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Punch (drink)

Some smuggled bottles in suitcases after trips to Europe; others brewed up housemade versions. Bartenders considered it to be something of a revelation.

Incidentally, it was also the drink that, for many bartenders, flagged the versatility of the Brooklyn. Similar to the Negroni , the Brooklyn works with myriad variations—so it has sparked imagination with good reason.

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Of course, the boom also surely owes debt to the proliferation of bars in Brooklyn, and the fact that so many bartenders and bar-goers live in the borough. Cynar was where I went.

Summer Fruit Punch non-alcoholic BBQ Drink Recipe for Vegans

A number of other variations followed, using the same rye whiskey-vermouth-modifier Brooklyn template, and all of them were named for other Brooklyn neighborhoods. Falling under the umbrella of Coolers, this family of drinks distinguishes itself by the addition of ginger ale as the fizzy component to a base of spirit and citrus….

A catch-all category for a broad swath of drinks made by mixing a spirit or fortified wine with a carbonated beverage, served over ice and often garnished with a…. One of the ancestral drinks of the cocktail world,…. While egg whites might show up in sours or fizzes, any drink with a whole egg could be considered a flip, a category that has been floating around since….

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A julep in miniature, a smash is a mix of a base spirit, sugar and water, served over crushed ice in a small bar glass.