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I really like these books they are clean and fun. Touching read 3 antes are sent to influence the lives of 3 mortals and using their specific powers guide them a life of happiness. Fun read for anyone. Aug 23, Elena rated it it was amazing. I love reading the escapades of these three angels, Mercy, Goodness, and Shirley. This story is set in New York City and follows three women. Of course there is a happily ever after. Dec 20, Ali rated it really liked it. Another funny adventure for the three prayer ambassadors.

This one had problems that hit closer to home and our society today, like suicide and low-income schools. Nov 23, Leslie rated it liked it Shelves: I didn't realize when I picked this up at book swap shelf that this was the third in a series or a light-hearted romance. It made for a quick, fun read. Sep 25, Caroline Abbott rated it liked it. Fun to think of angels coming down and "helping things along" for us humans!

Jan 04, Jeanine rated it really liked it Shelves: I actually wrote a review for this book a few days ago. Normally, I first type my reviews on a text edit page, so I can use larger print, as well as see the entire review. This time, however, I forgot to do that…. I enjoyed this book a lot, though it did not really have much of a Christmas feel to it. They could not help but get into trouble, especially if it meant helping someone. Each angel was assigned to someone who needed help.

Prayers are sent up to heaven, either by the people themselves or by someone who cares for them. The Archangel Gabriel then assigns each angel to one of those people. Jenny dreamed of being on stage. She IS very talented, but there are so many other talented people vying for the spotlight on Broadway. Her prayer is to succeed, to get the lead role in a Broadway show.

However, someone else is praying for her…Trey LaRue, a lifelong friend in Montana, who has been in love with her since she was 15, is praying she will come home to Montana, to be his wife. This can be quite a dilemma…. But Hannah has met another young man, Joshua Shadduck, an attorney, who seems to share the same passion for life that Hannah does. How can she disappoint them? Shirley is assigned to Brynn Cassidy, an idealistic young teacher who has just started teaching in an inner-city public school.

She formerly taught at St. She wants them to do more than learn dates. Se wants them to dream. One of her students, Emilio Alcantara, has an older brother, Roberto, who does not take kindly to Brynn teaching Emilio what he considers to be a waste. He tells Brynn that there are no dreams in his neighborhood, no hopes.

Can Brynn reach these kids? They are about the lives of the people. The 3 heavenly angels do get into some mischief. I liked this book better than the 2nd one precisely because the angels were more involved in the story; although I preferred the storyline in the 2nd one more than this one.

That is, if the Archangel Gabriel will allow them to come back down to earth again…. Feb 10, Drebbles rated it really liked it Shelves: Brynn, Hannah, and Jenny all have dreams. Brynn is a teacher who dreams of making a difference in her students' lives, even if Roberto Alcantara thinks she is in over her head. Hannah is so used to following her parents' wishes that she is engaged to one man, Carl, while in love with another, Joshua. Small-town girl Jenny's dreams of becoming a star on Broadway are growing dimmer by the day and she misses her family - and Trey LaRue.

All three must learn to follow their hearts and they'll have s Brynn, Hannah, and Jenny all have dreams. All three must learn to follow their hearts and they'll have some help along the way from three angels - Shirley, Goodness, and Mercy. First released in , "Touched by Angels" is a cute, at times poignant, novel set in New York at Christmas time this is one novel, not three separate stories.

Of the three women, I found Brynn's story to be the deepest, saddest, and most realistic, outside of the discussion she has with her students regarding sex which felt out of place and merely a plot device. Author Debbie Macomber touches on several issues in this story that she normally stays away from and handles them all deftly have a tissue nearby when reading this - there are some genuinely sad moments in this book.

Macomber does a pretty good job of showing what life is like in a school in a poor neighborhood and doesn't sugarcoat the story - not everyone has a happy ending. While I sometimes wished Hannah would get a backbone, the chemistry between her and Joshua is well done and very romantic as are the family dynamics I also like the fact that Macomber included a Jewish family in what could be considered a Christmas book.

Hannah's struggles to please everyone instead of listening to her heart was very believable. Jenny's story was my least favorite of the three, mainly because there didn't seem to be much chemistry between her and Trey I think this is because they already knew and cared for each other - readers had no chance to see the romance developing. As for the three angels, the story could easily have worked without them and in fact they disappear for long periods of time but they add a nice touch of humor to the story.

Nov 23, Siobhan rated it did not like it. I was looking for a heart warming and perhaps sentimental story with Christmas as the background theme but I found all that is wrong with the typical romance that everyone seems to gobble up. Biased attitudes towards minorities, a perpetuation of ignorance and stupidity in women and manizing objectification of men I don't mean just physical objectification.

Angels Everywhere Series

I mean idealizing a particular kind of man as an object to own. The kind of man that is so hard working he is a workaholic but somehow has I was looking for a heart warming and perhaps sentimental story with Christmas as the background theme but I found all that is wrong with the typical romance that everyone seems to gobble up. The kind of man that is so hard working he is a workaholic but somehow has the ability to instantly fall in love and to chase a do do bird girl who keeps pushing him away.

A girl who chases a guy who doesn't believe in her or share her most fundamental beliefs and discourages her and tells her how stupid she is for caring or trying to make a difference is self abuse! Oh the female as a martyr to the cause with no one believing in her Or the chick who keeps pushing away a man who has always loved her because she is dumb and blind. Granted Brynn is less of a coward than the other two so called heroines. But that name doesn't do any of them justice. They are cowards allowing everyone and everything to buffet them around because they have no core, no center.

There are a few rare and great romances so they prove that romance does not have to be about stupid people chasing and pushing each other away or including biased ideas about minorities to serve as filler to plump up a story. I read her two previous books last Christmas but this is the one that has me giving up on her other writing from the way she handled the characters, the story-line while injecting unrealistic and biased ideas about low class teen agers, black and hispanic people. I know this story was written awhile ago but it could have been written in the 's!

Apr 04, Molly Cline rated it really liked it Shelves: Ms Macomber found herself in this one The first book I read in this series was book 4 and loved it, so started with book 1. Although book 1 and 2 were good they weren't as good as book 4 and the air about them were a bit different.

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BUT this book was very nice! Although the middle seemed to kind of 'got stuck' and the ending was hurried up until the end I would have given this a 5 star rating but the end was hurried into one chapter after being dragged out for about But still a good book. The stories in this book is a country girl moves to the big city to find her dreams but is that really where her dreams is? Or was it really in her back yard all along?

The next is a teacher wanting to make a difference to high school kids that lives in a bad part of town. Kids that everyone seemed to have given up on and in the process she finds herself. And the last story in this book was about a Jewish girl that was her parents only child and all her life had done exactly what was expected of her to make her parents happy. But when her heart is telling her something different will she go with her heart and 'disappoint' her parents? Along the way these people have three special prayer angels helping them along their way.

All have been good just book 3 and 4 better than books 1 and Dec 28, Kissa rated it liked it. Debbie Macomber is a favorite of mine and I was so excited to read this book at Christmas time on my vacation. I didn't realize that this was part of a series and series always hook me so I may read some of the others. Basically there were three stories in this book, one for each angel. Only one disappointed me- the one about the teacher, Brynn. As I read that one I noticed way too many parallels with the movie Dangerous Minds. The plot wasn't similar it was almost exact. One of the student's na Debbie Macomber is a favorite of mine and I was so excited to read this book at Christmas time on my vacation.

One of the student's names was even the same. The only difference I noted was that in the book Brynn had a priest for her mentor where in the movie it was another teacher. In both the setting was a low income, mostly Hispanic, school. One of the students got pregnant, one died, the teacher decided to leave at the end and the students convinced her to stay. All of that happened in the movie Dangerous Minds.

I guess all of us let things we've seen creep into our thoughts but this one was too much. The story about Hannah and Joshua was wonderful and I loved it, as was the story about the dancer and the rancher- great plot. Dec 05, Kshydog rated it it was ok. Story of 3 angels sent to answer the prayers relatives have for different people.

Although set during the Christmas season, it is not really a holiday story. Have read later books in the series which were more humorous. More about the 3 people than about the Angels doing much to help. Enjoyed the story of Brynn the most since there seemed to be more build-up about her difficulties as a teacher. Surprised at how quickly Hannah fell in love with a guy not intended for her by her family.

Her grandm Story of 3 angels sent to answer the prayers relatives have for different people. Her grandmother helped her almost more than the Angels. Jenny's story of an actress missing home was predictable. Oct 23, April Suter rated it really liked it. Shirley, Goodness and Mercy have several prayers requests that must be met by Christmas Day: Brynn, Hannah and Jenny. Brynn is a new teacher in NYC, many challenges in the classroom and her lovelife.

Hannah, a good Jewish daughter wants to follow her parents' plan and marry Carl, but this handsome man she met at the parade is all she can think about. And in true angel style they discuss at th Shirley, Goodness and Mercy have several prayers requests that must be met by Christmas Day: And in true angel style they discuss at the end of their adventure the future of each person they have helped. Also Gabriel gets a few head shakes with the special way those three angels "help". Sep 23, Jill rated it really liked it Shelves: They each have to see that prayers are answered, with orders from Archangel Gabriel, NOT to get into trouble this Christmas season.

The ending of the book is good as we learn what happens to the 3 assignments in the years to come. This is a "feel good" book that is easy to read and makes you want to feel angel wings around you. I really enjoyed these books in audio CD format. Enjoyable stories that kept me awake while driving. Shirley, Goodness, and Mercy, where up to their antics again, but really had their work cut out for them, answering three prayers in New York City.

Masius wrote the show as a reflection of his spiritual anger at the time at his two children being born disabled. She described the pilot she received as "upsetting" as it "portrayed angels as recycled dead people with power over life and death". She initially declined the position, but during a lunch with Andy Hill , then President of CBS, she mentioned the show and suggested he find a producer who would create a show with "loving, joyful" angels that the audience would have to believe in.

Williamson stated that she could not stop thinking about the show after that meeting, and eventually called to ask if the position was still open. Though getting the position was no longer a sure thing, she passed up a more lucrative position directing a court drama and went in for an interview with CBS in June During her interview, she states she emphasized that she was a Christian and could only do a show that depicted angels in a way she felt was true to her view of angels and that was respectful towards God.

She also indicated that the pilot should be redone from the beginning, keeping only the characters Monica and Tess, reworked. The studio agreed with her remarks and hired her. The pilot was filmed in Salt Lake City, Utah and the show was ready on schedule. The first episode aired on September 14, The lyrics to the show's theme song, "Walk With You", are sung at the beginning of each episode by Della Reese.

In , Promised Land was launched as a spin-off series, following the Greene family whom Monica had met during one of her cases, as they travel the United States helping those in need.

Touched by Angels (Angels Everywhere, #3) by Debbie Macomber

Four crossover episodes aired during Promised Land ' s three-season run. A variation of the " Madalyn Murray O'Hair petition" urban legend, which claims to seek a ban on religious programming, mentioned the show and appeared via e-mail chains despite O'Hair being deceased since and her original actual religious programming petition to the FCC being rejected in Touched by an Angel received mixed reviews from critics but positive reception from audiences.

However, the series received criticism from some people, calling it "syrupy" [18] [19] earlier reviews were skeptical of the show's first season. The Parents Television Council picked it as one of the best shows for family viewing. A book on the series, Touched by an Angel , was published by Zondervan in November Written by Williams and Robin Sheets, it contains background information on some of the stories featured, series production information, basic details on the first fifty episodes and profiles of Downey, Reese and Dye.

It also has short story versions of four episodes: Also written by Williams, it collects twenty short stories based on episodes from the series. An audio soundtrack, Touched by an Angel: The Album , was released on November 3, Christmas Album , was released on November 9, with 13 tracks of Christmas music. Four themed sets, each containing four episodes, have also been released. The first two, "The Inspiration Collection: Holiday" and "The Inspiration Collection: Hope" were released on November 10, ; [39] "The Inspiration Collection: Faith" and "The Inspiration Collection: Love" were released January 26, In Region 4, Shock Records has released five volumes of episodes from the series, each containing nine episodes and a set containing all five volumes together.

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