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Universal Studios , which released the film, was quick to secure ownership of the copyright for the makeup format. But their makeup replicated the iconic look first worn by Karloff. To this day, the image of Karloff's face is owned by his daughter's company, Karloff Enterprises, for which Universal replaced Karloff's features with Glenn Strange's in most of their marketing.

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Since Karloff's portrayal, the creature almost always appears as a towering, undead -like figure, often with a flat-topped angular head and bolts on his neck to serve as electrical connectors or grotesque electrodes. He wears a dark, usually tattered, suit having shortened coat sleeves and thick, heavy boots, causing him to walk with an awkward, stiff-legged gait as opposed to the novel, in which he is described as much more flexible than a human.

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The tone of his skin varies although shades of green or gray are common , and his body appears stitched together at certain parts such as around the neck and joints. This image has influenced the creation of other fictional characters, such as the Hulk.

In the TV mini-series Frankenstein: The True Story , a different approach was taken in depicting the monster: Michael Sarrazin appears as a strikingly handsome man who later degenerates into a grotesque monster due to a flaw in the creation process. In the film Mary Shelley's Frankenstein , the creature is played by Robert De Niro in a nearer approach to the original source, except this version gives the creature balding grey hair and a body covered in bloody stitches.

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He is, as in the novel, motivated by pain and loneliness. In this version, Frankenstein gives the monster the brain of his mentor, Doctor Waldman , while his body is made from a man who killed Waldman while resisting a vaccination. The monster retains Waldman's "trace memories" that apparently help him quickly learn to speak and read. In the film Van Helsing , the monster is shown in a modernized version of the Karloff design.

The electricity is emphasized with one electrified dome in the back of his head and another over his heart. It also has hydraulic pistons in its legs, essentially rendering the design as a steam-punk cyborg. Although not as eloquent as in the novel, this version of the creature is intelligent and relatively nonviolent. In , a TV mini-series adaptation of Frankenstein was made by Hallmark. Luke Goss plays The Creature. This adaptation more closely resembles the monster as described in the novel: This version of the creature has the flowing dark hair described by Shelley, although he departs from her description by having pale grey skin and obvious scars along the right side of his face.

In this series, the monster names himself " Caliban ", after the character in William Shakespeare 's The Tempest. In the series, Victor Frankenstein makes a second and third creature, each more indistinguishable from normal human beings. As depicted by Shelley, the monster is a sensitive, emotional creature whose only aim is to share his life with another sentient being like himself.

From the beginning, the monster is rejected by everyone he meets. He realizes from the moment of his "birth" that even his own creator cannot stand being around him; this is obvious when Frankenstein says "…one hand was stretched out, seemingly to detain me, but I escaped…".

His greatest desire is to find love and acceptance; but when that desire is denied, he swears revenge on his creator. Contrary to many film versions, the creature in the novel is very articulate and eloquent in his way of speaking. Almost immediately after his creation, he dresses himself; and within 11 months, he can speak and read German and French.

'When I was told my brother had died by suicide, I crumbled to the floor and howled'

By the end of the novel, the creature appears able to speak English fluently as well. The Van Helsing and Penny Dreadful interpretations of the character have similar personalities to the literary original, although the latter version is the only one to retain the character's violent reactions to rejection. In the film adaptation , the monster is depicted as mute and bestial; it is implied that this is because he is accidentally implanted with a criminal's "abnormal" brain.

In the subsequent sequel, Bride of Frankenstein , the monster learns to speak, albeit in short, stunted sentences. In the second sequel, Son of Frankenstein , the creature is again rendered inarticulate. Following a brain transplant in the third sequel, The Ghost of Frankenstein , the monster speaks with the voice and personality of the brain donor. This was continued after a fashion in the scripting for the fourth sequel, Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man , but the dialogue was excised before release.

The monster was effectively mute in later sequels, though he is heard to refer to Count Dracula as his "master" in Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein. The monster is often portrayed as being afraid of fire. Another proposal is that the character of Dr. Frankenstein was based upon a real scientist who had a similar name, and who had been called a modern Prometheus-- Benjamin Franklin. Accordingly, the monster would represent the new nation that Franklin helped to create out of remnants left by England. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Getting Along With Brothers and Sisters

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The Evolutionary Basis of Literary Meaning. Retrieved July 13, Pennsylvania State University Press. The s , p. Hopefully, these tips will work. But if the situation gets out of control and you and your brother or sister start fighting a lot, you may need to talk to someone. Mean words can lead to hitting and physical fighting. If this is going on with you and your sibling, talk to a parent or another trusted adult. It may be hard to believe now, but your brother or sister may turn out to be your best friend someday.

Many brothers and sisters fight and compete with each other while growing up but become very close when they get older. As you grow up, your friends might change, but your family is your family forever. For specific medical advice, diagnoses, and treatment, consult your doctor. Getting Along With Brothers and Sisters. More on this topic for: Kids Kids Talk About: Our violent dad whipped me with a riding crop He hid behind his acting career to maintain a secret sordid life and in reality he was a monster.

I just hope he gets the help he needs so nobody else is harmed by him.

Spacey’s brother: Kevin is ‘a monster’

Kevin Spacey has been accused of sexual harassment by several men in recent days. The carefully crafted image Spacey, 58, created first cracked in a bizarre incident in when he claimed he had been mugged while walking his dog in a London park at 4am. I thought then it was only a matter of time before the world would know the real Kevin Spacey.

In interviews he reinvented his entire childhood. Kevin Spacey's brother Randy Fowler and Kevin. On Thursday, his publicist announced he was going to have treatment. By Friday it was claimed he sexually harassed eight of the House of Cards crew — with one claiming they were assaulted by him. Anthony Rapp has alleged Kevin Spacey tried to seduce him when he was just None of this is a surprise to Fowler. He thinks his brother is following in the footsteps of their father Geoff, a man he calls The Creature.

Fowler, whose dad and mum Kathleen are now both dead, said:.