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This story opens as an unknown intruder enters the home of Sparkle aka Larry Stith, trying to take him out. But the unknown intruder escapes, leaving behind a bracelet with the initials JJ engraved on it. Could this be the person trying to take his life, or someone trying to set something into motion? Johnny Ivey, Johnny Dobbs, and Larry Stith, proclaimed the three amigo's running things together in Atlanta, until Larry finds himself locked up. Larry Sparkle Stith, has finally made it out of the penitentiary, breathing the fresh air that only freedom can bring.

He makes his way home to the ATL, but before he can make it, Sparkle runs into Soft, someone from his past that hooks him up with a little welcome home gift to get his head tight. When Sparkle finally arrives to Atlanta, his family welcomes him showing him much love, but Sparkle's release from prison hasn't deterred him at all. He finds himself lured back into the game by his sister's boyfriend. Surrounded by money, sex and a seemingly endless supply of drugs.

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Can he and his two partners be a success or will the person out to make" one fall at a time" be the end of their beginning? Beverly Johnson, the city's newly elected Police Chief, has it made as she surveys the new surroundings of her plush office.

The future looks bright, that's until the skeletons in her closet, start banging to come out. Being the new Chief has its perks as well as it's problems especially since Beverly is also Sparkle's lover. What will she have to do to keep that secret,will the other women Sparkle finds himself with prove to be too much competition for her, or will she find herself faced with the possibility of having to bring him back to justice?

Or will she find she'll be the one faced with jail time as her beloved city comes under siege.

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Newell brings us this urban tale filled with the grit and grime of the streets. Filled with endless sex and drug use and plenty of street slang.

I found this story hard to keep my interest, better character development might help. But the constant assault of sex and drugs before the story every really picked up and the barrage of characters was an additional distraction.

But those fans of street fiction will find themselves inundated with it, and won't be disappointed. As I began to dig into the novel, I was introduced to Larry Stith, a. Sparkle, who is just released from doing a long stint in prison.


Sparkle is trying to walk the straight and narrow and stay away from the previous way of life that he was used to. But will the crime and violence calling him be too great for him to succeed on his walk to redemption? Beverly Johnson is a newly appointed police chief in Atlanta. Beverly takes her new position seriously and will go to no bounds to protect what is rightfully hers. But with skeletons stirring in the closet that she cannot afford to have let out, Beverly struggles with loyalty, secrets, and her career. Will Beverly be able to juggle her career without her past being blown up in her face?

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Nancy Edwards Jenkins I just wanna say one word Erin Victoria Zimmerman lol it didn't even take me 5 minutes to register! The sequel to Durty South Grind --an erotic novel about spirits forever linked through love and devotion as they travel through a maze of deceit and mischief from the upper classes to the underbelly of Atlanta.

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T he Grind Don't Stop offers a raw realization of one individual balancing her passion for dedicated police work in her beloved hometown with the unbridled love for her longtime friends who are hustlers. Police chief Beverly Johnson has a secret. Her lover is Sparkle, the forty-one-year-old street hustler. Sparkle and his gang of pimps, drug dealers, and prostitutes run the streets of Atlanta, going up against their rivals, the Black Don. The exciting nightlife of one of America's fabulous cities is on full display and its world-renowned historical sites are the background to this compelling drama.