boring insect portion, water test,septic test,lead Some areas are more prone to radon than others.

    In Princeton area radon is often above the 4.

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    Not an expensive test I encourage it for all buyers except upper level flats , even homes on slab should check if in areas of possible high radon. I opted not having one today and will do the one the state offers for free in TN. Hi House Hunter, I always recommend that my clients perform a radon test but it is usually an option with the home inspection companies.

    Most home inspectors use a canister radon test and yes they are qualified to put the canister in the home and collect the canister when the test is complete. The canister is then sent to a certified lab for the results. Good Luck with your home search. Mon Aug 24, I called the DEP and got a call back.. This is from the NJ Website: Some certified radon measurement companies sell test kits, and test kits are often available in hardware stores or from local health departments.

    If you hire a contractor to do the test, make sure the technician who places and picks up the test device is certified by the State, by checking their NJDEP certificate or calling the Radon Information Line. It is against the law to do radon testing or mitigation without certification in New Jersey.

    The measurement technician, is the company that receives the canister.. Kind of like, Visualize this.. Takes a deep breath, and states.. A treatment can take care of it.. Fri Aug 14, So what about the test kits that are sold at Home Depot? If used, will a home owner be arrested by the radon police? Will they be fined?