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But now, five lifetimes later, the Palindrake heir, Vlraven V, has a twin sister, a woman who embod In a world beyond time, the Palindrake family rules the rocky kingdom of Caradore, their right ordained by their allegiance to the power of the sea.

Seph McCauley

But now, five lifetimes later, the Palindrake heir, Vlraven V, has a twin sister, a woman who embodies their inheritance of power in a way that no wife ever could. The tidal power in their blood draws them to each other, into a forbidden passion that cold sweep away the bonds of fire placed upon the oceanic magic of the sea, and free Caradore from its long imprisonment.

Paperback , pages. Published February 3rd by Tor Books first published The Chronicles of Magravandias 1. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Sea Dragon Heir , please sign up. Lists with This Book. Sea Dragon Heir is the first book of The Chronicles of Magravandias trilogy, and this is one example that leads me to increasingly avoid trilogies, or any kind of these fantasy sagas altogether.

The problem is that I always have to finish a book series, no matter how disappointing they turn out to be… like this one… Well, Sea Dragon Heir was actually palatable but its most distinctive feature was the strong sexual content that mixed incest, homosexuality and the sorts. Other than that it was a p Sea Dragon Heir is the first book of The Chronicles of Magravandias trilogy, and this is one example that leads me to increasingly avoid trilogies, or any kind of these fantasy sagas altogether. Other than that it was a plane, although enjoyable, fantasy story with some political intrigue and focused on the rekindling of a mystical bound between a noble family the Palindrakes and their dragon gods Foy and its daughters.

Perhaps the comparison is unfair but for sexual content and political intrigue we are far better served with George R. Nov 09, Vin rated it it was ok. It started out interesting, with plots, forbidden passions, and murky motivations. The protagonist of the first bit, Pharinet, is a person of questionable morals and judgment, but interesting.

I was very curious to see what all her scheming would accomplish, and how her character would develop - for good or bad. The plot is racing along, but then all the momentum is lost. Author, if you want to instill a sense of resignation and stagnation in the plot, don't do it by dragging things out until the reader feels as bored, ever-waiting and lifeless as the theme you're trying to convey. The ending is an anticlimax, and generally disappointing. Jul 24, Kelly rated it it was ok Shelves: I loved these books when I was about fifteen. I thought they were fascinating. I think I missed a few things.

I can't rate them any higher because I don't remember anything more than a few wonderful turns of phrase. Also, I think I remember finding the plot kind of heavyhanded. It's more like 3. I was about to give it 4 stars, till I remembered that I had to suffer through one of the worst POV characters I've ever read for like half the book. The change of the POV character really redeemed this book in the end and made it so much more enjoyable. Overall this was a typical fantasy story, with all the enjoyable ingrediences the genre comes with: I It's more like 3.

I think every single character suffered some tragedy ranking from minor being in love with someone who doesn't love them back to major death of loved ones at one point or another. No one was ever truly happy. I could tell while reading this book, that these characters were truly cursed one way or another.

They were trapped in their respective roles in the world and unable to break out, even when the desire to do so existed. Basically everyone was bitter and mad at the world. But no one was as bitter and petty about anything as Pharinet aka the POV character that the reader gets settled with for the first part of this book. She started out fine. She was a noble woman of the ruling family in her country that is part of a bigger empire. Her childhood was mostly happy, having been raised by her older sister after her mother died birthing her and her twin brother Valraven.

They were best friends with the neighbour's children, Ellony and Khaster, while being aware that they'll likely have to marry them in the future. Ellony was the only one happy with that arrangement, which ultimately lead to Pharinet becoming a terrible human being. Cause you see, she was in love with her twin herself, which lead to nothing good I'd say "obviously", but in that world brother marrying sister, while not the norm, is not entirely unheard of. Pharinet turned out to be a spiteful, petty, jealous and general hateful woman, who couldn't have been a worst best friend if she'd tried.

Sure, she was sympathetic to a degree and from time to time she pondered about what a terrible person she had become, but as soon as Ellony innocently mentioned how much she loved Val, all feelings of remorse went out of the window and she was back to basically wishing her dead. Ellony herself wasn't the most likeable or even engaging character, but she truly tried to be a good person, who never suspected that her childhood friend might betray her.

Not that Ellony was the only one Pharinet was awful to. It was just so consistent and continued even after view spoiler [Ellony had died - something which she was partly responsible for hide spoiler ]. Who wants to be friends with a person who always mocks their supposedly best friend in her head - especially about things she herself does or wants to do. Luckily there was a change of POV character around half of the book, after a timejump happened. Enter Varencienne who while not perfect, at least was a sympathetic character. She just wanted to find a place she could call home, with people she could call friends.

She didn't want to be married off to some stranger, but was thankful for the home she got out of it. While she was aware of her duty, she also abhored the thought of inevitable pregnancy and raising children. It's not often that female characters are allowed to feel that way and don't change their mind. I also found her navigating her arranged marriage honestly interesting. In the end I actually kind of wanted them to fall in love view spoiler [if only to spite Pharinet hide spoiler ] , but somehow I doubt that it will happen in the next two books.

Oh well, I'll take them learning to become friends.

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The other characters all had their good and bad sites. For some I wish I knew more about them, but right now it feels like they got exactly the right amount of focus to not make them seem like cardboard cutouts. I'm curious to see if any of them will get more focus in the other two books. The plot itself was kind of slow. It felt like it only really started to move forward in the last third of the book, after we got to know all the history of the country and the past of the major characters. Now we need to read the sequels to find out who will be king in the end and if the empire will fall.

I especially want to know what's up with the character of Prince Bayard. Is he really a villain or is he more of a gray character?


So many conflicting opinions! All in all a decent set up for a story that I will continue reading right away. Jul 28, Paul Weiss rated it it was ok Shelves: Gothic Fantasy - not for me, thanks! Two hundred years ago, Cassilin, king of fire and son of the great Magravandian house of Malagash conquered Caradore and its guardian family, the Palindrakes. He took their land and crippled their heritage by demanding an oath of perpetual fealty from Valraven, the young heir to the throne.

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Valraven's mother bid him accept this humiliation willingly such that their association with the power of the Sea Dragons could be hidden until the time was right for its r Gothic Fantasy - not for me, thanks! Valraven's mother bid him accept this humiliation willingly such that their association with the power of the Sea Dragons could be hidden until the time was right for its revival to aid them in reclaiming their land and their freedom. Many generations have passed.

Valraven, the current eldest son of the Caradorean family, accepts posting to the Magravandian military, part of his ancestor's oath, but his twin sister Pharinet struggles with the realization that the time is coming to reawaken the magic of their country's connection to the sea and the Sea Dragons. That Storm Constantine can write is beyond dispute. Her descriptive passages are moving and brilliant.

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  • Her dialogue is lucid, realistic and fast-paced. The magic or dream sequences are eerie, fascinating and compelling. I am a true fan of Alicia Montgomery's work. When I read that she was starting a new series, I anxiously awaited the release date. I was not disappointed!

    Shifters of every breed, but my favorites always has been, the dragons!

    I felt like Dorothy in Oz. Lions and Wolves and Bears and Dragons! Add in murder and mayhem. Twins who are the only ones who can tell another set of identical twins apart. Montgomery has another hit with the Blackstone Dragon series. Looking forward to the next in this series. I highly recommend this author and all of her works! And how each family expanded and had daughters around the same age. Twins falling for twins. Fun to read about the twin dragon shifters and how only their true mates can tell them apart.

    When Catherine comes into town, Mathew can't keep his eyes off her. But she's just passing through and doesn't want anything to do with a relationship. The biggest problem is that she's Mathews true mate. Well written self-contained story that's entertaining to read. Feedback Als je hulp nodig hebt of een vraag hebt voor de klantenservice, neem dan contact met ons op. Wil je de slechte kwaliteit of opmaak van dit boek doorgeven?

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    Additionally, the Gaurdians produce as high pitched screeching that grates on every nerve. They are able to communicate ultra-sonically, outside the range of human hearing. However, the Human Guardians are able to listen. As quick as the Guardian Dragons are, they travel so fast that it is difficult for them to stop suddenly, or turn around.