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Who can I choose to be my birth partner What are the signs of labour? Positions in labour 4 ways your body gets ready for labour 5 positive ways to prepare for labour Assisted birth Braxton Hicks Delayed cord clamping DCC Get your baby into the best birth position How will I know when labour has started? Does bleeding always end with a miscarriage? How do I get referred to a doctor who specialises in miscarriage? How likely is a miscarriage and what can I do to stop it? If I do miscarry what might happen next?

My partner had a miscarriage a few months ago and still cries about it. What are the miscarriage signs and what should I do if I think I am having a miscarriage? What happens next if I have miscarried?

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What happens to my baby after a miscarriage? What happens to my body during a miscarriage? When can I be tested for a problem and what tests can I have? Will I find out straight away whether I have miscarried? Will I miscarry again? I could see my baby's heart frantically pounding Fortunately my story does have a happy ending I have been through two missed miscarriages and an ectopic pregnancy. I have had in total 15 pregnancies I lost a tube and the little baby at 8 weeks gestation I love you before I have even met you!

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It has been an emotional journey but if I can get through this I can get through anything. My body was still pregnant, but my baby had died My husband and I were close to breaking point, we had so much tragedy on top of our losses and it was becoming too much. My journey has been far from smooth That's when my whole world fell apart The situation was serious and I was admitted to hospital to have the tube removed including the foetus The whole time I was pregnant I was convinced something would go wrong They soon realised I was having an ectopic pregnancy.

I ended up losing my fallopian tube along with my baby. We both walked out of that room in utter shock and didn't speak the whole way home. We stood at the top of Mount Etna Useful contacts: Feeding your baby Longer term implications for your baby Gestational diabetes and your mental wellbeing Testing for gestational diabetes What is gestational diabetes? My premature baby - a free app for parents Active pregnancy guide The Wellbeing Plan When to call the midwife infographic Leaflet on reduced fetal movement Leaflet: You can find all the information from our print publications in the following sections of our website: The young woman's guide Having a healthy pregnancy Managing your weight in pregnancy Your premature baby We have also developed the UK's first free mobile app for parents of premature babies, which you can find out about here.

Yes No Thank you for your feedback! This book will help children understand that Bipolar Disorder is manageable with medical care and the support of family and friends. The book explains what can happen during a manic episode and then how a doctor and rest can help calm Daddy Bear's very busy brain. Matters to a Head: Cannabis mental illness and recovery by Kate K: This highly readable and exciting new book explores the links between cannabis and mental illness through the personal and professional experiences of former Nelsonian, author Kate K.

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All Blacks Don't Cry is John Kirwan's story of hope, of working through the pain and living a full life - a poignant, inspirational and helpful example for anybody battling depression. Compiled by Georgie Tutt A collection of stories and poems written by people who have bipolar disorder and are managing their condition, living fulfilled lives, despite their diagnosis. Fuller Torrey; The Burden of Sympathy: Schizophrenia" Rachel Miller "Divided Minds: The author of this book, Lori Schiller, has written a very frank and open account on the effects that having schizophrenia has had on her life.

The demands of having special needs children have a definite effect on parents.

Lori explains, in very detailed language, what the effect of hearing voices has on her self worth and self-image and her progression into self-harm and self-destruction. For those whose family member experiences this aspect of schizophrenia, it is insightful and gives a further appreciation of the difficulties experienced for those who have to live with this aspect of mental torment. It was interesting reading the chapters of this book that related to the various responses of family and friends and how they eventually come to terms with and understanding of Lori's illness.

This book highlighted not only Lori's determination to overcome the difficulties and challenges that coping with schizophrenia has on her life but also the importance of family support and love as well as the essential role that clinical specialist, nursing staff and support persons, along with responsive medication, play in helping her to progress into a life where she is able to begin again and look at the world and her illness in a different light.

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Alan Stein How easy is it to predict reoffending? Salutary message for Christmas: Laughter is not the best medicine Do gender differences in our prisons reflect wider society? Don't worry, be happy: How the structure of the music affects our desire to dance Congratulations Henrique! In Search of Ourselves: A History of Psychology and the Mind Fighting the entertainment industry Why we will come to see mindfulness as mandatory Russell Foster on how sleep science explains eye disease and mental health Antipsychotic medication linked to reduced rate of violent crime Time to vote!

Congratulations to our new Associate Professors New approach could transform treatment of major depression in patients with cancer Oxford Psychiatry Autumn School Wellcome Trust Research Training Fellowships for Psychiatrists - Applications are now being accepted Last day of Oxford Psychiatry Autumn School High risk of osteoporosis and fractures in people with intellectual disabilities partly the result of vitamin D deficiency Launch of National Survey to identify research priorities Embedding mental health interventions in schools The Art of Medicine project is back!