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Although mangosteen has remained unknown in North America and Europe, it is so prized by inhabitants of tropical rain forests that they often refer to it as the "Queen of fruits". Asians have utilised the fruit's health benefits for centuries in various applications.

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Mangosteen is also renowned for its ability to reduce pain and fever as well as increase energy levels. Furthermore, it contains a very high concentration of xanthones, one of the most powerful anti-oxidants ever discovered. Xanthones protect the human body by fighting against free radicals and support the immune system in many ways with anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties. No other fruit or single food source has been found to include such a high concentration of xanthones. The mangosteen fruit is the best edible source for Xanthones in the natural world.

The Mangosteen fruit happens to contain more than 20 different types of beneficial xanthones. Xanthones are not found in the fruits and vegetables we regularly have access to. They are primarily found in Gentain and Chinese skullcap nectars. Helps to relieve joint pain and discomfort. Organic Raspberry Juice Concentrate: Helps to strengthen and vitalise the circulation of the blood. Helps to build a resistance against colds, flu, asthma, upper respiratory problems, and migraines. Below you will find answers to common questions, including information on the origins and history of the mangosteen fruit, along with mangosteen health benefits.

The mangosteen fruit dubbed The Queen of the Fruits is a tropical fruit that is similar in size and colour to the plum. It has a snow white pulp wrapped in segments like an orange.

Mangosteen Keeps Us in the Pink of Health

The flavor of the fruit pulp is very uniquely pleasing and highly sought after in the regions where it is grown and marketed. When queen Victoria first tasted the fruit she loved it. So much so that she declared it to be her favorite fruit. The mangosteen fruit is highly revered for its health benefits. The mangosteen fruit is comprised of the following three components: Xanthones and polysaccharides, which are the medicinal attributes, are found in highest concentrations in the pericarp of the mangosteen fruit. They are also found in the pulp but in lower concentrations.

Due to the high concentrations of Xanthones and polysaccharides in the pericarp, it is incredibly important that any preparation include it.

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Most people who have lived in, or visited, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, or the Philippines know that the fruit is very popular. Inhibition of cyclooxygenase and prostaglandin E2 synthesis by gamma-mangostin, a xanthone derivative in mangosteen, in C6 rat glioma cells.

Xanthones and benzophenones from Garcinia griffithii and Garcinia mangostana. Antibacterial activity of alpha-mangostin against vancomycin resistant Enterococci VRE and synergism with antibiotics. Pharmacological profile of mangostin and its derivatives. Cytotoxic prenylated xanthones from the young fruit of Garcinia mangostana. Chem Pharm Bull Tokyo ;54 3: Xanthones from the green fruit hulls of Garcinia mangostana.

J Nat Prod ;65 5: Antimicrobial activities of Garcinia mangostana. Planta Med ;48 1: Inhibitory activity of xanthone derivatives isolated from some guttiferaeous plants against DNA topoisomerases I and II.

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Chemical and Pharmaceutical Bulletin Tokyo ;45 2: Antiviral effect of mangiferin and isomangiferin on herpes simplex virus. Chin Med J Engl. Histaminergic and serotonergic receptor blocking substances from the medicinal plant Garcinia mangostana. Garcinone E, a xanthone derivative, has potent cytotoxic effect against hepatocellular carcinoma cell lines. Induction of aptosis by xanthones from mangosteen in human leukemia cell lines. Xanthones from the heartwood of Garcinia mangostana. Antimycobacterial activity of prenylated xanthones from the fruits of Garcinia mangostana.

Chem Pharm Bull Tokyo ; Voravuthikunchai SP, Kitpipit L. Activity of medicinal plant extracts against hospital isolates of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. Clin Microbiol Infect ; Even in a study where rats were induced to get arthritis, a regimen of mangosteen pericarp cooled down the inflammation and fought off the arthritis. There are nutritional supplements out there with extracts of the mangosteen pericarp. People buy them and take them and good for them because the isoprenylated xanthones in the extracts in no particular order have been shown to be antioxidant, antinociceptive relieves pain , anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective, hypoglycemic, anti-obesity, and pro-apoptotic causes cancer cells to die , anti-proliferative keeps cancer cells from spreading.

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Our food should be our medicine. Here is a quick re-cap of all the benefits from the pericarp that are backed by both traditional use and by studies:. This morning I had French Toast covered with maple syrup. I had a bit of mangosteen pericarp, but not in pill form.

Acai, Goji, Noni & Mangosteen: the Super Fruits!

I made up the batter with two teaspoons of mangosteen pericarp powder. As proclaimed above, from a scientific study: You could not taste it in the French Toast. Click to see the recipe.

Mangosteen Pericarp

So, we here at Wellness Journeys, over the next couple of months, are going to experiment and use it in as many of our recipes as possible and see what happens. The French Toast this morning looked chocolaty, but was not. Most important, the French Toast tasted like French Toast. This is something that we need in our diets. Oh, and last week we added it to one of our tastiest and healthiest vinaigrettes.

You can find the recipe here: I am currently helping Simply the Best to get this into their inventory.