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The books teaches kids on how to draw diagrams, what colors to be used and where to start while drawing an image. The book makes it easy for kids to draw the diagrams. The books also shows how to split the diagram into parts and then where to start with and how to join the blocks to get the final diagram. The books are published in several countries and are considered as the best way to teach drawing to kids.

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Learn to Draw Polar Animals. Mean 'n' Messy Monsters. Kids Draw The Fun: Draw The School Going Dog. Draw The Bear At Farm. Kids Easy Drawing Book: Kids Cute Drawing Book: The Cute Little Chicken Drawing. Walter Foster Creative Team.

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The Kids Spelling Quiz Fun. Kids Algebra Quiz Book: A Quiz Book On Planets. Kids Question Book On Olympics. Kids Math Fun n Fun: Math n Fractions Fun For Kids. The Kids Anagrams Fun Book. Kids Flag Fun n Knowledge: Countries 'n' Flags Puzzle Book. Perhaps imitating her friends and wanting her own art to be more realistic are two different things? Perhaps let her look at a few of the books you were interested in getting, and get her opinion on what type of instruction she is seeking at this time.

At bedtime she asks if she can stay up and draw for a little while. And how can I resist that request? It shows you exactly when and how to add the eyebrows, the silly glasses, the hair… By breaking it down, step by step, into shapes and lines, it helps a beginning drawer to see the parts that make up the whole and then to successfully create the whole without getting overwhelmed.

I probably would have thoroughly enjoyed a book like this as a kid! Well, actually, I do know why. It still feels a bit like cheating. So guess what Maia is going to get for Christmas this year? One or two drawing books of her own. Mai has reached that point! And her drawings are wonderful!! You are a great mom Jean. Listening really listening to what she wants even if it feels uncomfortable for you — something that is not always easy for me.

That book is cute! My son would really like that. I think he likes how-to books because reality can be overwhelming — like the question what to draw ends up being more of a dilemma than drawing itself.

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The how-to gives him direction and confidence. Thanks for sharing this book on here. When we are taught musical instruments, we copy the most rudimentary songs to learn. Those simple first tunes are devoid of all emotion until we embrace them as our own. We have it at our library, and it is truly cute!

I think the danger from an art and creativity education point of view is when kids start thinking that they can ONLY draw from a book. I think in your home environment she is safe from thinking that! But I was recently sent a new book to review: I like the way it explains and suggests about aspects like shading and perspective, as well as giving examples and activities that kids will understand. Might be more for when Maia gets older though.

I enjoy graphic design, and decided that I needed some help visualizing the shapes in different animals, people, objects, etc. It can only do that or better for a creative child. I think this looks like a great idea! My girl is 6 going-on 7 and loves drawing people and faces.

I just put the book on hold at my library and am going to see what she thinks of it.

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  7. We are facilitators for these kids of ours, providing materials and resources if it works for them. I think the big book of faces will be perfect for her, and I was looking for artful things to get her for Xmas! My 6yo daughter has enjoyed the Draw, Write, Now book series. She has drawn everything from book one multiple times and put her own twist on the pictures, once she felt she had mastered the idea. She spends hours drawing and coloring. I honestly think that this can be a great jumping off point and can create confidence.

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    Maia may be learning how to draw by step-by-step instruction, but more importantly she is learning that you trust her to make decisions in her play and learning. We love Ed Emberley at our house! Since working with those books he is drawing a lot more freely. The key for him really was seeing that there are steps in art, and by having books around that demonstrated that process to him he can now see the steps on his own. My 4yo draws constantly and has ever since we handed him a pencil when he was a year old. He likes the drawing books too, but he uses them more as a base and then adds his own ideas.

    I have been very hesitant about this as well. When I think of it I think how when I was in art classes as a high schooler I often studied other peoples art and tried to imitate. I think imitation leads to learning as well as letting them just discover. In fact I think up to a certain age kids should just discover and then as they mature they like to see how to do and try. I love how-to-draw books.

    Creativity and technique are not mutually exclusive.