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Despite their struggle to find fame, the band became a cult classic following their debut album, the self-titled They Might Be Giants. Included on this album was "Rabid Child", a relatively short song compared to others written by the band during the same timeframe which told the story of a child whose only form of communication was talking with passing truckers via CB radio. A music video for "Rabid Child" was recorded at an unknown date.

The music video consisted of John Flansburgh, one of the founding members of the band and vocalist on "Rabid Child", singing into a camera and grabbing onto a wall. I mean, there were a couple of scenes where roaches were mentioned.

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I think one was on a lampshade at the beginning of the book, and the next time they were mentioned, one was crawling across the TV. But the mere fact that I knew they were in the house where Desmond Cray found himself living again, was enough to freak me out.

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  4. When he'd go to sleep at night, all I could see were roaches. The thought made me cringe. I dreamt of roaches for days. Desmond ran away from his foster parents after an incident had taken place, and at the beginning of the book you find him homeless. Desmond doesn't have any friends and he has a very unusual habit.

    Out and about one night doing things that most people wouldn't be doing, he is discovered by his former foster mother that happens to be driving by. After insisting that he come home with her, Desmond is thrown into a world full of disgusting chaos caused from the dementia of the foster mother, the psychological melt down of her daughter, the sick and twisted needs of an elderly gentleman living there, the horrific ideals of the wealthy, and of course his past, which inevitably catches up with him.

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    From the ramblings of a woman that clearly lost her sanity years ago, from a daughter struggling to find the best way to care for her demented mother, the world created by Pete Risley is often disturbing, creepy, downright vile, and just plain bizarre. Part of Desmond wants to leave, but he never does until the end of the book where everything that could possibly go wrong, does. The hardest part for me while reading this book was actually fooling myself into thinking something good was finely going to happen in Desmond's life.

    I honestly thought he had a future full of love and happiness.

    See a Problem?

    Boy was I wrong. I think I enjoyed the surprises that kept coming.

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    Just when I thought I had read the worst that could possibly happen in the book, another incident would take place leaving me shaking my head. And just when I thought the book was about to settle down again and that a happy ending was just around the corner And a little worried.

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    Worried because the book ends with Desmond Cray on the run again. Leaving me to wonder if there might be a sequel to Desmond's life. I really am curious to know what happens next. Does Desmond get help? Does he continue on the same path of personal destruction? Will you ever give him a happy ending, Mr. I really want to know if he's forever taking up residence in the drain pipe where he moves "swiftly and silently, under the shadows, away from the light.

    This won't be an average read for many. Christopher Ransom, author of The Birthing House, says that Rabid Child by Pete Risley is "a perverse and disturbing tale of broken souls searching for love that is bracing but surprisingly affecting. That about sums it up! As bizarre as the book was, I actually enjoyed it, and look forward to reading more work written by Pete Risley. The word "skitter" was suggested to describe a roach running across the floor when I asked my twitter friends for another word to describe them.

    I told him ahead of time I planned to use this sentence in my review. Aug 17, Josh rated it liked it Shelves: Rabid Child is the story of an unlikely protagonist a degenerate homeless pervert finding his way back home after years eating out of dumpsters and sleeping in drainpipes. Throw in a support cast consisting of a bible-bashing cripple, a something nympo and batsh!

    Do not read this on a full stomach — some of the scenes will make you sick. That being said, the characters were surprisingly well rounded w Rabid Child is the story of an unlikely protagonist a degenerate homeless pervert finding his way back home after years eating out of dumpsters and sleeping in drainpipes. A disturbing read in a semi-good way. As creepy as Lolita?

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    Lae Monier rated it really liked it Oct 15, Mxyzptlk rated it really liked it Apr 16, Melissa Hall rated it liked it Mar 30, Kate Butterbaugh rated it liked it Dec 29, Tor Olaf Skeie rated it it was amazing Jun 01, Sue rated it did not like it Sep 26, Mark Ko rated it it was ok Nov 25, The film's director, AJ Schnack, approched the band about the possibility of including the full video in the DVD release of the doccumentry as a bonus feature, but Linnell and Flansburgh shot down this idea.

    Sign In Don't have an account? They are known for their usage of the accordion in many of their songs, unconventional music styles, and their eccentric music videos. In , the band recorded their first music video for their own song "Rabid Child" off of their demo tape the song would later re-appear in their first official album.