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Furthermore, imagine if as the sphere approaches Flatland, A. Square watches as the sphere slowly moves through his plane.

André Dassary "Dans l'ombre blanche des pommiers en fleurs"

Square can only see 2-d slices of the sphere or circles so what A. Square would percieve is a circle suddenly appearing, then growing… then reaching a maximum size as the sphere was halfway through and as it exited, the circle would grow smaller until it disappeared. Try to imagine taking a bunch of circles and stacking them. They would begin to form a skeleton framework of the actual 3d image. Similarly if a 4d hypersphere would intersect our plane of existence, we would see a 3d sphere appear out of no where.

L’Ombre blanche au Pays des Papous

Man is perhaps not the center, the cynosure of the universe. One can go so far as to believe that there exist above him, on the animal scale, beings whose behavior is as strange to him as his may be to the mayfly or the whale. There is no doubt that there is ample room for speculation here, even though this idea tends to place man in the same modest conditions of interpretation of his own universe as the child who is pleased to form his conception of an ant from its underside just after he has kicked over an anthill.

In considering disturbances such as cyclones, in face of which man is powerless to be anything but a victim or a witness, or those such as war, notoriously inadequate versions of which are set forth, it would not be impossible, in the course of a vast work over which the most daring sort of induction should never cease to preside, to approximate the structure and the constitution of such hypothetical beings which mysteriously reveal themselves to us when we are afraid and when we are conscious of the workings of chance to the point where they become credible.

Ombre blanche feat. Apôtre H, N​.​L​.​F & Osyne

Must these beings be convinced that they result from a mirage or must they be given a chance to show themselves? The last one, designed as the myth of the future was that of the Grands Transparents. He has come, the — the — what does He call himself — the — I fancy that he is shouting out his name to me and I do not hear him — the — yes — He is shouting it out — I am listening — I cannot — repeat — it — Horla — I have heard — the Horla — it is He — the Horla — He has come! Weird fiction writer H.

FAST TALK ; French (4e édition)

Relating the advent to France of an invisible being who lives on water and milk, sways the minds of others, and seems to be the vanguard of a horde of extra-terrestrial organisms arrived on earth to subjugate and overwhelm mankind, this tense narrative is perhaps without a peer in its particular department. From unknown planets there descended to earth, long before man, the founders of religion of which something still surrounds us. Fort accumulates brilliant findings, ingenious surveys and unfathomable formulations… he passes from the ordinary to the surreal where he feels naturally at home.

The size of the point light works on the same principle as an aperture or peephole: For this reason no lenses are used or needed to project these images.

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In fact we are watching a camera obscura in action, but one wich is working in the opposite direction, bringing the inside image out. Click image to see more fantascope prints. Because the projected image of a white shadow is formed by contrast between light and dark , we do not need a strong illuminant. Even a birthday candle flame is able to produce a wonderful image in a totally darkened living room.

L'Ombre blanche : Portrait de l'artiste en jeune vaurien by Saneh Sangsuk (4 star ratings)

This lensless projection technique has several surprising advantages over apparatus using optics. Because no lens is used, no focusing is either necessary or possible.

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In doing so the approaching effect of the ghost is very easily obtained. Click here to see and read about military use of the Phantasmagoria during the tumultuous days of the French Revolution. Even in a very limited space it is possible to produce a gigantic image! Furthermore, because no lens is used, the light source does not need to be centralised with the projection accessory.

Any place in the box is suitable.

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Each movement of the light from left to right results in a ghost floating in the opposite direction. A downward movement creates an upward-floating ghost. Such effects are much more difficult to produce with the projection of slides or opaque objects because it is necessary to use complicated mechanical constructions. But, of course, as explained earlier, it is possible to achieve them with success.