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Bela Kiss was described as a handsome, charming young man. Successful and wealthy, admired and liked by his neighbors and the general populous. He lived in Cinkota, Hungary which is near Budapest. His landlord, upon hearing of Kiss's alleged death, discovered several large barrels on his property, which he was told Fancy saying, for instance, that Jeff Dahmer "preserved" the bodies of his victims in barrels of acid!

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His paintings and illustrations are found in public and private collections, books, magazines, and on public display in Canada and the United States. He has been the invited guest speaker at conferences, literary events, schools and libraries.

The Lonely Hearts Vampire: The Bizarre and Horrifying True Account of Serial Killer Bela Kiss

He finds visiting with students from kindergarten to grade six especially enjoyable, where his presentations consist of reading, discussions, and drawing. Edwards prefers to work primarily in watercolour and pencil, using a variety of styles from cartoon to scientific illustration. Edwards lives in Yarker, Ontario, Canada. Books by Wallace Edwards.

Trivia About The Lonely Hearts No trivia or quizzes yet. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. But he also began to show signs of cracking. With that bait, Henry confessed: He claimed that his brothers, Archibald and William, had clubbed Fisher to death and had taken all of his money.


Henry insisted that he had taken no part in the murder. Rather, he had simply helped his brothers dump the body in the woods. There, in a dense thicket, investigators found buggy tracks and signs that something large had been dragged through the grass. A nearby pond was partially drained and a dam destroyed, despite protests from the dam's owner. Yet the body continued to elude investigators. The public became antsy.

By June 18, the murder trial had already begun—and a conviction seemed assured. The courtroom, muggy from the summer humidity, was packed with spectators. Called to the stand, Henry Trailor repeated his confession, claiming that he had helped dispose of Fisher's body. Additional evidence was provided by a local woman who had seen two of the Trailor boys walk into the woods with Fisher—only to see them return alone.

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Furthermore, investigators claimed they had found human hair in the area near the buggy tracks. The tracks themselves, they noted, had led suspiciously to the pond, as if somebody had tried to dump something. But the defense had a secret weapon—a year-old lawyer named Abraham Lincoln.


The future president calmly stood up and called his one and only witness to the stand. Robert Gilmore was a widely respected physician in those parts of Illinois. Sitting in the sauna-like courtroom, the doctor patiently explained that he knew Archibald Fisher well—the man had twice lived in his home. Years ago, Gilmore explained, Fisher had suffered a serious head injury from a gun-related accident and had never fully recovered his wits. The poor man was prone to spells of amnesia, blackouts, and derangement.

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It was very possible that Fisher had just wandered off. Gilmore then calmly told the court that he had proof to back up his theory, and proceeded to drop a bombshell: Archibald Fisher was alive and staying in his home. Fisher had suffered from a terrible bout of memory loss and had no recollection of his time in Springfield.

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In fact, Fisher had wandered all the way to Peoria before regaining his senses. The only reason the man had failed to show up to the courtroom today was because his health prevented it. Lincoln scanned the crowd with glee. To the prosecution's great embarrassment, much of the evidence was proven bunk: It was soon discovered that the controversial path in the forest was, in fact, created by children who had been building a rope swing; meanwhile, the hairs in the woods belonged to a cow. It also became awfully clear that Henry Trailor had been coerced into making a false confession—when the officers had threatened Henry's life, Henry told them what they wanted to hear instead.

All of the charges would be dropped and the men's lives spared. In fact, the case enchanted Lincoln so much that he tried to immortalize the events in a short story written in the style of the true-crime genre. The future president, of course, was justifiably proud of the outcome: It wasn't every day that a single surprise witness helps solve a mystery and saves two people from the hangman's noose. To read Lincoln's own account, check out this excerpt at Smithsonian. Despite an increase in easy-to-install surveillance cameras and smart doorbells that monitor home activity, package thefts are on the rise.

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Unfortunately, these porch pirates aren't often caught. Security cameras won't do much good once the package has disappeared. And while giving them a box of feces might feel like vigilante justice, spending the holidays handling poop isn't exactly a win. Fortunately, there are some other ways to practice package theft prevention. Packages should be sent to where recipients are, not to where they are not. For most people, that means finding an alternative to getting packages at home when they're away during the day. One option is to have deliveries sent to your place of business.