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In the broken bread and the soft shadows thrown by the single tallow candle the body looked like a sleeper in a blanket of flocked Manila. His hips had settled into the gash that had retired the trough, and a single sandstone pearl of blood had dried in the olive notch of the corner of his eye.

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On his chest rested a freshly whetted knife, its blade a heavy black metal badly smelted, its edges as sharp and waved as a quizzical eyebrow. In the well-lighted room above, the investigators were pacing: Glowering down on them all was a portrait of Chester A. He placed the state on a sound financial footing, and significant legislation included the establishment of the State Board of Pardons, the State Board of Examiners of Architects, the offices of the State Food Commissioners and the State Commissioners of Game, and the Juvenile Court Act.

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Tanner was also known for his antagonistic relationship with Chicago, and was often at loggerheads with its political bosses, both Democratic and Republican. The mutual hostility came to be symbolized by the "Allen bill", a legislation signed by Tanner which gave control of Chicago's intra-city transportation system to corrupt financier Charles Yerkes.

Faced with long-term constraints that would virtually cripple many efforts to develop the city, Chicago was galvanized into instituting internal reforms and ensuring the bill's repeal. Tanner was an active and unbiased patriot.

The Master Tanner Heads West

When the Spanish—American War was declared, he was the first governor in the country to have the state militia ready to be called up into national service. Within 36 hours of President McKinley 's call for volunteers, ten thousand equipped troops were ready for muster into the U. Among Illinois' contributions were the 8th Illinois Volunteers, an African American regiment with African American officers and an African American commander; and when the President tried to dissuade him from recruiting African Americans, Tanner used his considerable influence to pressure the national government into calling up the regiment and sending them to Cuba , one of ten equipped Illinois regiments to be called up.

Tanner achieved national notoriety with his position on labor disputes at a time when they were characteristically numerous and violent, particularly in the Illinois coalfields. His position was non-partisanship, the first governor to make it a state policy. When violence broke out, he was quick to send state troops to quell the violence, and he was adamantly opposed to the importation of armed men by either side, using troops to enforce state laws against it.

The most notable incidents of the day were at Virden where imported armed men had fired on Illinois strikers , at Pana racial strife between white and black coal miners, with the governor siding against the position of the white miners , and Carterville where unarmed African Americans were shot by white miners, an incident vehemently condemned by the governor.

Tanner's early and untimely death meant that he would never be able to mend the ill feelings that resulted from his disputes within his own party, particularly those that arose from his challenge to Shelby Cullom immediately preceding his death.

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His relationship with Chicago politicians had been consistently antagonistic over the years, and they felt no inclination to remember him kindly. He had personally opposed the use of violence against both companies and laborers in labor disputes, and had favored the elevation of African Americans from an inferior social position to one of equality. As neither principle was actively supported by successful politicians of either party, either before or after his term as governor, it is fair to attribute the principles to him personally, and to note that he was out-of-step with his nineteenth century contemporaries.

Tanner is affectionately remembered both by Organized Labor , and by the African Americans who benefited from his policies. Their donations in remembrance of him accounts for the grand tomb that was erected at his grave. That was precisely the character of the agreement reached at Springfield, to which the Virden and Pana mine owners were parties.

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What right had they to hire them? They were not even citizens of this State, but armed invaders of its soil—fifty or sixty of them, armed with repeating Winchester rifles loaded with powder and ball, invading our State for the purpose of shooting—and they did shoot down—our citizens. Tanner, governor of Illinois, for the noble stand taken and the precedent established by him for the cause of organized labor.

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Tanner, the able and fearless executive of the great State of Illinois, who believes and who has the courage of his convictions, that it is the heart, the brain, the soul, not the skin, that go to determine manhood; who, acting on this belief and the fundamental principle of this government that 'taxation without representation is tyranny,' had the manhood to appoint colored officers to command a Colored Regiment, this book is affectionately dedicated".

I shall never rest until I see this regiment—my regiment—on the soil of Cuba, battling for the right, and for its kinsmen. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Bateman, Newton; Selby, Paul, eds. Munsell Publishing Company, p. Illinois State Journal Co. American Federation of Labor, p. Houghton Mifflin Company Sweeney, W. Encyclopedia Americana Corporation, , p. Appleton and Company, , p. Current History Company, , pp. List of commandants of the Illinois Country.

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