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The Prototypes — Pandora 3. Halogenix — Reya 4. Netsky — Drawing Straws 5.

Netsky — Love Has Gone 8. Fracture — Get Busy 9.

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  5. The Geebst by Gili Ransome eBook for Android.
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Calibre — Second Sun Savage Rehab — The Drums Dub Phizix — Lastic feat Skeptical Joe Syntax — Modus Bass Fun Tune in from Subscribe to Hospital on YouTube and tune in — http: These guys take on the traditional sound of V records with their own twist of funk.

Think you can make a better remix? This will be available to bag on vinyl some time in the summer.

Modern Elegant Baby Sprinkle Delicate Floral Back Invitation

The label, Back 2 You, is hunting out fresh talent by launching a competition to remix the tune again for th B-Side. Buy the full MP3 here: I strongly encourage you to buy this on MP3 or Vinyl for your listening pleasure. LFS Released — 18th Nov 1. Conduct — Futile 2. Give Conduct a follow: Give Lockjaw a follow: Take a look and see you recognise anyone… Pre order the EP — http: Recent Posts Low budget but fashion calls? Account Register Log in.

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Zoltar started in and its been a slow trek to get to the 10th excursion, but its finally here. Skankandbass returns to London for their second event, 8th March There is a distinct flow and theme throughout the Shifting Tones EP, with a definite focus on musicality and emotion strung clearly through each track.

U2's Adam Clayton: 'I'm an alcoholic.. that disease drove me towards this wonderful life'

Signatures of each artists sound are present, yet there is somehow a different feel to the tracks in comparison to what they have released individually before, making the EP an exciting next stop in the journey of each producer. The debut Skankandbass event has been announced and is taking place at The Nest in London, 28th September.

Tickets are available here: Dabs is bringing it back to the old school theme.