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She wanted to save money, but she was forever throwing money around AND let's not forget her rich parents. The hairless cat smiles and somehow Tate thinks that is NOT creepy? Have you ever seen an animal try to smile? I saw a bit on Americas funniest Home Videos that featured just such an anomaly, and let me tell you animals attempting to smile is capital C-reepy.

Also, I didn't particularly enjoy the way things were half explained. It was cool that Collins didn't go with the love triangle. Truthfully, I kept waiting for it and was always pleasantly surprised that Hexe was pretty much it for Tate. The romance was slow building which was sweet, but there were times I actually wondered if it was ever going to happen. The love making scene was about as flat as jiffy mix pancake, so if you're looking for steamy hot sex this isn't the book for you.

Admittedly, I skipped around, but the world building kept drawing me back in. If you're curious, go ahead and indulge, but don't buy new. When trust fund baby and industrial artist Tate Eresby ventures to find an apartment in the largely magically populated Golgotham, she has no idea that she will embark on an adventure that will change her entire world, put her at death's door, and perhaps find her true calling. Collin's Golgotham is rich, fetid, humming with environment, and my only comparison on the level of atmosphere is Downside, my favorite series by Stacia Kane.

Collin's imagery invokes similar edgy themes, a press of races diverging on a portion of a city rife with crime, magic both benign and malicious, where you can get fried gator-on-a-stick as well as essentials to replenish your magical arsenal. Flavor reigns heavily in The Right Hand of Magic, and of course, the simmering attraction between its two leads: When Tate moves into Hexe's family mansion aka the Boardinghouse , she's overjoyed by the space she's rented, a place where she can create her art in peace. But peace is in short supply. With Scratch, Hexe's familiar that shapeshifts into a diminutive hairless cat with wings, a shadowy oracle bunkered down in the basement, and an Uncle who despises humans Hexe and Tate have a lot of nonsense to deal with in the beginning-least of all his being a Kymeran prince who only uses right-hand magic to heal and heir to the realm, and her rather annoying human status.

Life in the otherworldly borough hits critical mass when they rescue Lukas a were-couger, whose plucky escape from the fighting pits of the Malandanti overlord Boss Marz forces them to engage the magical cabal head on as he tries to retrieve his property. Despite Tate's lack of magical ability, Collin's manages still to pull off a coup de grace full of action by allowing Tate's creations to be imbued by Hexe's magic with the foreshadowing of a cryptic prophecy, half of which is yet to be fulfilled.

Now that has whetted my appetite for the sequel. I was in a perpetual state of amazement reading The Right Hand of Magic, it was engrossing, fueled by Collins' storytelling verve, pitch perfect, and with all the elements that urban fantasy buffs hunger for. A Fiendishly Bookish Review and one grumpy cat.

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One person found this helpful. The premise is inspiring. The setting is worthy of several novels. The writing is crap. I did enjoy some of the scenes and the characters had believable backstorys. I couldn't get past the use of magic to solve temporary problems.

It seemed that every time a problem arose that might have led somewhere it was quashed by 'quick' magic if it did not conform to a preconceived plot line. There was a desperation in the authors writing to impress the reader. It occurs to me that most of the negative or less than complimentary reviews I have written could all be overcome by good editing.

A Novel of Golgotham I am an empathic sensitive, with deep intuition and work with clients and students. I read only paranormal and urban fantasy. Enjoyed the character interaction. I like to read anything Nancy writes. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Collins Sonja Blue fiction.

This book, which I couldn't finish, seems designed to capture YA hearts and minds. The near instant attraction between the heroine and her monster landlord or the tormented were- and his caretaker read like a cheap romance. All the main characters have challenging family relationships, which they seem to share with each other and the reader almost immediately. There really is a lack of subtlety and nuance that is surprising considering her previous works He previous novels had a rich dark humor, which this one lacks.

The language seems clumsy, where in the past she had some lovely constructions. I was hopeful to dive into a new series of Ms. Collins, but it won't be this one. I liked this book. It was different "paranormals" type story, set in what sounds similar to Manhattan, NY. I would definitely recommend it and read the next in the series.

I agree with the other's reviews about less than satisfactory dialogue etc. However, I still thoroughly enjoyed the book and I am greatly looking forward to future books in this series. See all 38 reviews. Most recent customer reviews. Published 1 year ago. Published on September 25, Published on May 11, Published on February 14, Published on February 10, Published on July 5, Published on April 28, Published on December 13, Published on March 23, Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers.

Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. Set up a giveaway. What other items do customers buy after viewing this item? Paint It Black Sonja Blue. The Sonja Blue Novels Books 1—4: Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Sunglasses After Dark Sonja Blue. Feedback If you need help or have a question for Customer Service, contact us. See the quote below. The initial question is posed by Hexe, but the next couple paragraphs of dialogue are all Tate.

Until the next question, of course. I paused in midstep, forcing Hexe to turn and look back at me as I spoke. At least that's what my nanny claimed. The first time I realized I wanted to be an artist was in middle school. My school took a day trip to the Guggenheim. I was fascinated by the exhibits--enough that I went back on my own every weekend for nearly three months. When we studied sculpting in art class, I tried to re-create this statue I'd seen there called The Dying Gaul , in modeling clay, no less.

It was awful, of course, but there was something about creating something from nothing, using only my hands and will, which was very--gratifying. After that, I was hooked. All that was expected of me was to grow up, marry someone else who grew up filthy, stinking rich and have a couple of filthy, stinking rich kids to inherit the family fortune.

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I knew so many brats with Roman numerals behind their names who had no reason or desire to make anything of themselves besides what they were the minute they were born, it was disgusting. The last thing I want to do is add to that 'tradition. Hanging around doing nothing while waiting for an inheritance is boring. So many of my old schoolmates got fucked up on drugs and alcohol, mainly out of boredom. I swear, half of the girls in my graduating class in high school developed eating disorders simply to have something to do!

The sick thing is, my mother wouldn't have any problems with my being anorexic--after all, that's expected from someone of my background. I guess they think I'll eventually grow out of it--kind of like baby teeth. They keep saying they don't want to see me get my hopes up and end up hurt, which is another way of saying they're expecting me to fail--at least, that's what they're hoping for.

Review originally posted at Fiction Vixen. View all 50 comments. Jan 07, Cathy rated it it was ok Shelves: It wasn't awful, but it wasn't good either. It was an easy read as I wasn't terribly bored, but there wasn't anything exciting either.

Right Hand Magic : A Novel of Golgotham

I felt no emotional connection to anything happening. And almost nothing happened, it was mosly a neighborhood tour of the area of town where the paranormal folks all live. There were some nice images, but the action was confined to a few pages beginning after page I laughed when I realizes that Simon R. Green wrote the blurb on the cover It wasn't awful, but it wasn't good either. Green wrote the blurb on the cover because most of his books are also neighborhood tours of whatever bizzarities he imagined for that book, the story takes second place. This isn't quite so extreme, but it's more about the author's imagined fantasy world than the story.

And there were a lot of little annoyances. Like how Tate could identify the 3 obscure scents that each Kylmeran smells of, or that she was kicked out of her old apartment for making so much noise with her art but never asked if it would be an issue at the new place and no one there minds at all. I was still leaning toward 3 stars, despite Tate's often too stupid to live behavior, but when she kicked the hugely powerful magical gang lord in the shins and said, "Take that you creepy bastard No one makes my friends fight to the death!

The whole thing reads like a first novel, and if it were I'd give it and the author the benefit of the doubt. But since it's her 15th or something, I just can't recommend it. Like I said, there are some good images and ideas. If you are for some reason very I intrigued, then go for it. But if you're on the fence then skip it. Dec 20, Andrew rated it really liked it. There is that rare time when you find a book you cannot put down and can race through - enjoying every page as you go.

There is no reason or explanation you just connect, and that is what happened to me reading Right Hand Magic from Nancy Collins - an author who I first came to love and admire while she was writing the Sonja Blue series of book. A series I see I have now got more books to read - and who for me and I do not care if she invented or simply jumped on the bang wagon the hero Vampir There is that rare time when you find a book you cannot put down and can race through - enjoying every page as you go.

A series I see I have now got more books to read - and who for me and I do not care if she invented or simply jumped on the bang wagon the hero Vampire protecting mankind - in her own particular style. Anyway I had heard of the Golgotham series but this was the first time I thought of giving it a go and well as the saying goes the rest was history. The book is easy and accessible to read the characters fun and sympathetic to read if a little colourful and the storyline faced paced I can see why it has been optioned for TV.

The story is not very subtle and to be honest after or so pages you could sort of see where it was all going - but you know what I didnt care I was just along for the ride and boy was it worth it. Review courtesy of All Things Urban Fantasy Whenever a series is named after its location, I expect that location to be as much a character as the protagonist. And the new Golgotham urban fantasy series delivers. The fictitious New York city of Golgotham is a strange and wonderful place populated by centaur cabbies, Amazon bikers, and warlocks for hire.

I loved everything about Golgotham, if only the rest of the book had been as good as its setting. Most urban fantasy titles fall into two camps: Magic and supernatural beings are openly known to exist, but they are essentially segregated from the main population. For a book with a gritty and immersive world as Golgotham, I found the writing, specifically the dialogue, to be lacking. Weak dialogue aside, I did like the character of Tate and her romantic interest Hexe. A brief, non graphic sex scene. View all 8 comments. Dec 20, Gail rated it liked it.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. We have a love story between two beautiful young overprivileged folks who are slumming it and playing at trying to make a living on their own instead of living on their parents' wealth and fame. Not that I'm sure one could even classify living off trust fund payments while making sculpture to be an honest attempt at earning a living.

Honestly, neither one of them have any real problems. Their lives are pretty easy compared to most everyone else on the planet, and even when the conflict finally a We have a love story between two beautiful young overprivileged folks who are slumming it and playing at trying to make a living on their own instead of living on their parents' wealth and fame.

Right Hand Magic : Nancy A. Collins :

Their lives are pretty easy compared to most everyone else on the planet, and even when the conflict finally arrives right at the end, they aren't the ones in any real trouble, they are just trying to save an acquaintance, who does have real trouble. Tate's father is one of the wealthiest men in the country, and she has a comfortable income from her trust fund.

She lives in Manhattan and likes making metal sculptures, but her neighbors don't like the noise of her metalwork, so she decides to find a new place. She sees an ad for a room for rent in Golgotham, the neighborhood where all the magical folks live, and decides to go look at it. The landlord, Hexe, is a Kymeran, a sort of elf-like creature who is exotic in ways that human women find extremely attractive. He works as a right-hand sorcerer, practicing white magic and unravelling curses placed by those who do left-hand magic.

The house belongs to his family, and was given to him to help him support himself. Though it is supposedly a boarding house, and the place is very large, Tate is the only tenant except for a fellow who lives in the basement in a self-contained apartment and is never seen.

The room she rents at a ridiculously good price is much bigger than her old place, and ideal for her metalwork. Odd that she saw the place and decided to move in without ever mentioning to the landlord that she's going to be welding and hammering metal in his spare bedroom One would think it's the sort of thing a reasonable person would make clear in advance, so there are no nasty surprises later.

Anyway, she moves to Golgotham and Hexe invites her to spend a lot of time with him and shows her around and introduces her to people and takes her out to dinner and helps her solve all her problems. Oddly enough, she doesn't figure out that he's attracted to her until someone tells her, near the end. Does she think that is normal behavior for a landlord? Tate keeps making stupid assumptions that are awkward and embarrassing. One might hope that she would learn to keep her eyes open and her mouth shut, but she never does. That, and her obnoxious ex-boyfriend who seems to have a lot more power over her than she should allow him to have, are the only real problems in her otherwise idyllic life.

It seems that the entire novel is just going to be a travelogue of what a cool place Golgotham is, until finally near the end a friend of theirs is abducted and they need to rescue him. This was extremely predictable, and I figured out that was going to be the problem the plot centered around about 80 or pages in.

It was just a matter of waiting for it to happen, since it was obvious it would. And then it was obvious they would succeed, so it was just a matter of skimming through to find out what happened afterward. Right Hand Magic was oddly paced, predictable, and shallow.

Nothing much happens until the last couple of chapters, and then it's a rush to solve the problem. Tate is not a character I can really care about, because her life is so artificial and easy there's nothing to sympathize with. Was I supposed to feel sorry for her that she didn't have the balls to kick free of the smarmy ex? Was I supposed to be pleased that she found a man so perfect he wasn't any more believable than she was? Mostly I was just rolling my eyes at how everything aligns so perfectly for the two of them in their perfect little lives.

Right Hand Magic isn't terrible, the writing is fine at a sentence level, but the pacing is wrong and the characters not at all compelling. It was like a soft serve vanilla cone--sort of smooth and fake and sweet but also dull and not good enough to be worth the calories. I prefer something rich and interesting. Nov 03, Monica rated it really liked it Shelves: I really enjoyed this book. It had a fresh new taste to it, for an urban fantasy. Also, the girl on the cover is modestly dressed for the genre's covers.

I think the world is something new and the characters are well written and people and beings that I would be happy to know and be friends with, well most of them. I like the oddities of the characters in this story. They each have their own thing and it makes them more real to the reader's eyes. I enjoyed traveling through NYC and Golgotham. Although, I couldn't help but think of batman as I read the name sometimes don't judge. I enjoyed the whole two people from two worlds, yet similar feel for Tate and Hexe and I just heart Hexe, he is pretty bad-ass.

I think that this series has a TON of potential and I will keep a watch out for future installments. Nov 05, Kelly rated it really liked it. Golgotham itself is a fantastically intriguing setting and the best part of Right Hand Magic. It inspires a sense of wonder akin to what 3. It inspires a sense of wonder akin to what you might have felt when first discovering Diagon Alley. I wish Golgotham were real so I could go there and wander around for a day. Golgotham traces its history to a centuries-old conflict and resultant prejudice between humans and the magically-gifted, Technicolor-haired Kymeran race.

Tate and Hexe, it turns out, are both scions of wealthy families trying to make it on their own rather than coasting on their famous names. They learn they have a lot in common, and a cute romance begins. Right Hand Magic has its ups and downs. Most problematically, Tate is underpowered. The Golgotham series shows a lot of promise. I only hope Collins will find a way for Tate to become stronger as the series goes on.

Review written for Fantasy Literature View all 7 comments. Jun 01, Blodeuedd Finland rated it liked it Shelves: It is urban fantasy, but different than the rest because the heroine is not kick-ass. Instead the whole tone feels real as she explores a world she has not entered before. Tate as she calls herself is an artist, who welds things together and her blue blood family is not too happy about it.

But she loves art and to find a new place to live she heads to Golgatham. She is review posted at Alternative read. She is mostly used to her own safe New York and the city part known as Golgatham is new to her. Sure she knows what lives there but she has not associated with beings like that before. That is why this book felt so real. Everything she saw was knew to her and she said the wrong things, she feared. She was freaking normal. Who would not think leprechauns, satyrs and werewolves are weird?!

Her landlord is one of them, belonging to a sorcerer race that has 12 fingers, cat like eyes and freaky hair. But he is one of the good guys, and does not deal in curses. So yes she felt out of place and after she found out more about this world she felt more at home, even if there were some anti-human feelings against her. Therefore I liked Tate, she was real. As for Hexe, yes I had to like him too because he was not like your typical hero either, all alpha and strong. No, he was more nerdy, cool, calm, really sweet and nice, but with one good talent of magic.

He can still hold his own. There is a romance part, but it takes time, just as it should. There is also some action but that also takes some time to come, which was good. Tate and Hexe stumble upon something sinister and they do not rush into it. Now, they deal with it when it comes along. I do recommend this book. It was a different sort of urban fantasy and after I finished I wanted more of Hexe and Tate. I sure enjoyed it and I had a hard time putting it down. Flavor reigns heavily in The Right Hand of Magic, and of course, the simmering attraction between its two leads: But peace is in short supply.

Life in the otherworldly borough hits critical mass when they rescue Lukas a were-couger, whose plucky escape from the fighting pits of the Malandanti overlord Boss Marz forces them to engage the magical cabal head on as he tries to retrieve his property. Now that has whetted my appetite for the sequel.

A Fiendishly Bookish Review and one grumpy cat Nov 12, Yan rated it liked it. Tate is a trust fund baby, but wants to make her own life as a metal sculptor instead of killing time with drugs and partying. After being kicked out of her old apartment, Tate moves to Golgotham because of its cheap rent and large space for her sculptures.

But life in Golgotham is definitely different than what she's used to. When I first began Right Hand Magic the thought of the race card being dealt came across my mind. Here was the race card disguised as a fantastical community rainbow color Tate is a trust fund baby, but wants to make her own life as a metal sculptor instead of killing time with drugs and partying.

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  5. Here was the race card disguised as a fantastical community rainbow colored hair anyone? This community is perceived to the rest of the city as a dangerous because of the people, culture, and generally the unknown. Watching Collins build the world of Golgotham was an enjoyment to read because here was a community that fascinated with every turn of the page. Black bird pie, 6 fingered hands the extra finger is the magic finger , terms such as a right hand magic and left hand magic, witches, warlocks, etc.

    It is more than what meets the eye as the world expands underground, through alleyways, behind closed doors. There are the good people and the evil people and Boss Marz falls into the latter category. The gradual buildup from tenant and landlord to friendship to something more was an ongoing thing rather than an explosive of random feelings suddenly combusting into the perfect love.

    For some reason when they describe Hexe I pictured him with an Oriental appearance especially with those golden cat eyes.

    The Left & Right-Hand Paths

    The action and the high level of adrenaline were structured to be in three parts and in between those parts were dull. Dec 13, Rosalind M rated it liked it Shelves: Felt a little too lighthearted and convenient for the subject matter. Originally posted at http: A magical section of New York, Golgotham is home to all supernatural creatures. Tate takes a chance and arranges to see the apa Originally posted at http: Tate takes a chance and arranges to see the apartment for rent.

    There she meets the landlord-super sexy Hexe. A true blood Kymeran, Hexe is a witch and a healer who wants to build his own reputation by practicing only right hand magic clean magic. Golgotham is a fascinatingly rich world set in New York City. We follow Tate as she is introduced to all the sights the city has to offer and I found myself enchanted with this city within a city. The story reads smoothly but the plot and characters are weak. More background was needed. When they first meet, you get a young adult feeling from the inner monologue that Tate gives us. One concern I have is the innate differences between Tate and Hexe.

    She is human and therefore weak in Golgotham. In paranormal romance, the hero and heroine may not be equal but they can each hold their own. But her heart is in the right place and no matter what, she will do anything for her friends. I am very curious to see how Ms.

    Collins equates these two characters. The plot was interesting and some areas were fast paced with action while others dragged causing a breakdown in the presentation of the events. Scenes could have exploded off the page were weighed down by repetitive dialog and actions. Not a lot of conflict or angst and sometimes I felt like I was reading a synopsis of the book. The dialogue is humorous at times and dry others.

    All in all, while the characters and arc left me feeling a bit ambiguous, the city of Golgotham is significantly fascinating enough to sell me on reading the next one in the series-Left-Hand Magic-which is set to release next year sometime. May contain spoilers Cover: Photo style cover with some graphic novel leanings. The sepia old world city backdrop with the urban chick in the front totally rocks. I will admit, the name drew me the most.

    First off, I need to mention that this is the first book in this series. She appears to have a MySpace page thou May contain spoilers Cover: She appears to have a MySpace page though. Anyway, I found the characters of this book very well thought out. The story is done in first person, which seems to be the going thing now. I will admit to never actually going to NY, so all my knowledge is TV and movie based.

    Golgotham itself is a fantasy marvel. I loved the very well researched and thought-out fantasy species that she populated her world with. I laughed at the leprechaun pub and had to tell my one friend from Ireland about the scene. Her pubs and markets had history that she developed with a wonderful richness. My inner gamer was panting with excitement. My love of stories that put our own society in the spotlight through fantasy or sci-fi was enamored from the first chapter.

    Right Hand Magic: A Novel of Golgotham Book 1

    Ms Collins did a wonderful of social parallels whether she meant to or not. Books that make me hunt for a dictionary drive me nuts. So do vague colloquialisms and slang. Hers were all explained AND she has a glossary in the back of the book. Her grammar and sentence structure made for a very easy read. Could not put it down. Her good guys are endearing and quirky. Her bad guys are evil as all get-out. You can read the entire review here: I was iffy on this one to start, but as I read on, it kind of grew on me. Tate is a trust fund baby, rebelling against the trappings of her wealthy parents by pursuing a career that her parents find beneath her.

    After a bitter breakup You can read the entire review here: The rent is cheap, and her handsome landlord Hexe, a Kymeran, is nothing to sniff at either. Right Hand Magic was a light, fun read. It moves along nicely, and Tate , Hexe, and Lukas the were-cougar , were fun characters to get to know. Sep 22, Anachronist rated it did not like it Shelves: I grant it - Golgotham is a very original setting. So original, in fact, that it overshadowed a bit the main characters and the action; mind you the action, although sensibly paced, still seemed more important than the whole romance between Hexe and Tate.

    I was really strange — t Mini Review: I was really strange — the pair of protagonists were simply lost among all those colourful Kymerans, maenads, centaurs, werewolves, changelings and satyrs. Dark-doomed to boot, whatever it means?