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Young Sentinels, available mid Books in This Series 6 Books Hide books already in your library 0. Buy now with 1-Click. Wearing the Cape Series Book 2 Dec 29, Astra has finished her training and is now a full-fledged Sentinel, but things are not going well. She suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and the public revelation of her relationship with Atlas has caused her popularity to nose-dive. To complicate things, the Teatime Anarchist's intervention has changed the course of events--leaving her with lots of knowledge about the way the future was before the Big One, a complete future-history that is now out of date.

And just when she thinks she's getting a handle on things, unfolding events a bank-robbery and a horrific murder show that one of the nastier pieces of the old future isn't so out of date after all; unless she solves a murder before it happens, Blackstone is going to die.

Episode 4 Endgames was published alongside the full novel on December 29th and left up until February 25th for the benefit of all readers who picked up episodes The reward for a job well done is another job. After the Sentinels' takedown of the second incarnation of Villains Inc. Astra, aka Hope Corrigan, is able to breathe a little, to hang out with her friends, and even to attend classes where her professors are starting to think she is a myth.

But Blackstone is loading more training and responsibilities on her, and converging events threaten the compromises she has made to balance her superhero career and student life and to protect her family and friends. Worse, a new supervillain has come to town, and it will take all of Chicago's capes to defeat the threat of the Green Man — if he can be defeated at all.

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When a new supervillain group begins targeting anti-superhuman groups, it becomes apparent that even the Sentinels are going to need help. Because one thing is certain: Chicago is going to have a very bad day. Astra has become one of the most popular Sentinels in Chicago, past scandals notwithstanding, and is now the team leader of the Young Sentinels. But on their first big solo outing, the new junior Sentinels fall into a new scandal—one which could cost them the team.

And Astra has a dream visit from Kitsune, the odd shapeshifter-thief who precipitated the battle between the Sentinels and Villains Inc. The dream warns of a fresh disaster, in a town Astra has never seen before and that may not actually exist. Young Sentinels Small Town Heroes Astra has returned to Chicago and the everyday life of a cape: With no allies, few assets, and surprises at every turn, winning requires rewriting the rules and playing their own game.

Astra was done traveling, or so she thought. When what should be a simple job develops…complications, she finds herself catapulted into another reality—one with its own history and superheroes! Lim, and the graciously permitted use of Velveteen and friends by Seanan McGuire. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. I have re-read this series numerous times. The universe is very believable and the characters are well developed.

Some of the best superhero stories available. Astra, Artemis, and, eventually, Galatea are the most prominent.

Wearing the Cape Series

A God Am I: The Ascendant, and his organization "The Ascendancy," outright believe they are gods meant to rule over and guide unpowered humanity. Unlike most examples, however, they believe that they are supposed to be benevolent gods and try to show kindness and mercy, although they are perfectly willing to use lethal force when they need to, and the Ascendant has no problems with causing disasters that kill hundreds or thousands of people just to get a handful of breakthroughs. Wearing the Cape begins with a terrorist attack that leaves bodies all over, the Sentinels are shown to have lost several members before the story begins, the murder of a street-level hero is casually alluded to, and finally, in the attack on Whittier Base no less than three Sentinels die—including two main characters.

This only applies to the first book. From the second book onwards, Seven is a member of the Sentinels and his supernatural luck can rub off on other people. As of yet, no other Sentinels have died. The Post-Event World is filling up with strangeness. Ozma, Empress of Oz. When encountering an "emissary from Ganymede" or a Hermetic Magician who claims to have had an encounter with the fundamental Source of Reality, the reaction of many if not most citizens of the Western nations is "meh.

Arbitrary Skepticism is what lets the Post-Event World's scientists and rationalists sleep at night, but there is no proof that the Everyone's a Breakthrough theory is, in fact, correct. Kitsune can appear as a man or woman equally, both gorgeous. Happened to China as a result of a messy post-Event civil war. Despite a "now or never" style Big Damn Kiss from him in "Omega Night" and some Ship Tease afterwards, Hope eventually decides on this for the time being. Beware the Nice Ones: Hope, who at the age of 18 stands less than 5 feet tall and is self-described as an "underdeveloped teenage Tinkerbell", is one of the strongest superheroes on the planet.

Also, though she spends a good deal of time worrying about accidentally hurting anyone, she opens an alarming can of Whupass at the end of the story. Grendel is a fairly calm, stoic, controlled fellow. But when the fighting begins, he can whip himself into an animalistic fury so terrible that Hope is hesitant to get close, and he can alter his body to become even tougher and stronger than her. Although the Sentinels beat the Big Bad, Wearing the Cape ends with a state funeral for close to half the team. The rest of the books tend to end on a more upbeat note, with the heroes usually saving the day and at least foiling the Big Bad 's plot.

There was a bit of a scandal when she married Hope's father, a Self-Made Man who had not yet finished making himself. Seven got this as his power. I walk through firefights and the guns jam, misfire, come apart, get dropped, or just plain miss. Bombs don't go off when I'm in the blast zone or if they do, I'm in a blast shadow. The world's greatest martial artist would trip and break his neck if he tried to hit me. If I need a ride, a taxi or obliging fan just happens to be there. Boxing Lessons for Superman: Hope gains the Atlas-typepower set, enabling her to outfly jets, bench-press buses, and take direct hits from military ordinance.

So the first thing she does is go into intensive, fight-club style training so she has a chance against all the other Atlas-types out there. In the Post-Event world the more powerful and photogenic superheroes are major media celebrities, who often publicly play to the Golden Age Hero stereotype and have whole marketing campaigns and PR departments to back them up. The Department of Superhuman Affairs is the federal agency tasked with assessing superhuman threats to national security and assisting local authorities who can't deal with their superhuman problems.

An example of the Reconstruction variety. Presented as a simple anti-government terrorist at the beginning of Wearing the Cape , The Teatime Anarchist turns out to be oh so much more. The full extent of his interference is apparently revealed at the end of the book, but more facets emerge in the later books, showing just how deep his influence went. In Hope's world they are called "crests" and are adopted and copyrighted by superheroes for marketing purposes, even if their crests appear nowhere on their actual costumes.

After trying to dissuade her from taking up a superhero career, Atlas offers to train her and she joins the Sentinels as a probationary member while working on her certification.

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Commented on several times. Chicago is the post-Event Metropolis of the Wearing the Cape setting, with good reason; Atlas and the Sentinels created the template for superheroes and superhero teams, and with the Sentinels and the Guardians teams, the city has more superheroes per capita than any other city. Chicago is also the center of the Villain-Rap culture, which means the place is crawling with street-villains and fashion-villains.

The Sentinels' reputation is also creating a problem, in that supervillain-terrorists and thrill-villains who want to make their reputations may target them and the city they protect it has been noted that Chicago was the only freshwater port to get a godzilla attack. Jacky in Bite Me: Big Easy Nights intentionally invokes as many vampire tropes as she can, sleeping in a coffin on native soil, wearing lots of black and goth-like clothes, even studying to become a private detective , so that she go undercover in the local "vampire" culture, who play it distressingly straight.

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Most superheroes have codenames that are descriptive of their power or just cool-sounding. Atlas gives Hope the temporary codename "Astra", which he says is Latin for star. Heroes Without Borders takes it to an extreme as part of their organizational culture. Everyone who works for them uses a codename, powered or not.

While still idealistic, by the time of Ronin Games Astra has learned that there are times you just go for the win. In her fight with Heavenly Dragon an actual Chinese dragon , when losing meant a plane full of life-saving vaccines would fall into the hands of flying pirates, she ducked under his attack, grabbed hold, and carved her way through his belly to his spine. Max Fisher, the senior detective in the Chicago Police Department's superhuman-crimes division. A competent "normal" with secrets of his own. Later she gets a rematch and the fight is so one-sided Brick doesn't land a single hit, as a dramatic way of showing how much she's progressed.

Dark Is Not Evil: Artemis is a vampire superhero. As of Ronin Games , Hope's relationship with Kitsune.

Wearing the Cape

The usual way for breakthroughs to occur. Tends to follow a pattern of allowing one to fight the danger, escape the danger, or become immune to the danger. Dominoes or their equivalent are often worn by superheroes whose civilian identities are already publicly known. It's an expected part of the costume, but is also useful for making them unrecognizable to anyone who doesn't know them personally, allowing them a measure of privacy in public—a humorous inversion of movie-stars tendency to don baseball caps and sunglasses to go to Starbucks.

Exploited in the Omega Night.

This book contains examples of:

Astra correctly guessed that his power would work because he had a personal stake in choosing correctly. At one point, Astra realizes in a dream that a villain's actions show he's not trying to hide from the Sentinels anymore. Supernatural-type breakthroughs encompassing basically every kind of story, myth, folklore, or religion exist, ranging from the superhero types, to Hermetic magicians, Native American medicine men, European druids, and more.

Astra specifically uses one maneuver Atlas had carefully warned her against, even thinking at the time of his warning that an attack like a missile — well, you never reuse missiles. According to Hope the three girls of the popular clique at school adopted her after her best friend Shelly died origin seeking. Good Thing You Can Heal: The aptly named Green Man from Young Sentinels. An eco terrorist with the ability to make plants grow at enormous speeds.

Astra reflects on this trope. Hero with Bad Publicity: Sure she helped save the President of the United States and took down a big bad super-terrorist , but she's also accused in the sensational media of being underage and having an affair with a much-older Atlas her mentor and the setting's version of Superman.

Add to this that she publicly opposes superhuman registration—a popular cause after a supervillain-triggered earthquake leveled southern California—and she's not the media-darling that she was. A bartender is ready to be one in Small Town Heroes , causing Hope much worry. Atlas, the setting's Superman character, wears a sculpted muscle-suit that mimics a Mister Atlas body. Elsewhere, Hope notes that not all superheroes can get away with spandex, and the Hollywood Knights are chosen not just for their powers but also for their physiques often the result of personal trainers and plastic surgeons.

Atifa uses "Aunt Hope" and "Aunt Jacky". I Just Want to Be Special: Hope's best friend Shelly accidentally kills herself trying to get superpowers. She gets better later. Hope 18 years old becomes Atlas' sidekick in order to learn the butt-kicking ways of Atlas-type heroes. This is not an uncommon practice for newbie superheroes. The Dark Anarchist's goal is to keep the human race alive in the face of a crapton of wars, supernatural events and natural disasters, but his idea of how to do this is to create a police state that practices Fantastic Racism against people with powers.

Law of Inverse Recoil: A gunshop owner thinks Artemis doesn't get it, but is impressed that she can pull off shooting a gun despite recoil and the position she chooses. Supervillain teams are not uncommon, mostly of the street gang variety. The Chicago Outfit maintains their own more traditional example, Villains, Inc. The Sentinels shut down the original Villains, Inc. She wears armor and carries a lb titanium maul, partially to raise her game but mostly because without it she doesn't look threatening at all.

A government agent with the code-name Veritas is noted to be able to know if anything spoken, written, recorded etc is true or not. This proves invaluable when Hope has to determine if she can afford to trust a certain person. Riptide, found hard at work in the aftermath of the earthquake fighting fires; later he purifies drinking water. Called simply The Event. Still no explanation for what caused it though, or how this was connected to people developing superpowers.

While superheroic codenames are usually deliberately meaningful, the Teatime Anarchist's name was chosen for him by the media and is accidentally meaningful. They don't know he's a time traveler. Hope's given name also turns out to be descriptive, both of her determinedly optimistic personality and the revelation that she may be responsible for saving the world—or at least a large part of it—in the future.

Blackstone was a retired US Marine when he had his breakthrough and became one of the founders of the Sentinels. Ten years later, as the last surviving and active Sentinel of the original five , he is both the spiritual mentor to the newer Sentinels and the team leader.

Sifu is another one; mentoring Crash, Rush's new speedster-sidekick, it is hoped that he will balance Rush's more impulsive influence. Platoon and Watchman are also former military. The US military has several squads consisting entirely of superhumans.

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Most Common Super Power: Elsewhere she comments that the practice of incorporating wonderbras into superheroine's costumes is almost universal. Grendel's teeth grow into fangs for fights — and eating meat. Considering her backstory- being stalked, nearly brainwashed, and forcibly turned by the Vampire Vannabe -turned-real-deal who murdered her parents - it's hard to blame her. New Powers as the Plot Demands: It is suggested that this added power is temporary, however.

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No Celebrities Were Harmed: Michael Jackson is implied to have become a light-based breakthrough.