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To me, taking part in the project feels like a no-brainer. My participation may not only help to give me a diagnosis and allow my blood relatives to be tested, but it could help protect future generations from premature death caused by a heart attack or stroke. People like my father. I learned more about the scale of the project, and the potential benefit for hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people around the world. I also discovered that the benefits of the project go far beyond genetic testing and identifying family members of people with a faulty, disease-causing gene.

It could also enable new medical discoveries and diagnoses which were previously unavailable, leading to the identification of new treatments for patients. One example is particularly relevant to my work at the BHF.

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Some people eligible for the study will be taking statins to lower their cholesterol — I have been taking statins for 20 years now. While the statins may be effective in all patients, a small number of patients could be experiencing muscle pain which puts them off, or even prevents them from taking their statins, thus maintaining their high risk of heart attack or stroke. Genomics England can look at the genetic code of each group of patients and see if there is a particular gene mutation causing the side effect.

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If you're an illustrator, designer or animator who would like to make a video, please drop me a line. Songs from the Arctic, the Desert and the Curious Heart.

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Having Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community representatives on committees and hospital working groups increases advocacy opportunities. And it helps ensure the needs and views of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are included in hospital planning and management. Read more about the background of the project, where we are now and our next steps.

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This health professional toolkit provides a framework to address health disparities facing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. The Lighthouse Hospital Project. The tyranny of distance Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples often travel vast distances — sometimes interstate - for medical treatment and must leave family and their support behind.