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There will also be a description of how Chinese workers and enterprisers enter the Italian textile center of Prato and provide first an economic boom, and then a threat to its existence. The book is filled with pictures of gigantic Chinese economic projects and development. The subtitle of the book 'The Rise of a Hungry Nation' hints at the tremendous appetite China is diplaying for every kind of product and industry. The upside of this is as Kynge writes the removal of four- hundred million people from poverty, the rise of a more urban China in which there is greater opportunity for work and education for great masses of people.

Kynge also argues in the book that Chinese trading, the growth of its economy has been good for the world- economy in certain ways. The seven- hundred billion dollars the Chinese hold in Treasury Bonds , Kynge claims, sustain the American economy. The downside however is great indeed.

The picture Kynge gives of China is too of a vast polluted, corrupt , hungry nation in which there are no legal bars to any kind of activity. It is a nation in which the illegal or grey economy is at least a third of the whole. It is a nation which engages in piracy outright of all kinds of intellectual property. It is of course still politcally unfree, a Communist state in name and doctrine which on the one side promotes and teaches friendship with the world while also providing xenophobic education to its children.

Many have spoken about the twenty- first century as the century of China. Kynge says that by China will have a larger economy than the American one. But what strikes me is how poor in certain ways the great Chinese expansion is. It was a dream of personal freedom and opportunity.

And it was too a dream of political liberty for all of mankind. There was a beauty in the American vision, something sublime and great. The Chinese rise seems to be a rise of the belly alone.

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China is hungry for learning also , and Kynge does speak about the expansion of its universities, and the opportunities given for Chinese to learn abroad. But basically the Chinese activity does seem more like a response to 'hunger' a natural- need unrelated and unconnected to any gift or blessing to the rest of mankind. There is another dimension of this. Most Popular Viewed 1. US slaps sanctions on Chinese military unit for buying Russian jets, missiles.

Yoga ball murder victim's diary reveals she blamed herself for marriage demise. Chinese firms start to cut jobs and move overseas as trade war bites. China runs out of US goods to tax. Taiwan issues warning to holders of mainland residence permits.

You may also like. Americans would be helpless with ,,, stones raining down on them. Hi-tech weaponry is worthless, case in point Irak: The most sophisticated weapons in history vs Rashid barreling down the street in a beat up Lada with a dozen pipe bombs strapped around his chest. The best way to avoid a conflict with China is to keep China happy, they want to raise their quality of life to be like every American. And, like every human beings, they should be allowed to do so. Let them do it. Only paranoid Americans become belligerent when they fear the loss of their supremacy by seeing other nations trying to raise their standards of living.

The whole planet should have live it too! China is where Japan was about forty years ago. Wages are already climbing and soon, they will be at par with Taiwan or Japan, which means that they will lose their ability to manufacture cheaply. With nowhere else to outsource for cheap labor, robots will take over the manufacturing. Robots will cost the same to own and operate the world over. Even if machines develop sentience, they will know why they were created and accept the fact that they exist to serve humanity.

No humans were created to be subservient to humans but machines, yes. According to this website http: All is required for Americans is to stop dozing off and keep on learning in order to switch from jobs in the manufacturing sectors to jobs in sectors of growth that will undoubtedly be more rewarding, and, most importantly, keep the creative spirit alive. The problem is letting essential, irreplaceable parts of our infrastructure like our machine tool industry get gutted. Our machine tool industry is gone.

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We let China eat it during a downturn. During a brief downturn in steel prices, the Germans let a Chinese firm buy, cut up and move the biggest steel plant in Europe to China. Thousands of people out of work, a major strategic asset gone forever — and now steel prices are soaring again. The plant would be making money today — in Germany. The market knows what conditions are this quarter, what prices are today. It has no strategic sense.

In fact, less than zero. Big multi-nationals are a neccesary evil. They love the neo-liberal free market song and dance because it frees them to do whatever they want and if that includes setting the nation up for failure in the long term, so be it. The interstate highway system cut tens of trillions off transportation costs. Our once-excellent public school system which once included near free public colleges trained generations of sharp engineers and managers that made America hum.

For the long term, economies need to be balanced, like a portfolio — you need to be able to grow your own food, make most of the stuff you need, keep people productively occupied and able to buy. Not everyone is, can be or should be an innovator. You need people who do all the unglamorous stuff that keeps the clockwork running and those people need some security.

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To use a military analogy, not everyone can be a Ranger. Not everyone is cut our to be dropped from a plane at night behind enemy lines and create massive mayhem with just their brains and what they can carry on their back. You need people behind the lines who can fix trucks and ship ammunition.

Otherwise, even a Ranger is going to find himself coming up short eventually.

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The Rise of a Hungry Nation. China Law Blog August 3, at 4: It is an earth shaking book.