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Bootstrapping allows you to retain control of your company, which can translate to retaining your freedom if you structure your business properly. And should you decide to raise funding at a later date, every dollar of revenue you earn while bootstrapping will increase that funding valuation. For example, a VC-backed company might throw money at 10 different marketing channels, waste a bunch of money, then realize that only 1 or 2 are actually profitable.

Another example is hiring. When a company raises a bunch of money, they typically go on a hiring spree. Bootstrapping forces you to relentlessly prioritize things that are actually going to move the needle. However, trying to grow beyond that might not be feasible or profitable. The number one tip to get the most out of bootstrapping is to only work on things that are actually going to move the needle in your business.

I think one of the biggest mistakes people make including us when it comes to bootstrapping is not hiring, or hiring way too late. When we hired our first full-time developer, we started shipping code at a much faster pace. When we hired our first marketer, we were able to execute on a lot more campaigns and ramp up our acquisition.

3. Leveraging Equity:

Early employees have a huge multiplier effect on your business. Best thing about bootstrapping?

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Freedom to decide what you do, as well as when and how you do it. Everything from taking time off to travel, to transferring cash to your bank account when you need it. With one of my bootstrapped businesses, my brother and I took off to Indonesia for a few months to work on the beach.

If Not Funding, Then What?

Figure out how these things will happen and when, and then get started making that happen immediately, rather than wasting time. Bootstrapping is where you learn the hard lessons yourself. You learn the importance of cashflow and learn how to manage money and expenses. And when you reach profitability, you can do what you want—reinvest everything back into the business or take it out for your own lifestyle.

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  7. You just need to get really creative, and having an obsession with your business also helps! You just need to sell your product. None of this costs you anything extra, your customer acquisition cost is still the same, you just increase the value of your clients. If you pull it off, you come out the side wiser, scrappier, and ideally, richer.

    What lessons have you learned from bootstrapping? What piece of advice are you excited to put into action?

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    Let us know in the comments below! He writes about startups, growth and marketing. How commercial kingpin Richard Branson got to afford his own island. Get your free print issue.

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    When you bootstrap, you have to care about every potential customer, client and fan. Steve Shelley, Chairman and Co-Founder of Deputy Bootstrapping ensures you can provide a demonstrable value proposition and market fit, and enables clear metrics to be recognized around growth, market segments, and distribution channels.

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    Bootstrapping for as long as I did set me up for success down the road. This may seem obvious, but be as scrappy as you can with everything you do. Bootstrapping allows you to retain control of your company. Great collection of insights Jonathan! Great tips from some great entrepreneurs! Thanks for the feature Jonathan.

    Instead of focusing on growing profitably and all that entails , many VC backed companies focus only on growing. After several years of impressive top-line numbers, they are then forced to address the profitablity question. The problem at this point is that the bad habits developed over the preceeding years are almost impossible to break. Your email address will not be published.

    11 Bootstrapping Entrepreneurs Share How They Found Success Without Funding

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