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Mazas Twelve Little Duets Op.38 No. 2 Allegro Moderato 2nd Violin part

The following members say thank you to Martin Jonas for this post: Could you try to explain that, Martin? For my personal taste, the amount of tremolo is just right. I recorded the duet exactly as it is notated, maybe a bit too slow, but I tremoloed only where it was indicated.

Twelve Little Duets, Opus Violin Book: Jacques Mazas

Maybe in his 3 part method, Repke is averse to tremolo? I don't know that method. When I was taking violin lessons, at a certain point it became kind of obvious I wasn't going to be a fiddler.

Me on manodlin, teacher on violin. Great and amazing fun. Lots of riffs passed back and forth and it was interesting to hear the difference in tone and articulation between violin and mandolin.

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It kind of added another layer of entertainment. My teacher has moved on, and I have been searching for someone to play duets with.

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The entire staff funny I had completely forgotten the exam work by Ariane Zernecke. Enescu, George Sonata No. Grieg, Edvard Norwegian Dances for piano duet, Op. Harbison, John Twilight Music, for piano, violin, and French horn Vocalism, grand aria for soprano and piano.

Mazas: Duos for Two Violins, Op. 38, 1-6

Haydn, Joseph Trio for violin, cello, and piano in E, Hob. Hindemith, Paul Sonata for oboe and piano Sonata for French horn and piano Sonata for trumpet and piano Trauermusik, for viola and piano. Liszt, Franz Hungarian Rhapsody No. Mendelssohn, Felix Sonata No. Poulenc, Francis Sonata for flute and piano Sonata for oboe and piano Trio for oboe, bassoon, and piano Calligrammes, for voice and piano. Prokofiev, Sergey Sonata No.