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The strange occurrences at this hotel include the smell of cigar smoke that is attributed to one of the retirement residents who passed away here a long time ago, furniture being barricaded from the inside of the rooms when no one is inside, and apparitions. A man wearing a frock coat and top hat has been seen, along with a lady in white who reportedly jumped off a hotel balcony.

Jacksonville Inn Jacksonville, OR.

Arizona – The Haunted Jerome Grand Hotel

This inn dates back to the 19th Century and was one of the first buildings in the town to be listed as a historic national landmark. It is believed to be haunted by the spirit of a severe elderly woman wearing an old-fashioned dress. She has been seen walking through the hallways and has been known to appear in the bistro. This location is reportedly haunted by a vampire-like being that is seen with blood dripping out of its mouth. The owner, employees, guests and passing motorists have all claimed to see the being.

Legend says that two guests saw the creature while hiking in the area, and it came back to the hotel at night and bit them in their sleep, leaving strange bite marks on their necks. People have reported seeing apparitions in reflections or form the corner of their eyes, and spirit orbs that have appeared in photos. During renovations, there were some troubles that were blamed on the ghosts possibly not welcome to the new change. This hotel is no longer in operation but past guests have reported waking in the middle of the night to an apparition in their room that slowly fades away.

The gender of the spirit is unknown.

Haunted Places in Portland

Both guests and employees at this hotel have reported hearing their names called when no one is around, cold spots, running footsteps, and an entity which has been known to push people around. Hotel Condon Condon, OR.

I Think I Captured The ‘Lady In White’ At The Haunted Sumpter Bed And Breakfast | Thought Catalog

This hotel is rumored to be haunted by a woman apparition dressed in 's style clothing. Guests have reported seeing her, and have heard strange noises, felt cold spots and seen lights that go on and off by themselves. If you are looking to stay in this haunted hotel, you need to search under its hotel name McMenamins which is the modern incarnation of the Poor Farm. This location was once an asylum for the disabled, old, and mentally challenged. People believe that many of the residents who died here still haunts the premises to this day.

There have been a variety of sightings and paranormal This hotel is the oldest inn in town and is believed to be haunted by a former owner.

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There have been reports of disembodied footsteps, phantom phone calls when the reception desk is unattended and doors that open and close on their own. The hotel is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and offers 41 rooms and suites. Benson Hotel Portland, OR. This hotel dates back to and has seen hauntings ever since.

Simon Benson, its original owner, is seen frequently on the staircase, in the common room area and in the business offices located on the hotel's lower levels. A friendly ghost of a night porter is known to help those in need, then disappears when his job is done. A ghostly lady in a white dress and a young boy are also It first served as a hospital to the mining town, then it was a brothel, then a Masonic temple. Seven hotels, five rooming houses, six restaurants, sixteen saloons, three livery stables, three blacksmith shops, one wagon maker, seven general stores, three newspapers, two drug stores, five cigar stores, one cigar factory, three meat markets, two churches, one brewery, two banks, five assay houses, one express office, four barber shops, two plumbing stores, six law offices, one opera house, one dance hall, one sawmill, three hardware stores, a volunteer fire department, telephone and telegraph offices, an electric light plant, public school, shooting gallery, photographic gallery, one undertaker and last but not least…a red light district!

I took this picture because I was in our room and could sense that something was right outside our open door. I stood in our doorway and took a picture facing the hallway and bathroom. To the left of the bathroom is a grand staircase going down to the kitchen area and downstairs.

The downstairs kitchen is the location of where the surgeries occurred when the building served as the hospital. I messaged the owners with the picture attached and soon received a message informing me that many guests over the years have reported seeing a lady in white at the top of the staircase…which is directly to the left of the bathroom where this picture was captured.

If you blow up the picture, you actually can see lace and design.

Oregon Haunted Hotels & Inns

Foley confided in her friends about the murder, but never revealed the location of the body. During a renovation to expand the property in , human remains were found in the wall. While the remains were never identified they are believed to be that of the boarder that Ms. Originally built as a girls' finishing school following the Gold Rush, rumor holds that the Queen Anne Hotel still hosts the school's late headmistress.

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Although no details of her death are known, dozens of guest accounts speak of Miss Mary Lake appearing in mirrors or being felt as hot or cold spots. The strangest encounter the innkeepers have ever heard from a guest involved Miss Mary Lake requesting a plant for her room in the inn.

Arizona – Copper Queen Hotel

The guest obliged and had one delivered to the hotel the next day. There's also an odd report of Mary snugly tucking in a napping traveler with the blanket all the way around the bed.

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While the innkeeper Michael has never personally seen the ghost, guests report encountering spirits at least couple of times a week. The Miss Mary Lake Suite has become the most popular room because of the spirits. Dating back to , the Old Bridge Inn was originally owned by Dr. Charles Hancock and Nora Duffy. Hancock was known to perform surgeries in the kitchen and hold funerals in the dining room.