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Bells the daughter of a poor Fae farmer wakes one morning looking forward to starting her day and getting her chores done when she is attacked by a troll who has come for the mace that her father was supposed to make for him. Bells had no idea where her father was as her family was already gone when she woke up that morning.

The troll tells Bells that if she doesn't produce the mace then he was going to eat her and her family as well. Bells makes a deal with him that if he gave her until next week she would see that her father made his mace for him when he returned. The only thing left to do is for Bells to go to the city for more iron.

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Bells figures that as long as she is in the city that she would look up this dragon, Jaekob whom she met ten years and enlist his help to save her people from the trolls. Bells steps in to help him fight the ones who are attacking him and is injured. While she is in the city healing from her wound a virus is unleased upon them and the only thing that will save them is a sword that was created many, many years ago.

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Can Bells and Jaekob find the sword? Is the sword even real? Can they save their people from the virus that the dark elves have unleashed upon them? Reading Sword of Fire was like watching a movie play out in my head. I felt as if I was right there beside Bells and Jaekob when they were flying the air on their journey to find the sword or when they were fighting the dark elves or the wolves.

I think I was laughing right alone with Bells when Jaekob needed to eat and chose a cow. I could just see the expression on his face when she laughed at him. I kind of connected with Bells when she kept saying that she was only five feet tall well I wish I was five feet. Sword of Fire is an epic fantasy that will take you on the most wonderful ride of your life soaring the clouds on the back of a dragon. I would recommend Sword of Fire to all fans of fantasy and dragons and fae.

Jun 05, LooseBoots rated it it was amazing. This is one not to miss. What more could you ask for. Jun 22, Cath rated it it was amazing. This story takes place ten years after the prequel book, Spark of War, in the Through the Ashes series, even though the prequel is classed as book four. I found it very helpful to read the prequel as it led to me already knowing some of the characters and what the background to the story was and how things had started.

The story starts by focusing on a poor fae called Bells, who works on a farm with her family, for their elven overlord. Fae have affinity with the earth and all plants so are best This story takes place ten years after the prequel book, Spark of War, in the Through the Ashes series, even though the prequel is classed as book four. Fae have affinity with the earth and all plants so are best suited to this type of work, unfortunately, the land outside the main cities is very poor from the aftereffects of humans, Pures and war.

Fae are treated as slaves almost by the other Pures, only one step up from humans. After Bells family are attacked by a troll and their elf overlord of the farm does nothing, while the troll threatens to eat Bells, she can only think of one thing to do. Bells remembers her one and only meeting with an actual dragon, Jaekob, just after the dragons rose. Dragons bought some sort of peace to the cities and surrounding areas but took things no further.

They have no real knowledge of what is happening to fae and others in these lands. Bells has to open Jaekobs eyes to what is actually happening, in and outside of the cities that the dragons rule in peace, supposedly, with the elves. Weres, trolls and other magical beings and even humans live in the outskirts of the city, or more like slums of broken old human buildings destroyed by elves.

Only the richest live anywhere near the city centre where the dragons stay. Things are either being ignored by the dragons or facts being withheld from them. There are factions that are trying to bring down the dragons by magical means and dark elves are behind it. Jaekob accompanies Bells after meeting her again in the city, when she does something to help his family.

Whilst in the city, the dark elves release a deadly virus, which starts to spread rapidly. Another group of Pures, including a relative of Bells, an elf and others, tell them of a prophecy that they must complete to save the world, not just themselves. They must go and find the Sword of Peace, a myth that they are being told is a truth.

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A difficult journey starts and they must learn to trust each other and see if they can help stop the virus and save their friends and family and the rest of the city and even maybe the world. The story is very intense in parts and the author fills in the background of the characters and the places they live with such detail, you can picture it yourself, which is one of the features of a great writer!

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, especially having read the prequel as well.

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The stories and characters are instantly memorable between each book. I was given an ARC copy of the book from the author and I have freely given my own opinion of the book above. Jun 02, Mary Brannian rated it really liked it. Bells is a fae, a farming fae to be exact. Hardly better than a slave, Bells spends from sunup to past sundown working the land, helping her family as she can, and hiding from danger. Her shadow walking skills are all that stand between her and death But one day, even that skill can't protect her from the dragons that swoop down from the sky, terrifying Bells.

But the dragons are not what Bells expected; erudite, polite, and almost aloof, the dragons converse for a short while wit Bells is a fae, a farming fae to be exact. But the dragons are not what Bells expected; erudite, polite, and almost aloof, the dragons converse for a short while with Bells, then take wing again. Bells makes a promise to herself; some day she would see the dragon again, and tell him he needs to find a way to make life better for all Pures, not just the dragons.

Ten years pass, and Bells finds herself trapped by a troll; a troll that threatens to eat Bells and her family if they don't produce the promised mace. Bells frantically rushes to her father, to discover the truth: So Bells takes it upon herself to travel to the nearest large city and procure more metal for the troll's mace.

Once Bells arrives at the city of Philadelphia, she approaches a distant cousin, Hawking. He provides Bells with the address of the dragon that she spoke with so many years ago, but advises her she only has a very small window of opportunity to speak with the dragon, Jaekob. As Bells approaches the address, she sees a man approaching a vehicle in the street.

Bells thinks it's Jaekob, but it's not; it's his father Micah. As Bells and Micah are conversing, the world implodes around them Can Bells reach Jaekob and shake him out of his self absorbed shell? Will Bells be able to save the world as foretold in the prophecy? Will Jaekob be the support she needs, or will he abandon her to her fate?

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Fast paced and continuous plot twists keep you guessing! Can't wait to see what happens next! Jul 05, Jessica Rachow rated it it was amazing. All opinions are my own. The premise, the characters, the action…everything left me wanting more. Our main character is Bells, a fae farmer. The fae are treated very poorly by the elves, and are slaves that are practically starved to death working to make life easy for the elves. Bells is very timid, which gathering from what I learned through the book, is a characteristic of most fae.

I love that internal conflict. Self preservation versus standing up to the injustice. These qualities make her a relatable and interesting character to read. Jaekob is also a compelling character who struggles with his own internal battles. He has suffered many loses, and it has made him less caring than he should be. That is of course, until he meets Bells. I love the slow building relationship of Bells and Jaekob. Both compelled to protect each other, yet unwilling to admit to any feelings. The writing is beautiful. I love the world building, and there were never any drawn out descriptions that slowed the action down.

A fantastic, beautifully written fantasy with compelling characters and non-stop action. What more could you want? Their messianic figure wielded a flaming sword called Lightbringer. Several followers of R'Hllor also wield flaming swords of various authenticity. Thoros of Myr wields a flaming sword in melees and battles, but it's just a trick.

He buys a cheap sword beforehand and douses it in flammable wildfire to intimidate his opponents and spook their horses. It's said to also ruin the sword in the process. He's rather shocked later when he absentmindedly tries it without the wildfire and it works anyway. Stannis Baratheon acquires a flaming sword he calls Lightbringer, said to be the Lightbringer recreated. Upon closer inspection it's a magical trick. The flames shed light, but not heat. The flames of the legendary, true Lightbringer would burn.

Beric Dondarrion wields a flaming sword when he duels Sandor Clegane. After cutting his palm on the blade, fire bursts from the blood. Unlike the other swords, the flames really burn, which is bad for the pyrophobic Sandor. However it's mentioned earlier that setting your sword on fire makes the steel brittle, and Sandor wins because the sword breaks when Dondarrion is about to make the killing bow. Subverted rather neatly in Harry Turtledove 's Tales of the Fox series. The protagonist, amateur wizard Gerin the Fox, discovers an ancient book with a section titled "A cantrip which produceth a flaming sword.

Then he tries the spell. It works; his sword bursts out in pure, smokeless elemental fire. Then he discovers the problem with the spell that explains why not everyone uses it. The spell covers your sword blade in fire Luckily for him, he manages to drop the sword in a barrel of water before his hand gets blistered too badly.

The Balrogs in Tolkien's Legendarium The Lord of the Rings and The Silmarillion wielded not only a flaming sword, but also a flaming cat-of-nine-tails whip. Gothmog the leader of the Balrogs used a flaming axe , the weapons of the other Balrogs are not known, but were presumably flaming as well. One of Gurren Lagann's writers just has to have read that for Kamina. Also, the Witch-King's sword has red flames during his encounter with Gandalf, just as depicted in the extended movie version. In The Traitor Son Cycle , one of the villains, the Black Knight, has a magic sword, the blade of which can be set on fire.

Rand of The Wheel of Time uses a sword made of fire from time to time, especially early on before he learns to use his powers in far better ways. He is a blademaster, though. The Midnight Angel from the Wild Cards series is able to summon a gigantic flaming sword as one of her powers. In the Fallen mini-series, angels and Nephilim can wield swords made of pure divine fire, which they can summon from thin air. Being hit by one usually incinerates the target. Strangely enough, the protagonist, a regular kid until recently, can match his swordfighting skills with angels, who have been doing this since before humans were around, and even The Devil.

Stannis is introduced during a religious ritual to R'hllor in which he pulls a flaming sword from a burning idol. The sword is supposed to represent Lightbringer, a flaming sword of legend, but it quickly gutters out. Beric Dondarrion causes his sword to magically burst into flame and uses it to fight a trial by combat with Sandor Clegane, who is pyrophobic.

Beric loses because the flame makes the sword brittle and it breaks. Thoros of Myr is famous for using wildfire to set his sword afire in battle and tourney. Kaamelott has Excalibur , but fortunately it extinguishes itself whenever Arthur puts it down. As he discovers later, it only catches on fire when held by a person of incredible destiny, to his swordmaster's chagrin and Perceval's surprise. Yes, that is the show's name , and yes that is the title character's weapon. However, being a parody and all, Krod has no control over the flaming part.

It tends to catch fire when he's "excited". Hell, the first time someone asks about it, Krod says he thinks the sword is somehow defective and he needs to get it fixed. Of special note is the fact that some of these and Super Sentai examples involve really lighting the weapons on fire. Ace was on the receiving end of one of these when he fought an extremely formidable monster called Firemons. The sword was so hot it badly burned him even with a light slash.

Then Firemons put it Up to Eleven by doing a hot knife through butter impression and impaling Ace with it don't worry he gets better. Jerusalem mentions a bow of burning gold, which might be supposed to mean something like this trope. The chariot of fire, on the other hand? We've got another trope for that. It will burn nearly all of the earth. Oddly enough, he gets stopped by a tree of all things granted, it was Yggdrasil.

The Old Norse translation literally means "Damage Twig" and may in fact not be a named sword, but a kenning for a sword. One of the 13 treasures of Britain, The Dyrnwyn of Rhydderch Hael, is a sword that would light up on fire that does not harm the wielder if drawn by a noble man. God had Cherubim with these to prevent Adam and Eve and their descendants from returning to the Garden of Eden. A prophesy in Revelations says that Jesus will return to Earth, pull a flaming sword out of his mouth , and finish Satan off for good.

Archangel Michael wields one, and he's generally associated with fire in the occult. How to make your own. Balors demon generals and Balrog expies wield flaming swords. Druids temporarily wield a scimitar made of fire with the Flame Blade spell. Various magical flaming swords have been available since the earliest editions of the game. By third edition, any magical weapon can have an additional fire damage enchantment applied to it. The Sword of War and Peace is also flaming.

Taken one step further with Ghostfire Blade. An invisible flaming sword. Many daemons of Khorne from Warhammer , Warhammer: Age of Sigmar and Warhammer 40, carry flaming weapons. This is the major schtick of the Bright Wizard in Warhammer though other wizards have similar weapons with one of their spells being the Flaming Sword of Rhuin. Casting this spell on a friendly unit provides them with a buff that lights their weapons on fire. This doesn't just increase their damage though, but also prevents enemies damaged or killed by fire from regenerating, which is very useful against monsters that otherwise just refuse to die.

The Warpfire Blade and the Pyrofire Stave are flame wreathed daemonic weapons available to Daemonic Heroes of a Tzeentch army that enhance the attacks made by the bearer. Flame wreathed weapons are popular amongst the higher ranked members the Arcanite Cults with Curselings and Fatemasters both typically wielding weapons that burn with the mystical fires of Tzeentch.

The force weapons used by psykers can be used to channel the user's Psychic Powers , something usually depicted in the background and artwork as setting the blade on fire. The Astartes relic known as the Burning Blade is a large and ancient weapon that burns with a fire capable of melting even the thickest armour. The 8th Edition rules for the Burning Blade represent this by giving the weapon the best Armour Penetration value of any weapon in the arsenal of the Adeptus Astartes. The sheer hatred and bitterness of some Heretic Astartes Lords is so powerful that it manifests as spectral flames that surround their weapons.

The 8th Edition Warlord Trait 'Flames of Spite' represents this by giving these fire wreathed weapons a chance of inflicting mortal wounds. One of the examples of common relics in the In Nomine core rules is a flame sword. A naturally flaming sword requires a valuable ruby to be placed on the hilt. In Legend of the Five Rings , there is a fire spell that creates a sword out of fire. The CCG Redemption features a giant flaming sword on the back side of the cards.

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Toa Tahu's original weapon of choice was a literal flaming sword, though his Magma Swords as a Nuva still channel his fire abilities. Reused a few times down the line - Hordika Vakama's swords get special mention for having flamethrower nozzles worked into the design. In mid-air, it doesn't have the flame effect, though. In addition the Archangels wield flaming swords which, for bonus points, are flamberges a sword made to look like a flame. Also, while Armageddon's Blade isn't technically on fire, its ability to call down a rain of fire on the entire battlefield surely counts for something.

You do not get to pick up and attack with a Flaming Sword in Prince of Persia 2: The Shadow and the Flame. In ancient Persia, a Flaming Sword picks itself up and attacks you! Zero gets many techniques that use these in the Mega Man X and Zero series. Most of these attacks are executed in a manner similar to the Shoryuken.

You, of course , also have fire and ice swords once you've beaten them. In the third game, along with the fire and ice swords, there are also swords made of electricity and bamboo. There is even a Program Advance in that game that allows you to smack your enemies with all four swords in just one and a half seconds for massive elemental damage.

Phantasy Star Universe has the Crimson, an S-rank saber that glows red and is constantly on fire. Final Fantasy games often have elemental weapons of this variety, or the means to apply the effect to your existing weapons, conveniently for sale at your local store. Or at least in some treasure chest somewhere. Vivi and Steiner collaborate in IX. Final Fantasy XI has such effects as native abilities for Red Mages and Summoners, as well as some weapons possessing some lesser effects. Dragon Quest has these as a staple, and will typically cast a fire spell when used as an item.

In The Legend of Zelda: Ten more and they burn hotter and the tip is literally aflame. Spirit Tracks gives these kinds of swords to Torch Phantoms so as to act as a light source; beyond that, there's nothing else different about them. Breath of the Wild , there's the Flameblade and Great Flameblade as well as the Flamespear , which on the surface look like ordinary heated weapons , but ignite when slashing and set everything in their path ablaze.

You can also set also set wooden weapons on fire for a similar, yet weaker effect. Combining the Cutter and Fire powers in Kirby The Crystal Shards resulted in a flaming sword that is about twice his size. In Squeak Squad , it's combining fire and sword, naturally. Not big , but appropriately fiery.

Flaming Sword

Kain can get one of these fairly early on. It's extremely powerful, but has the disadvantage of burning your opponents to ashes, thus leaving nothing to feed on - remember, Kain is a vampire. There's also the Fire Reaver that Raziel can get in all three of the games he's in. Later in the series, it's revealed that the Hylden champion is supposed to wield a flaming sword. Raziel takes this to mean that he is the Hylden champion, because the Wraith Blade quite resembles a flaming sword.

Diablo II featured the Archangel Tyrael, who used a sword that burned with holy flames, before Baal wrestles it away. The sorceress can also enchant weapons with fire. Of course, this ability is almost completely useless in solo play, due to their Squishy Wizard status. Parasite Eve 2 's Big Bad , No. In Neverwinter Nights , the player can apply alchemical fire to a sword to make it burn and deal fire damage. You can also apply visual effects to swords with the toolset, which include in addition to flaming glowing yellow-white with holy power, dripping acid, crackling with electricity, giving off visible sound waves, generating a miniature blizzard, and glowing red with unholy power.

The actual effects that the appearance would create require manipulating the weapon's properties too, though. Enchanting weapons with elemental properties has been a staple of World of Mana. In Seiken Densetsu 3 , Duran's dark-aligned classes all specialize in such magic, as does Carlie's light-aligned classes. Two of Kevin's classes possess similar spells, which don't enhance a weapon's damage with an element, but instead add HP or MP draining effects.

In the doujin fighting game Eternal Fighter Zero , Mishio Amano's fighting style involves enchanting her spear with fire or lightning to access different movesets. The Sword of Seals. For his critical hit animation, Roy lights his sword on fire. This is why nearly all his moves in Super Smash Bros. Melee result in fire. Durandal, the S-ranked sword in Sword of Seals and Eliwood's preferred weapon at the end of Blazing Blade , is known as the Blazing Blade; however, it isn't a flaming sword. It's also one of three long range swords in the fourth and fifth game. It's also the weapon the Crutch Character in the fifth game starts out with.

Roy is absent from Super Smash Bros. Brawl , but Ike from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance takes his place with a normal special attack that creates a plume of fire, and a final smash where his sword is on fire. Elemental effects are a large part of the Guilty Gear games. Sol Badguy actually wields a sword that has no sharp edge or point but is a great vessel for his fire magic, and French cop Ky Kiske has a regular sword charged with lightning magic. Throughout the series, you can find countless swords enchanted with fire damage or enchant one yourself.

And it's not limited to swords either, you can enchant any weapon with such an effect. Morrowind 's Tribunal expansion has you tasked with reforging True Flame , the flaming iconic weapon of the original Nerevar. Unlike a standard fire-enchanted weapon, it does actually burn with flames. The flaming component turns out to be a rare tar that burns eternally when set alight, but has become Lost Technology since the blade was originally forged, complicating matters.

Tribunal deity and the original Nerevar's wife, Almalexia, wields its twin blade Hopesfire, a lightning equivalent. Like the True Flame in Tribunal , you first need to recover it as an ordinary sword, and in this case, reconsecrate it to the Divines before it will light on fire for you. You can snag one of these pretty early in Ultima IX. As with all good flaming swords, it doubles as a handy torch in the dark. NetHack has a couple which seem to fit the bill; Fire Brand which is actually pretty rubbish - it's cold counterpart, Frost Brand, is far more useful and Sunsword which is more for dealing with undead, but at least it doubles as a torch.

A Cosmic Keystone in the game is also one and can shift into 3 different types and helps channel magic as well. In Castlevania , some of the entries have flaming swords, whether it's the Firebrand or the Flamberge, or something else entirely. Symphony of the Night has a pair of flaming swords, the Firebrand and Marsil. Fallout 3 's Shishkebab is one of these. With the right perks, it is one of the best melee weapons in the game, and flat-out the most powerful in the pre-expansion game. It returns for Fallout: It's still pretty good, though not quite as much as it was in Fallout 3. The Shishkebab returns in Fallout 4 , where it is now more compact, no longer requires the motorcycle gas tank, and is made from a wakizashi rather than just a lawnmower blade.

No More Heroes has Bad Girl, who wields a flaming baseball bat , made possible by her spitting alcohol all over it and lighting it up. Any melee weapon with a Flame Augmentation in Fable will do this from time to time. Heck, you can put a Flame Augmentation on a frying pan. It also happens in Fate , where you can even double up on enhancements, creating a Flaming Sword of Fire. Kratos uses one of these in Tales of Symphonia.

Near the end of the game, he gives it to his son, Lloyd. Kratos from God of War has the Blades of Chaos, two short swords on the end of variable length chains that light on fire when he attacks with them but cool down when he hangs them from his back. In the Norse series , the Blades of Chaos' fiery properties actually come into play as Kratos digs them up in order to delve into Helheim. Samukai wielded all four Golden Weapons at once, however, due to the power of the weapons being too much for him to handle all at once, he disintegrated and created a portal for Lord Garmadon to escape through.

After Lord Garmadon escaped from the Underworld, each Ninja took up the weapon corresponding to their element, leaving Kai is possession of the Sword of Fire. The Fire Dragon, Flame, continued to guard it by becoming Kai's mount and pet. During a three hour video gaming marathon with the other Ninja, Kai carelessly left the Sword of Fire on the floor, slowly burning a discarded slice of pizza on the floor.

Kai brought the Sword of Fire along with him when the Ninja journeyed to Jamanakai Village to stop Lord Garmadon , though didn't use it as the threat turned out to be the dark lord's son, Lloyd. Kai used the Sword of Fire during the tournament to determine who would be the Green Ninja, but during the fight he lost control of the sword's power resulting in flames spreading everywhere.

The Nindroids succeed getting the Weapons of Spinjitzu and have burnt them into the Overlord 's ultimate weapon. Later, the Golden Master starts to destroy New Ninjago City with his newly formed mech—made out of the gold from the Weapons of Spinjitzu. However, the Nindroids were not the only ones to escape; the Ninja have used their Elemental Shields , and have traveled out of space. The Golden Master gets frustrated, and plans to defeat the Ninja.

He now preforms his own Spinjitzu , trying to stop the Ninja from going into the Temple of Fortitude. The Heroes of Ninjago put on armor to resist the Golden Power from him.

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He, somehow, grabs all the Ninja except Zane. The White Ninja eventually destroys himself and the Overlord. Sign In Don't have an account? Contents [ show ].