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Erste Streich Table of Contents: Zweite Streich Table of Contents: Max and Moritz fish them away via hooks down her chimney. Dritter Streich Table of Contents: Vierter Streich Table of Contents: Sechster Streich Table of Contents: Genre Humor humor Characters Max; Moritz Synopsis Max and Moritz, who have fallen into a vat of dough while trying to steal pretzels, are caught by the baker, who shoves them into his oven.

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The outer dough bakes, but they eat their way out and escape. Letzter Streich Table of Contents: The farmer catches them, sticks them in a hopper, and grinds them to bits which are eaten by ducks. To this day in Germany, Austria , and Switzerland , a certain familiarity with the story and its rhymes is still presumed, as it is often referenced in mass communication. The two leering faces are synonymous with mischief, and appear almost logo-like in advertising and even graffiti.

Max and Moritz became the forerunners to the comic strip.

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After World War 2, German-U. There have been several English translations of the original German verses over the years, but all have maintained the original trochaic tetrameter:. Ah, how oft we read or hear of Boys we almost stand in fear of! For example, take these stories Of two youths, named Max and Moritz, Who, instead of early turning Their young minds to useful learning, Often leered with horrid features At their lessons and their teachers. Look now at the empty head: Teasing creatures - climbing fences, Stealing apples, pears, and quinces, Is, of course, a deal more pleasant, And far easier for the present, Than to sit in schools or churches, Fixed like roosters on their perches.

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  • But O dear, O dear, O deary, When the end comes sad and dreary! All they did this book rehearses, Both in pictures and in verses. The boys tie several crusts of bread together with thread, and lay this trap in the chicken yard of Bolte, an old widow, causing all the chickens to become fatally entangled.

    This prank is remarkably similar to the eighth history of the classic German prankster tales of Till Eulenspiegel.

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    As the widow cooks her chickens, the boys sneak onto her roof. When she leaves her kitchen momentarily, the boys steal the chickens using a fishing pole down the chimney. The widow hears her dog barking and hurries upstairs, finds the hearth empty and beats the dog. They saw through the planks of his wooden bridge, making a precarious gap, then taunt him by making goat noises a pun on his name being similar to the zoological expression 'buck' , until he runs outside.

    The bridge breaks; the tailor is swept away and nearly drowns but for two geese, which he grabs a hold of and which fly high to safety. Although Till removes the planks of the bridge instead of sawing them there are some similarities to Till Eulenspiegel 32nd History. When he lights the pipe, the blast knocks him unconscious, blackens his skin and burns away all his hair. The boys collect bags full of May bugs , which they promptly deposit in their Uncle Fritz's bed. Uncle is nearly asleep when he feels the bugs walking on his nose.

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    Horrified, he goes into a frenzy, killing them with a shoe. The boys invade a bakery which they believe is closed. Attempting to steal pretzels, they fall into a vat of dough.

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    The baker returns, catches the breaded pair, and bakes them.