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They had been friends, rivals, and when they had first met, enemies. Over time, however, they had fought for common causes and even though their personalities were as different as night and day, he couldn't help but feel compelled to call Sonic his friend Then there was that hothead, Knuckles. No, he would like to avoid him if he could. Then there was Amy and Rouge. Both of them were nice, in their own way, if a little obsessive about certain things, namely Sonic himself and Jewels, respecitively.

Then again, he owed his existance to the Robotnik family, so there was probably some lingering loyalty there. Then there was that boy, Tails. He was an interesting one. Shadow felt sort of a fatherish feeling around the boy. He couldn't really explain it, but the kid was nice and Shadow could connect with him on a very intellectual level He was interrupted when a loud beeping started up at the control panel. That was coming from the communications channel for the ARK.

Only people who knew the correct frequency could contact it. Who had that kind of knowledge? He didn't even know anyone who knew. He slowly walked over and booted up the screen He was greeted by two furry orange fox ears and a smiling boyish face. He grinned slightly, running a hand through his sleek black hair. I should have guessed. I'm actually surprised that you knew the communcation channel for this place. Ordinarilly, I'd just pop up there, but since you kinda own the place now, I thought I should call ahead first.

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Tais rubbed his arm, apparently a little nervous. There's lots of machinery up there that I'm sure you aren't using right now that I'm pretty sure I could use in my own inventions. Shadow scratched his head. A lot of stuff here is interconnected and the last thing I need is for the artificial gravity to fail because you pulled something out of a fuse box. The teleporter on this end is always running so you should be able to get here no problem Tails shrugged a bit.

It still has the teleporter there and power is still running through it periodically. I should be able to use it there. Just don't keep me waiting long. Shadow grinned slightly and looked out the window at a small star cluser. Still, I do hope that he doesn't get carried away. It was fifteen minutes later and Shadow was waiting patiently by the teleporter.

He knew that the flight, even with Tails' plane, to Eggman's old base would take some time. He reclined a bit and sighed, once again letting recent memories wash over him. He didn't know why such memories that had caused him so much pain in the past now merely caused him to reminice about other things that made him smile. He had definitely changed quite a bit over the few years that he had been alive here on earth.

His quick trip down memory lane was interrupted whenThe teleporter started to boot up, signifying someone was coming in. Slowly, Tails' body started to form in the depths of the machine and he stepped out of it, looking himself over, as if making sure that everything had transported with him.

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Shadow raised a quick hand in greeting. It's been, what, a year since you've been up here? Shadow nodded and crossed his arms. I'm still trying to assess the damage that was done to it during the whole war with the black aliens.

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A few of the lower parts fell to pieces and I'm thinking about getting them repaired. The Eclipse Cannon, for example. I'll strip it down so it can't be used by anyone again, and then I can sell the parts to people as spare pieces. A lot of the parts are multi-purpose anyway. Maybe then you'll be able to buy an update for your wardrobe. Why do you always wear black anyway? Shadow looked down at the ebony pants and sweatshirt he was wearing.

His ear twitched slightly at Tails' comment. If it's comfortable, I wear it. Besides, black suites me Tails blushed a bit. He had come wearing a bright orange long-sleeved shirt and a pair of nice red shorts. It's hot down at my workshop today! I'll be back in the control room. Just come and get me when you think you've found something you want. He smiled at Shadow and started to wander around, immediately examining the closest fuse box.

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  • Shadow roled his eyes. Everything in the next few rooms is still operating and I need it all in tact to keep my current comfort level in check. Tails laughed a little, but nodded and started to head deeper into the station. All the bio experiments and potentially dangerous things had long ago been cleared you by Shadow around the time he moved in, so Tails felt pretty secure wandering about in the station now. It wasn't like when he had first come here, when Robotnik was using it as a station to hold the world hostage with the Eclipse cannon.

    Tails stopped in the middle of a hallway as something caught his eye. It was an older moniter with a half opened control panel in front of it. No power was running through the moniter, so Tails decided that it wasn't something Shadow was using. He started to rummage through the assorted wires and bolts that were inside and found some very interesting parts. He looked back down the hall to where Shadow had said he'd be.

    He did say to go and tell him when he'd found something he wanted, but Carefully, Tails started to unscrew the safety bolts that held the pieces in place and set them to the side, deciding to take them along, if only for a few spare parts. As he lifted the panels out of their resting place, admiring them in the dim light of the hallway, the moniter suddenly blared to life.

    Tails felt his knees start shaking as soon as the first one locked onto him. Suddenly, they all seemed to lose power and fell limp, retracting into the wall. The moniter shut down as well. Tails gulped and looked around, growing a bit pale as he saw Shadow standing over there, next to the door, a keypad in his hand. Shadow sighed gently and shrugged.

    It's just lucky for you that I've memorized every security deactivation code and found this wireless keypad here. This thing'll let me input any password or code relivant to the ARK's database straight into it's command chip. I can shut down or start up anything here if I want. Tails nodded again, quicker this time. Shadow sighed again and nodded. I'm heading back again. Now remember, come get me next time. If you go too deep in this time and something similar happens, I might not get to you fast enough.

    Tails from the Woodshed: Three Male-Male Spanking Stories

    Tails took a deep breath, not wanting to conjure up such an unpleasant image in his mind. I promise, I'll come and get you next time. Happy hunting then, Tails. Tails found himself in one of the older areas that he and Sonic had explored together when they had originally come here.

    He smiled a bit as he saw the gravity-reversal switches they had used to get around in this room. His mind started to churn with all sorts of different ideas about how he could use such a thing in his own inventions. He made his way over to one and decided that it wouldn't hurt to at least pop it open and take a look at what was inside.

    He undid the faceplate and set it to the side, smiling at all the complex machinery within. Eggman might not have been a very pleasant person, but his grandfather was a downright genius! It was then that Tails noticed two wires that were just sort of floating there, not really connected to anything. They seemed to match up pretty well. Perhaps they had just gotten separated during all the fighting that had taken place here a while back? He felt compelled to put them together, think that, as long as they went together, nothing would happen.

    He connected the two wires carefully and they fit together perfectly. It was then that a feeling of weightlessness came over him. He gasped as he found himself hovering above the switch in question. Once again, a slightly automated voice sounded through the empty metal corridors. Tails groaned gently and tried to push himself back down towards the wires. He understood how this worked now!

    The gravity switches themselves formed a gravitic ring around the complex. When he had connected those wires, he had actually DISconnected the gravitic ring, so the artificial gravity had been countered. It was an odd setup. Tails was beginning to realize why only people who had a hand in the construction of this place should fiddle with it.

    Shadow groaned and just pushed himself towards the gravity switch. Tails blushed in embarrassment as Shadow slowly and carefully went to work. He first switched around a whole bunch of other wires before disconnecting the two wires Tails had been playing with. All at once, Tails felt the pull of gravity and was slammed into the ground roughly. Shadow quickly helped the boy to his feet and sighed, holding onto his arm. Shadow shook his head. Shadow smiled a bit, now Tails' immaturity and childish nature was starting to showl.

    But I'm warning you, Tails, I'm not going to be so lenient if this happens a third time. You could get yourself seriously hurt here and the last thing I want to deal with this that blue friend of yours.

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    Shadow smiled and nodded, ruffling the boy's hair a bit. Tails smiled at him again and nodded, walking back to the switch. As long as at least one of these switches remain functioning, I shouldn't have a problem with them. Shadow nodded again, satisfied. If I catch you this time, I am not going to be so forgiving. Shadow smiled and walked off. Tails quickly cleansed the gravity switch of all the parts he would need to put a similar mechanism in one of his own inventions.

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    He decided to go just a bit further in. He remembered seeing some very complicated shield items near the heart of the ARK and if he could get ahold of a few of them, then he could easily throw up a very tough shield around his own vehicles. That would make flying the Tornado a breeze, even in rough weather!

    He started to jog, excited about the thought. Now, in the deepest parts of the ARK, he saw the places where most of the genetic experiments were carried out. Numerous studies must have taken place, and the scientists were very careful with their tools. Almost all the study papers and files were still there, along with box upon box of tools they had used.

    He started to rummage around, thinking that there had to be something worth taking in here. As his curiosity grew, he decided to brows the computer files on this section of the ARK, thinking that they had to have some sort of catalog of everything here. There was no shortage of computer monitors around, so he simply booted one up and started to search. What he found was not as helpful as he had hoped. Only information relivant to the experiments carried out in this particular section of the ARK was stored here.

    He was about to get off and get back to searching manually, when he spotted something interesting, the very last file listed. It was titled "ZimmerPersonalFiles. Men traditionally receive spankings and women get whipped, with the number of strokes to be administered always lightly by the temple staff being decided in either case by the god Wang Ye and by burning incense and tossing two pieces of wood, after which all go home happily, believing their luck will improve.

    On Easter Monday , there is a Slavic tradition of hitting girls and young ladies with woven willow switches Czech: In Slovenia , there is a jocular tradition that anyone who succeeds in climbing to the top of Mount Triglav receives a spanking or birching. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wright Politics Campaigns against corporal punishment.

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    Corporal punishment in the home. This section may contain indiscriminate , excessive , or irrelevant examples. Please improve the article by adding more descriptive text and removing less pertinent examples. See Wikipedia's guide to writing better articles for further suggestions. Pediatric Clinics of North America Review. The instrument to be used in administering corporal punishment shall be approved by the principal or designee".

    Archived 25 June at Archive. Evidence of Colonel G. To slap or smack a person, esp. To slap or smack with the open hand, esp. To slap on the buttocks with a flat object or with the open hand, as for punishment. To strike a person, part of the body, etc. Law and Contemporary Problems. Duke University School of Law. The Society for Research in Child Development. American Academy of Pediatrics. Retrieved 20 June Wright , 97, S. Retrieved 10 May Retrieved 1 September A Challenge for Feminism? Independent Online South Africa. Encyclopedia of sex and gender: Polish customs, traditions, and folklore.