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Bernard weighing well over pounds down from outside a second-story window? The dog found its way onto an overhang outside an upstairs window of a home in Spring Lake Park. Responding firefighters found the dog on a small perch above a ground-level door. Renee Roth, dog-sitting for her son, was leaning out the window. She had a grip on one end of a leash, and Whiskey the St. Bernard was on the other end. Mission accomplished, one of the firefighters reported back to dispatch: Paul Walsh is a general assignment reporter at the Star Tribune.

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At least once, Town Drunk Bung has resorted to getting in trouble on a mountain so that he'll be rescued by a Saint Bernard and he can drink its brandy. Two cartoons of The Far Side toy with the idea: One with a guy in an outhouse in the middle of nowhere, yelling for help, cutting to a Saint-Bernard with a roll of toilet paper around its collar The caption is "Far away on a hillside, a very specialized breed of dog heard the cry for help.

Another is "Common rescue animals", featuring among others: The cover of the collected edition of Alex shows Alex, lost in the snow with a dying iPhone, delighted to see a St Bernard with a charger round its neck. Bond jokingly berates it for pawing him, telling the dog to go get the brandy instead, and make it five-star.

There is a Saint-Bernard in Feuer, Eis und Dosenbier that carries a barrel filled with something so high-proof that it's flammable and, in larger quantities, highly explosive. Also, the barrel is leaking, so when the protagonists need to find out where the blazing fast dog has gone, they simply ignite the flammable liquid that has leaked out of the barrel and onto the ground. In Terry Pratchett 's The Unadulterated Cat , one chapter imagines what the world would be like if we'd attempted to breed cats to fit all the roles dogs take in society, with the St Bernard being replaced by the St Eric.

Many lost mountain hikers have been kept warm by the sheer fury of seeing a St Eric give up looking for them and go to sleep. Mentioned once in the Dresden Files while Dresden is doing his thing to the villain of the book; he claims his Big, Friendly Dog Mouse is training to be a St. Bernard and asks the villain not to break his, Mouse's, heart by telling him they don't actually carry kegs. Like all goblin liquors, the brandy is made from snails. As an unexplained sight gag, a boxer's drunk girlfriend has a pet St. Bernard with a cask of brandy on its collar. Bernard , barrel and all.

Alfred Hitchcock is rescued by a St. A Punch magazine cartoon. A man has a St. Bernard and several puppies, all of which wear neck casks. The man says "Of course, I only breed them for the brandy. You can buy the kegs for your Saint Bernard pet , though it's not recommended you have liquid in them for hygiene reasons due to the dog's tendency to slobber.

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If you do, alcohol is actually a good choice due to its antiseptic qualities. Bach 's "half-act opera" The Stoned Guest , a St. Bernard appears right on cue after Don Octave says "For who can save us now? In the s Apple Macintosh skiing game MacSki , every fifth object that the player collides with will result in him temporarily being incapacitated while a Saint Bernard trudges onscreen to rescue him. An New York Times report mentions a St. Bernard named Major F. Bernards are often portrayed, especially in old live action comedies such as Swiss Miss , the TV series Topper , and classic cartoons , wearing small barrels of brandy around their necks.

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Avalanche victims supposedly drank the brandy to stay warm while awaiting rescue, although this is medically unsound. The monks of the St. Bernard Hospice deny that any St. Bernard has ever carried casks or small barrels around their necks; they attribute the image to an painting by Edwin Landseer , perhaps Alpine Mastiffs Reanimating a Distressed Traveler which became a popular engraving in by Charles Landseer. There was apparently at least one dog that really did carry brandy. In The Percy Anecdotes , by Thomas Byerley , published in , the following anecdote appears, and was often quoted in other books in the 19th century:.

The breed of dogs kept by the monks to assist them All the oldest and most tried of them were lately buried, along with some unfortunate travellers, under a valanche [sic]; but three or four hopeful puppies were left at home in the convent, and still survive. The most celebrated of those who are no more, was a dog called Barry. This animal served the hospital for the space of twelve years, during which time he saved the lives of forty individuals.

His zeal was indefatigable. Whenever the mountain was enveloped in fogs and snow, he set out in search of lost travellers. He was accustomed to run barking until he lost breath, and would frequently venture on the most perilous places. When he found his strength was insufficient to draw from the snow a traveller benumbed with cold, he would run back to the hospital in search of the monks….

When old age deprived him of strength, the Prior of the Convent pensioned him at Berney, by way of reward. After his death, his hide was stuffed and deposited in the museum of that town. The little phial, in which he carried a reviving liquor for the distressed travellers whom he found among the mountains, is still suspended from his neck. A Punch magazine cartoon from depicts a man with a St. Bernard and several puppies, all of which are wearing neck casks. The man explains, "Of course, I only breed them for the brandy.

A frequent joke in old MGM and Warner Brothers shorts is to depict the dogs as compulsive alcoholics who engage in frequent nips from their own casks.

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Bernard dog Barry found a small boy in the snow and persuaded the boy to climb on his back, and then carried the boy to safety. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

He was not so large,—he weighed only one hundred and forty pounds,—for his mother, Shep, had been a Scotch shepherd dog. Nevertheless, one hundred and forty pounds, to which was added the dignity that comes of good living and universal respect, enabled him to carry himself in right royal fashion. Retrieved 9 October Three Leonberger 'actors' one was a female, and two males played the starring dog "Buck" in The Call of the Wild: Internet Movie Data Base.

Retrieved 8 October Nevertheless, films and television renditions have varied the dog breed. The book was also adapted in The Call of the Wild by D. It has also been the subject of three television programs or films: Saint Bernard Breed Standard. Retrieved 5 August Retrieved 25 July Retrieved 15 January Natural History Museum of Bern.

Naturhistorisches Museum der Burgermendiz Bern.

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