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At the turn of the century, when cocaine changed suddenly from the all-American tonic to the most feared of all drugs, it was linked to fears of black Americans. Racial tensions in the American South increased, lynchings reached a peak, and law officers increased the caliber of their guns.

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Proponents of the closing of opiate-maintenance clinics, who succeeded with a Supreme Court decision outlawing the maintenance of "drug fiends," wildly exaggerated the number of drug users and linked them to feared immigrant groups such as the Chinese. The first federal anti-marijuana law, in , was partly a response to the threat of laid-off Mexican farm workers, who cultivated the plant for personal use.

In detailing the connection between waves of public repulsion and narcotics control, Musto examines American foreign policy and the role played by physicians and the emerging pharmaceutical industry. Notes Includes bibliographical references pages and index.

Origins of Narcotic Control

The American Disease -- 2. Diplomats and Reformers -- 3.

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The Harrison Act -- 4. The Search for Cures -- 5.

A Century of American Narcotic Policy - Treating Drug Problems - NCBI Bookshelf

State and Local Narcotic Control -- 6. The Federal Assault on Addiction Maintenance -- 7. The Narcotic Clinic Era -- 8. The Troubled Twenties -- 9.

The American Disease

Marihuana and the Federal Bureau of Narcotics -- Download the PDF to view the article, as well as its associated figures and tables. How can society control the so-called addictive drugs—opium, morphine, heroin, cocaine, marihuana?

This problem, so acute today, extends far back in American history, with many earlier attempts at solution on the international, federal, and local levels. Doctor Musto has performed a splendid task of historical research, tracing the various attempts at reform and control, the relationships between legislative processes and various interested groups—social reformers, physicians, the American Medical Association, pharmacists, manufacturers, politicians in both the favorable and unfavorable senses , addicts and criminals, bureaucrats, and others.

Legislative proposals and enactments, the influences and counterinfluences brought to bear, and the way the laws actually worked out in practice comprise the framework of the book.

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Musto has shown extreme diligence in tracing down his sources, principally from various archives, and has brought together an immense amount of material that will prove invaluable for future researchers. Origins of Narcotic Control.