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Over the years, I've spent ample amounts of time reading a myriad of acting books - from both printed and e-book sources - on the The Business of "The Business. Because we not only want to be a working actor. We want to a paid actor.

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And in order to do so, we must be able to run our business effectively while simultaneously continuing to grow as an actor, challenging ourselves to be the best from day to day which is what's so FUN and makes us want to be a member of the greatest career in the world, right?! With the feeling that they're speaking directly to you, one-on-one or I guess two-on-one , Guy and Josselyne have dished out everything they know that is applicable, practical, and real no unusable "Actor Business theory" here, folks.

They give you the knowledge of what tools you'll need amply speckled with their own, unique insights on certain "tool usage" that you certainly won't find in any other Acting Biz book. They inform you on what to do NOW by giving you the knowledge it takes some actors years to collect jump-starting your own career by shaving off many of those "learning curb" years of your own. And in addition to all of this, they teach you or in some ways "remind" you how to truly enjoy every moment of your incredible "journey through life" as an actor which can get kind of crazy sometimes - stopping you from ever falling victim to the easy trap of "the next carrot syndrome.

Like the Chef opening his new restaurant or refurbishing his old one in a slump , you'll be making the first step to becoming a "Five Star" business, where "business, baby As an actor, I've read many "How To" books about acting. Most all of these books teach the same basic lessons and include a few insider tricks that are omitted by nearly all of the University and College Drama departments. And nearly all of them are much too long and rarely get straight to the points of reality for which we bought the book. The book is ALSO a great inspiration and reminder to those actors already established in the city.

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Page after page, I was inspired to do the things that I have often neglected to do or forgotten about. As opposed to other "how to be an actor" books, which emphasize the difficulty, small odds of success, etc. Seriously, I cannot recommend this book enough! One person found this helpful. This book gave me the confidence to move to New York City to pursue my dream.

The combination of practical business advice and on how to stay positive and sane in this crazy business is invaluable. I devoured the book in the first 24 hours of purchasing it, and have reread it several times. I keep thinking about the three big cities I would love to train in.

Chicago because of the improv yet with still a great theatre scene and training grounds New York, because it's New York. And then of course LA Now to tell you the truth, I'm not sure what I exactly want out of my future as an actor. But I was wondering what your advice would be for someone like me who's getting older. Should I just stay in DC for now where my job is Or should I say screw it and try to move to one of the big three to get even better world class training? And if so, what would your opinion be on choosing one of those cities.

I think I'm just starting to worry that because I'm getting older I'm going to slowly lose my energy and passion. Hard to see now, because I'm so passionate. And as it is, most of my experience is all improv Anyway, any advice you could give for someone in my position would be greatly appreciated. That being said, my intention of creating this blog is really to help everyone feel that they are not alone, and that their dreams are NOT for nothing!

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You sound like such a talented person, and I really hope the best for you. I also often advise that spending lots. But the central question always remains: My advice is always the same. Be realistic about your life and your acting career, and treat acting if this is really your passion as a professional job, not as a hobby.

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  6. As an actor, you must be able to pay your bills and live comfortably while trying to pursue your dreams. Moving to a bigger city to pursue these dreams may sound inviting and thrilling, and a huge adventure, but the reality of moving, finding a new apartment, new friends, a new job to keep your bills paid while auditioning and all that this means, is so much more stressful and expensive than you could ever imagine, that I can not repeat this truth enough.

    Having both lived and acted in LA myself for over twenty years, going there as a graduate student to get my MFA from USC, when I was 22, then continuing to live and work there, eventually in filmmaking, directing, and teaching, then moving back to the Midwest off and on many times with a year in Chicago somewhere there — ha ha helps me feel that I really do know the ins and outs.

    Plus, I taught acting to many young actors and actresses, as well as produced indie films as you all know, so I met more actors and actresses who had recently moved to LA, and got to know tons of them as friends. The actual experience of becoming a professional actor is actually the fun part of moving to the big city to pursue your dreams.

    Your initial passion will keep you going and motivated through hard times. Kudos to all of you doing this. We are all proud of you! I went to college in Baltimore, Maryland and loved my time there.

    How To Become An Actor

    I met some wonderful teachers and made some great friends that I still keep in touch with to this day. Like I said in the resume section, auditioning for Community Theater is a wonderful way to get started. I did a handful of musicals for my local Community Theater when I was in high school and I loved every minute of it. Plus, I learned a lot in the process. Start off as an ensemble member of a large cast every town does Oklahoma or another huge production at least once a year. Audition as much as you can. Get a couple of friends together once every couple of weeks and read a play.

    Give yourself the lead role! When I interviewed him , this is what he told me: Like, me and my friends do that a lot and it just… it promotes that energy and that energy only builds, but you have to get the… you have to start the engine.

    Should Actors Move To LA, New York, Chicago, Or Not?

    At this point, you might want to start looking for an agent. Do you have to have one? No, not at all. We have sets of casting director mailing labels and agent mailing labels updated monthly. How To Spot a Fake Manager.

    How do you find acting auditions and open casting calls? Most either have hotlines or audition information listed on their site.