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Out on a Limb premiered on January 18 and 19, Shirley MacLaine , Colin Higgins. Shirley MacLaine as Herself. Charles Dance as Gerry. John Heard as David.

go out on a limb

Anne Jackson as Bella Abzug. Jerry Orbach as Mort Viner. Kathryn Skatula as Katerina. Fabia Drake as Bookshop Owner. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that it was Jeff.

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The origins of common phrases, or history of particular idioms can be difficult to trace, so finding the precise time a saying came into existence is no walk in the park. What you will usually find on this site are moments in history where an expression started to be used on a widely-known basis. If an idiom is being used in the media, it seems apparent that everybody already knows about it! What does that mean?

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Well, it means the origins of the phrase are probably much older. For the most part, What you find on this site are early usages of particular expressions, usually coming from aged books, plays, poems, or newspapers. Apart from a superfluous "I think" , which I'm hardly in a position to make bones about.

What's the meaning of the phrase 'Go out on a limb'?

With such transparent imagery, there's little point in listing historical usage or pontificating about 'origins'. FumbleFingers - But surely we need to know who first issued this utterance, and on what date??!!

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Given the available accuracy of timekeeping at the time, though, we only require time resolution to the nearest millisecond. The comment link I posted years ago doesn't work properly now, but it was probably this from It is likely to be about the risk of climbing onto a branch of a tree. Beaten by three seconds by RegDwight!

Out on a Limb

The same would apply, for instance, to a person chasing a cat or a leopard chasing a monkey. While I don't agree with your answer, I have a few suggestions on how to improve it.

Firstly, edit it to break it up into paragraphs, to avoid the "wall of text" effect. Next, use the spell check feature of your browser - see how-to-answer. Finally, your answer will carry more weight if you support it with references. DjangoReinhardt - Please add it in answer, not in comments. Even if something is definitive, it helps if there is reference provided for future visitors.

Go Out On a Limb - Phrase Meaning and Origins

Particularly Bible, which I understand has been translated by different people and exists in numerous versions. I don't ever recall seeing any version of this story that implied that Zachius "went out on a limb". Rather, he simply climbed up the main trunk of the tree. To gain the height needed to compensate for his short stature there would have been no need to go out on the limb. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password.

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