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Clara, the cow, well she says she's not interested. Little ones may notice how she keeps showing up and speaking her opinion!

What will Sam's favorite part of school be? This one was a fun picture book. Zoey is quite a lovable chicken.

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And Sam is fun as well. Even if he's always thinking about food! Before this year I'd not really paid attention to chickens starring in picture books. This one is definitely worth reading. Jan 23, Nicola rated it really liked it Shelves: Miss 3 and I like to explore different books and authors at the library, sometimes around particular topics or themes. What a fun book! The farmyard animals are jealous the kids get to go to school and create their own school which also has them thinking about what school means to them. We've read some of the author's other books and enjoyed them as Miss 3 and I like to explore different books and authors at the library, sometimes around particular topics or themes.

We've read some of the author's other books and enjoyed them as well.

Aug 18, Bethe rated it really liked it Shelves: Lots of fun on the first day of school on the farm - this might be the first read aloud of the year - will get the students thinking about what school is really about - building community! Feb 28, Hayley DeRoche rated it it was ok Shelves: This book felt like it didn't quite know what story it wanted to tell.

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Is it a story of how much fun math is? A story about what makes school great? A story about everyone liking different things? Mar 12, Victoria Irons rated it really liked it Shelves: This is a cute story young readers love to hear. The farm animals want to go to school and this happy story shares their version of what school is like.

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It could be used as a cute way of seeing what the kids think of school and what their ideal day of school would look like. Aug 26, Alyssa Gudenburr rated it liked it Shelves: A very silly book. Chicken wants to go to school so she makes her own in the barn. The animals join her and pretend to have school.

On the longer side so it would be better for an elementary read aloud.

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Jul 20, Esutterlin rated it really liked it Shelves: Good for Back to School program - animals going to school anticipate snacks, but have a lot of fun with what they are learning. Large, simple illustrations, easy to see. Friendship lesson in the book-- and positive about having fun learning and using their imaginations.

Sep 04, Miss Pippi the Librarian rated it really liked it Shelves: Barnyard animals are curious about school. Zoey the chicken has an idea and scurries off to create a school in the barn. A fun and silly picture book that is an abbreviated school day. Reviewed from a library copy. Aug 04, Kelly rated it really liked it Shelves: Zoey a chicken and Sam a pig want to go school along with the little kids. So they come up with a plan to create their own school on the farm. The other farm animals join in. It means they are suitable for all different kinds of people, from all walks of life, and different ages, and provide extra benefits if cared for by children.

And Val has also noticed, from her work locally, how well those with learning disabilities respond to the pleasure and the responsibility of keeping chickens. The big threat to any chickens, of course, is foxes, but Val has been keeping hens in her Swindon garden for 12 years and is yet to suffer a fox attack.

Ironically, her garden features a weather vane in the shape of a fox, and even a chicken lover like Val feels sympathy for urban foxes, which struggle for survival, and she is keen to bust the myth about foxes and chickens. Also check out the website for the local club, the Cotswold Pheasant and Poulty Club - www.

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Like most animals, they are responsive, display lots of common sense and, like people, all have their own personalities and peculiarities. Chickens last longer than you think. They can live to up to 15 years old, although this is rare.

Depending on breed, life expectancy is typically five to eight years. They will produce eggs for several years, but show a slow decline in the number of eggs over time, whereas battery chickens generally lay for three years and then stop suddenly. Their peck is hardly noticeable and they are not generally aggressive. You just need to be careful of their claws, which are sharp and can injure accidentally. Why fairs insist on dragging Don't bring your guns to town — or at least not to the Monadnock Rod and Gun Club range as it's been shut down due to a cease-and-desist order from Town Hall.

Frittenburg earns shutout as Kennett girls win showdown.

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