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Rule with, lead with, and be led by the heart. Prioritize stability and comfort over passion, emotion, or logic. Rule with, lead with, and be led by physical body comfort. Prioritize logic over passion, emotion, or stability. Rule with, lead with, and be led by the mind. Using rigid ideas of gender with the court cards i.

Remember that we are dealing with Archetypal figures and we want to understand the traits that underly their meanings. Kings represent control, command, power, domain, social responsibility. They are the commanders-in-chief. They must make decisions on behalf of populations of other people and cannot please everyone. They may be easily misguided or clouded by the pressure to be decisive. As a guiding light, each King makes decisions based on the principles of their suit. They are essentially the Emperor of their suit. Queens represent maturity, wisdom, and stability attained through experience.

Queens are leaders, but not top-down rulers. They blend the deep, far-reaching wisdom and intuition of the High Priestess with the emotional stability of the Temperance card. Their position of observing without making decisions allow them a deeper, more comprehensive understanding of complex situations and they can influence without the use of force. Knights represent action, adventure, movement, and a desire to "come to the rescue" and "save the day. They combine the unthinking action of the Magician card with the agency and "holding the reigns" energy of the Chariot card.

Unlike Kings, they don't have command over others, but are given agency and trust to take proper action on behalf of the court. Pages represent a simple expression of the suit in human form, youthfulness, fascination, eagerness, and the desire to assist and learn. They have the clean-slate and beginning-a-journey energy of the Fool card; they are also like a human form of the raw, unformed potential of the Ace cards, but are more about initiation and intention to start something.

They have no big responsibility and no power or agency, but are given clear and simple tasks or roles i.

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They have a youthfulness that is eager and energetic and unclouded by expertise. Though they are naive, remember that "we learn from our students" because their ideas aren't rigid or jaded. In episode 10, we'll wrap up our exploration of the minor arcana by taking a close look at the cards of the suit of swords and we'll see how some of the most intense cards in the tarot deck point the way to harmony on micro and macro levels. We'll also discuss how the minor cards can provide a more accessible entry point to the big lessons of the major cards by focusing on our day-to-day lives.

A hand from the clouds wielding a sword. The duality of swords energy is represented in the double-edge of the sword. Intellect can cut to clarity the valiance of the crown , but can also isolate the arid mountain landscape and cause conflict the hand's tight grip on the sword and the stormy nature of the clouds.

Meaning in a Reading: A fresh idea in the purest sense. We see an echo and a corruption of the imagery of the high priestess card II in the majors. A figure blindfolded and crossing arms over the chest suggesting willful blindness and cutting off the heart. Figure holds two swords in a balance that is difficult to achieve suggesting strong intentions.

Behind we see the sea of the subconscious, which is the source of deep emotions. While the high priestess is in touch with the deep feeling subconscious, this card is willfully cut off and out of touch.

II - The Mentor

This highlights the inherent detachment of air intellect from water emotion. Ignoring or guarding yourself against emotions yours or other people's. There are certain situation where this can be used to cut through emotional chaos toward clarity, but this often leads to painful scenarios. At once one of the most straightforward and most confounding images in the tarot. A heart being pierced by three swords in front of a stormy sky. The opposition of logic and emotion from card II quickly develops into pure heartbreak.

Deep feelings cannot be approached or understood logically and attempting to prioritize logic in a deep feeling situation can lead to heartbreak or deep pain. Could also represent a cheating scenario contrasting the welcome and honest introduction of another person seen in the III of Cups. Cheating usually requires willful ignorance and detachment from emotion on the part of the cheater.

Could be a warning about your own or someone else's behavior in any relationship involving deep feelings not just romance. A figure laying in a church-like building showing the spiritual side of the swords , in a serene and meditative state. They are bathed in yellow light, suggesting the kind of enlightenment from the sun card is achieved through structuring 4 your mind in meditation. A contrast to the earlier cards: Meditation, clearing your thoughts and quieting in your mind in pursuit of a meditative and enlightening state. The serene and spiritual side of mental control.

Rather than trying to cut off your emotions, you allow them to flow by stilling your mind and the result is a kind of serenity. Back on the same platform above the water from the II card, suggesting a return to this cut-offness at this time of transition 5. When we rigidly grip our swords, we can have conflict with others that arises from our need to be right and we may hurt people we care about.

Strife arising from conflicting ideas, beliefs or values.

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The need to "win," even when dealing with people you otherwise care about. Being cut off emotionally in order to win. Swords in the boat may represent painful memories you must carry with you. Being ushered across to the other shore. The logic of the swords combines with the balance of 6; we see how logic, clarity, systems, can work to help others. A situation of assisting refugees in their escape requires some emotionlessness. Rescue workers have no fear, are a "cogwheel" in the machine that rescues people in need and this emotionlessness is essential to their job being done properly.

Giving refuge, assisting refugees. Using logic or emotionlessness to help others in need. Playing a specific but important part in assisting people in need. Highlights the necessity of logic over emotion to properly and effectively do this job. A lone figure stealthing away with some stolen swords.

Figure is sneaky and deceitful. Sky is bright yellow, suggesting a rush of joy at getting away with this.

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Stealing or otherwise compromising morals or the best interest of others for personal gain. A figure blindfolded and surrounded by swords, set apart from the city suggesting isolation with our memories and thoughts. Figure's toe dipped in the water speaks of the inevitable return of emotion. This person is stuck in a situation of their own making and has isolated themselves with their thoughts, ideas, or beliefs, but is starting to have feelings about it. A self-constructed mental trap. Being blind of other's perspectives, not willfully as in the II card , but by a longstanding habit.

No longer willfully ignorant, but now trapped by our own belief systems. Being cut off and isolated from others.

Tarot Card Lessons Made Easy: High-lighting the High Priestess within the cards

In a time of reflection 9 , this figure is in bed, sitting up with their head in their hands. When reflecting back on their actions, they wish they had acted differently. Wishing you had acted differently. The most intense card in the minor arcana and possibly the tarot deck! A figure face down on the ground with ten swords sticking out of their back. Sky is black, suggesting total defeat and hitting rock bottom. However, the sunrise symbolizes rebirth like in the death card. Sun illuminates the body of water, suggesting there is hope of opening up to the deep feelings and the subconscious from which the suit has often been willfully cut off.

The universe 10 does not reward the belief that you know it all or using your ideas to oppress others. Total defeat; hitting rock bottom. Those you have turned against you come back to take you down, or the classic hubris story where your own know-it-allness takes you down. Rebirth energy of the card urges you to use this as a turning point to get more in touch with and honor the deep feelings of yourself and others. Could also represent playing a role in bringing down an oppressive figure as well. In episode 9, we'll look closely at the cards of the suit of pentacles and see how these earth-energy cards teach us the value of hard work and the importance of having a long-term vision of stability.

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Then we'll talk about tarot spreads and some ideas to consider if you're interested in creating your own spreads and I'll give a demonstration of a spread based on the four elements. A pentacle offered by a hand from the clouds symbolizes a fresh dose of the stabilizing earth energy. The hand holding the pentacle is supportive and stabilizing. The landscape on the card is a lush garden depicting the fertility and comfort of the earth energy. The mountain in the background is nice to look at through the garden arch, but there's no motivation to climb it, showing that earth energy likes to stay put.

A fresh dose of earth energy. You must harness, direct, and harvest the results of earth energy. A figure juggling two pentacles with the energized infinity sign around them. Juxtaposition of the energized moment with the stuckness of earth means a need to make a choice of how to move forward, but a difficulty in doing so. Boats on the crazy, swelling water show how discombobulating and unsettling movement can be for earth energy.

The need to make a choice, particularly about earth energy ruled things, but difficulty in doing so. Indecision, resistance to movement, discombobulation. A figure on a bench in a church-like building symbolizing the spiritual aspect of good work. The development 3 over card II is seen in the figure working in a dedicated and driven manner. Other people probably figures of the church have commissioned the person to do work that they love and are approving. Calm, serene, steady and spiritually-fulfilling work permeates the card.

Spiritually-fulfilling work, particularly when it pleases others. Lone figure clinging to four pentacles. Structuring 4 combined with earth energy results in a strong rigidity. Figure is in a tall building, has nice clothes and a crown status and is isolated above the city below. Clinging suggests figure doesn't want to spend or share money for fear of losing it. Clinging to work and money, particularly in isolation. Resistance to spending, sharing, collaborating, and change. Two decrepit and destitute figures who are cold, injured, and barely hobbling along.

Church window contrasts this with imagery of the Ace card garden in stained glass. We are learning the limitations of the card IV attitude. The promise in the V card comes true.

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A figure holding scales symbol of justice, fairness, and balance feeding or giving money to beggars could be the same figures from the V card. We see how, if society helps, we can find our footing again. Small amount of foliage in the background suggests the promise from the ace card returns. Receiving outside help or giving help if you are doing well.

Re-distribution of wealth; philanthropy. Relying on the social fabric as a safety net. Re-balancing within the social class system. Raw power 7 of the earth suit is labor. Figure has an understanding of the imminent "fruits of your labor" and how this begets motivation to work harder the cycle of work, reward, and motivation to keep working. A vision of the cycle of work, reward, and motivation to keep working.

Figure on a bench laboring away. Pentacles on the wall suggest figure has been very productive. Buildings in the background suggest setting oneself apart from society in order to get to work. The result of the motivation found in VII. High motivation and productivity. Working hard, being "in the flow" or work. This person has attained all of the material rewards of hard work.

A return to the garden in the Ace card. Hooded bird is figure's only companion and a symbol of captivity, showing how you can be "held captive" by your own wealth. We see the stuckness of earth energy, even amidst apparent success. Wealth and luxury with no one to share it with. A lonely life of leisure.

Urges you to connect and share with other people. Now a strong presence of a multi-generational family. Old man seems to be the source of the material comfort and rock-like stability; the positive archetypal patriarch who provides for many generations. Stability through family wealth or resources; solidity, "safety net" or family or chosen family. The payoff of a life of labor can be retirement and providing a secure base for others. In episode 8, we'll continue our in-depth exploration of the minor arcana cards and look closely at the cards of the suit of cups.

We'll see how the story of the water energy teaches us about emotional maturity--and encourages us to strive for it. Then I'll demonstrate how we can employ what we've learned about numbers and elemental energies in a tarot reading. A cup offered by a hand from the clouds symbolizes a fresh dose of the deeply feeling water energy. Water flows like a fountain showing the fullness that we can feel in this suit. Landscape on the card is a body of water symbol of the subconscious with a bit of land stability and lily pads and blossoms showing the beautiful and spontaneous emotions that come from this full feeling.

Some holy grail imagery as well dove and wafer. One of the figures looks like the fool. Handholding, cups lifted, eye contact shows a connection and deep resonance between them. Winged lion symbolizes spiritual-sexual connection. Intertwined snakes symbolize healing. The beginning of a friendship or romantic relationship; deep resonance or connection with another person; a meaningful encounter. Three figures raising their cups in celebration; dancing, clothing, and harvest imagery suggests ritualistic celebration.

The one-on-one connection develops 3 into something communal and celebratory not "threes a crowd" or "third wheel" situation at all. The lone figure contrasts the previous cards; figure's posture is rigid, the downside of structure 4 ; water likes stillness but doesn't like to be structured--think of rigid ice ; crossed arms and downward gaze make figure seem cut off from others; figure is fixated on 3 cups could be the same from the III card and ignores the ace-like cup being offered.

Cut off from society building is across a river. However, two upright cups and a bridge suggest the means to move on exist. Loss, grief, the mourning process; time heals and you will have the resources to move forward, but the mourning process is necessary; take time to focus on the loss and your feelings about it, as this is the key to processing and moving forward; loss could be a death, breakup, or just the "end of an era. Re-balancing of 6 expressed in nostalgia; figures of children in a garden could be the building in the background of the V card.

Yellow and light blue sky are happy. Children are safe walled in and there is a guard. Could be 1 nostalgia: Either way, the fulfillment has a safety, security, and pureness to it. Confounding image of a figure looking up at the cups holding various symbols in the clouds. Water is an indecisive energy, so with the power and possibility 7 comes a wishy-washy indecisiveness. Meditation with no action. Choose what will fulfill you the most. Card could precede the Hermit card, because figure is going to climb a mountain alone and has a staff. The indecisiveness of VII is energized 8 and a decision is made, but something good must be left in order to move forward a leap in emotional maturity from the IV and V cards.

Crazy energy in the land broken up by water, suggesting emotional unsteadiness. Lone figure sitting in front of a mantel of cups that resembles a trophy shelf, symbolizes personal emotional fulfillment; academic hat shows knowledge; happy colors; figure has crossed arms is cut off , but a direct gaze is willing to let others in. In order for growth, there must be death. For plants to thrive, weeds must die. Janet gives the reader a great gift in allowing, through the use of very descriptive words, us to see her property in Pennsylvania much as an Emperor would view his kingdom.

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Get to Know Us. English Choose a language for shopping. Explore the Home Gift Guide. Not Enabled Word Wise: Not Enabled Screen Reader: Enabled Amazon Best Sellers Rank: Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Both cards use similar imagery in the traditional Rider-Waite tarot, and both have similar themes mainly centering around intuition. But there were two themes that kept resurfacing with The High Priestess.

Firstly, the concepts of teaching and knowledge - unsurprisingly, as this card is partnered with the Hierophant. Secondly, the importance of trusting your instincts - in contrast to The Moon, which cautions you that all may not be as it seems, and that you should verify your first impressions. While compiling my notes, at some point I scribbled down 'optical illusions', and to me that is a core concept for this card. An optical illusion can't really be explained - you have to see it to really understand it. And when confronted with an optical illusion, you have to trust what your eyes are showing you even if your brain tells you it makes no sense.

The first symbol I immediately knew would have to be included in this card's art was the Mentor's lack of reflection in the water they are standing in. For the Mentor is incorporeal - present and not present, concrete but ephemeral, immediate but indescribably distant. You will not get any certainty from your interactions with this card - if you ask the Mentor a direct question, they will make you walk yourself through to an answer.

The water itself represents the subconscious - simultaneously clear and shallow, but also infinitely deep. A calm lake contains the entire sky above it, recreated imperfectly through reflection. The Mentor's face is partially obscured because they are not an open book to you. You will misunderstand them and they will not correct you ; you will project onto them and reveal more about yourself than you mean to ; and you will misinterpret their lessons to hear what you want to hear and quickly learn that this gets you no closer to anything worth having. Throughout it all, the Mentor will wait patiently for you to understand them well enough to learn what they have to teach you.