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Read reviews that mention sarah smiley wives deployment spouse navy funny spouses honest deployments humor husbands feelings relate laugh laughed deployed woman honesty experiences. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. You don't need to be in the military to enjoy this book.

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It teaches us what the families go through. If Sarah Smiley writes another book on any subject I will buy it. One person found this helpful 2 people found this helpful. Sarah has written such a great book. It was so nice to read another military wifes perspective. Even though my husband is in the Air Force and my children are grown I love reading this book. I have already given it to others as a gift. One person found this helpful. Maybe I was expecting too much from this book, since I've been waiting months for it to be published, but it seems as though Sarah took every military wife cliche and put them all into one book: You can't leave me!

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  • You know, I'm in the middle of a deployment and found Sarah's stories, rather than uplifting or funny, to be sort of sad and pathetic. When our husbands deploy, we have options on how to handle it. I wish I could read more stories of women who haven't fallen apart, who haven't made their husbands feel guilty about what they're doing and who look forward to the opportunities being given them. Maybe I ought to write a book.

    Plus, it all just seemed a little too precious. I'll start by saying that I enjoyed the book. It was a good, quick, read, and it did give some insight on the life of a military spouse.

    • Going Overboard: The Misadventures of a Military Wife!
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    • Having gone through a deployment or two myself, I could relate to many of her problems. With a little work, and thew cooperation of some of the other people in the book, this could have become a handbook for coping with deployments. I did not find her behavior too "overboard". I would instead say that she fell well within the norm.

      I wish there were more books like this out there so that wives going through this realized that they are not alone. Maybe a follow up, focusing less on her own story, and more on the coping methods available?

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      Edited 23 May, A book which includes coping methods but very little humor is now available. The daughter of an admiral, Sarah grew up in and around the Navy. She really thinks she knows what to expect from military life but feels ill-prepared for the many ups and downs she experiences while her husband is gone. She writes about her problems real and imagined and successes with disarming candor as she matures when he is away.

      Dustin is a Navy pilot whom Sarah had known her entire life. As she is quick to point out, this doesn't make living together any easier. Often they seem out-of-synch, unable to communicate effectively with each other while living under the same roof. This lack of communication is only aggravated by Dustin's absences.

      When things get tough Sarah gets going to the comfort of a closet with her phone to call one of her good friends and discuss her problems. Sarah writes with humor and unflinching honesty about being totally responsible for a two-year-old and a newborn.

      Going Overboard The Misadventures of a Military Wife

      She feels like a single mother, even though she isn't. Dustin always took care of such things as mowing the lawn and balancing the checkbook, which Sarah now obsesses about. And she has a crush on her family doctor, an eligible bachelor, which leaves her by turns bewildered and excited, wondering if the doctor feels the same way about her. While all of her friends are in France visiting their pilot husbands she stays home because of her fear of flying , Sarah gets bitten on the leg by Courtney's cat.

      Going Overboard: The Misadventures of a Military Wife by Sarah Smiley

      Since the cat had never been vaccinated, Sarah is informed that she may need a series of rabies shots. Being a bit of a hypochondriac anyway, this makes for a worrisome situation for Sarah, who doesn't even like cats to begin with. Sarah shoots from the hip, lives in the moment, and is perplexed by her mother's listmaking and efficiency. Whenever Mom visits, Sarah reverts to being a needy child and is more than happy to let another adult take charge of the young children and the household.

      Sarah's best friend moves out of her Florida neighborhood and clear across the country to California. Tanner, the much-loved dog Sarah grew up with, dies.

      Download Going Overboard: The Misadventures of a Military Wife by Sarah Smiley PDF Free

      The emails and phone calls to and from Dustin are less than satisfying, and she wonders where her marriage is headed. Though she often feels like the Rock of Jell-O, Sarah is helpful and a good neighbor. She takes Melanie to the hospital and stays with her during a medical emergency and personal tragedy. She also takes in Melanie's daughter, Hannah, who is used to a very calm and orderly home environment. When Hannah asks why there are no vegetables on her dinner plate, Sarah realizes that not all families exist on hot dogs and macaroni and cheese.

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      People seem drawn to Sarah and willingly help her out. Her neighbor Brent mows the lawn without even being asked. Jody, Courtney and Melanie give her constant moral support, whether via late-night phone conversations or in person. Her frailties and quirks make her human and very likeable. Though her life seems to have a Lucy Ricardo quality about it, she is definitely the product of a younger, hipper generation. Sarah writes a syndicated column about what she knows best life in and around the military.

      I laughed so hard at some of the things she did. Being a Military "brat" myself many years ago, i can identify with a lot she was saying.

      My daughters husband is in the Navy also, I know these women have a hard life and a lot to put up with when their men leave for 6 months or a year. She honest, very funny and i'm sure we'll see many more of her books coming out. As a new military wife, I find Sarah Smiley absolutely entertaining and essential in understanding some of the nuances of military life, especially those that are comical.

      I thoroughly enjoyed this book, it was a fast read and Sarah is so candid you really feel like you know quite a bit about her after reading the book. Highly Recommend for a good laugh and a few tears!! She wittily and poignantly writes about being a navy spouse left on base with two young children while her husband is on deployment "the D-word" overseas, just as the impending war in Iraq is dominating the headlines.

      Raised a navy brat, Smiley is no stranger to military life, but that doesn't preclude the fear, frustration and freak-outs that often accompany her predicament. Fellow military spouses will appreciate Smiley's humorous accounts of attending Spouse Club support meetings, handling household tasks "My one saving grace was the toilet," she writes about a broken commode in her guest room. Smiley's prose is simple and straightforward, and her humor is clever, often emerging in passages when she's at her lowest. Curiously, Smiley doesn't express her views about the Iraq war, and she often ignores the conflict's realities as her personal woes take over.