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This causes Kramer to sell Steinbrenner's birthday card and George's co-worker Morgan to get fired. Elaine is dating a wake up service guy named James she met on the phone. Jerry is dating Elaine's cousin Holly who loves to eat meat. Jerry tries to impress her by pretending to eat her mutton but actual stuffs the chewed up pieces into Grandma Mima's napkins and into his jacket. Elaine borrows Jerry's jacket and gets chased by dogs. She has to spend the night at her boyfriend's house and they sleep head to toe on his sofa bed. Kramer makes a deal with a terminally ill boy named Bobby that if Paul O'Neill hits two home runs he will give Kramer the birthday card back.

James's dogs find the mutton and the used napkins are used as dog bandannas. Holly tries to cook Jerry pork chops and he stuffs it into his sofa and James's dogs find it as well. Another entertaining episode from Season 7 even though it may come as weaker than the previous three. A lot of weird things going on but thankfully is a good weirdness.

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Elaine starts dating his wake up guy and for some reason I find this idea very entertaining. I mean, it definitely is unrelatable but it's just so original you can't help but go alone with it.

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The same case goes for George's storyline: Jerry spills some grapefruit on George's eye, making him to wink involuntarily. This sets up most of the events that take place in the episode and, to its merit, it is quite funny in the beginning but as the episode continues George's wink habit disappears out of the blue.

So that's kind of lazy from the writers. The other two story lines are Jerry trying to prove his manhood to Elaine's relative and Kramer trying to get the Yankee's signed card back from an ill kid at the hospital.

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Both stories are crazy and give us great moments. Apart from that we get the first appearance of the great George Steinbrenner. On a side note, I'd like to point out the job of continuity the writers are doing with this season.

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Old Saxon winkan, Old High German winchan to wave, signal]. Switch to new thesaurus. To open and close the eyes rapidly: To shine with intermittent gleams: To emit light suddenly in rays or sparks: To pretend not to see: A brief closing of the eyes: A very brief time: One person would nap, while the other counted their normal blinks; when they got to 40, they would wake the napping person.

The average person blinks times per minute, so you're only looking at a minute nap, depending on the 'blinker. A very long time ago I was an engineer doing time and motion studies in the automotive industry and we used the wink as a defined unit of time.

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If I remember correctly a Wink is: Decimal minutes made arithmetic easier. You can still buy decimal minute stopwatches for time study. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. How long is a 'wink'? If I'm off to catch forty winks, how long will I be asleep?

The expression is "not get a wink of sleep," for what I know.

in the wink of an eye

There are many phrases using the word wink. Orbling Still, it doesn't seem a "real question. In that sense it isn't, but the poster is not to know that the phrase does not define an exact time; the answers serve to tell him how odd English idioms are. From the Wikipedia entry: Robusto k 28 A wink is much longer than a jiffy and about the same time as a single shake of a lamb's tail.