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Sweet collection of haikus about the loves in kids' lives Feb 06, Alisha rated it it was amazing.

I Haiku You By: Betsy Snyder | sharpread

This was an absolutely cute read for my son's reading time for the month of February. The haiku's were too cute. Apr 03, Aeicha rated it it was amazing. Betsy Snyder's I Haiku You is 32 pages of complete charm and cuteness! This picture book contains a collection of the sweetest and most addicting haikus ever. If you aren't familiar with the haiku, it is a Japanese form of poetry that usually contains 17 syllables in three lines 5, 7, 5.

Snyder's haikus in this book are all a celebration of love, friendship, family, and fun.

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Snyder writes with an endearing and lyrical voice that will captivate and enchant young readers and gown-ups alike. When writing haikus, every word and syllable must be carefully chosen and each and every word Snyder has chosen is utter perfection. These little poems are seriously the epitome of adorableness and I want to memorize them all!

And each haiku is accompanied by Snyder's fabulous illustrations! The bright, colorful watercolor-like pictures are eye-catching, but not too busy for little readers' eyes and attentions. The pictures feature a wide variety of characters different skin colors, hair colors, features, etc and fun scenes. These are simple, but really beautiful pictures. I really loved everything about this sweet, short book and can't wait to read it to my niece. I Haiku You will appeal to the tiniest book lover and make poetry lovers out of anyone. I highly recommend it!

I loved it so much I wrote a haiku to express my lurve Sweet pictures, sweet words Will make you smile a lot Read this book May 09, Brigid Sullivan added it Shelves: This is a basic introductory book to haiku. I want my students to become aware of the different forms of poetry, including haiku.

Poetry is a very individualized form of writing, so I wanted to show my students the various options for transmitting thoughts and visuals to written work. Teaching haikus is a way to promote visualization when reading or listening. It also forces students to be concise and thoughtful in their choice of words when they convey an experience or describe an event.

Haikus This is a basic introductory book to haiku. Haikus are very short poems, so words must be chosen carefully in order to present the experience. This will encourage students to be concise in other forms of writing too. For example, stating the main idea of a story, or describing the theme. Haikus utilize a creative approach as well, which is an important aspect of writing that upper elementary students should experience. Although there is a set format, students are encouraged to be creative with their haiku.

Ultimately, we will make a class haiku poetry book at the end of a poetry unit 6th grade. Student wouls have to edit, rewrite, share and publish a final haiku. YOu could integrate this into a math lesson syllables or a social studies unit of art around the world. You could also focus solely on Japan on Eastern Asian text and art.

Oct 29, Jacque rated it it was amazing. This was an amazing poetry book of haikus!! I really enjoyed the short haikus and illustrations.

I Haiku You By: Betsy Snyder

For students, I think this could be read to any grade level. This book could be used in the upper grades like 4th or 5th to practice haiku writing. They are great examples and I really liked that the poems do not rhyme like most people might think poetry has to. This book is versatile, the reader can think about whoever they want while reciting the poems.

It could be to a friend, dog, or your childre This was an amazing poetry book of haikus!! It could be to a friend, dog, or your children. These poems were so sweet, my favorite one was "achy-heartbreak love, miss-you-so-much-it-hurts love. As you can see these poems can be taken however the reader imagines them to be taken. I would really enjoy reading this to a classroom and have an activity for students to create their own haikus.

Jan 11, Elisabeth rated it liked it. I like Haiku and find it pleasing and sastisfying. I also enjoyed how the poems and illustrations follwed the calendar year, giving it some structure. The little drawings are very charming and feature the same kiddos thorought - a nice detail. These factors combined helped me overlook a little bit of gimmickry. I also tried to overlook the fact that this book looked pretty darn merchandisey and could easily be sold at Hallmark next to Valentine's Day cards. I still have a hard time with obvious I like Haiku and find it pleasing and sastisfying.

I still have a hard time with obvious gift books. Maybe I need to get over that. Finally, I don't understand the title. Have I been pronouncing Haiku incorrectly and it actually rhymes with something that would make more sense?

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Nov 24, Shante' Polite added it Shelves: I Haiku You Author: Snyder Publisher and Date: Random House Books for Young Readers, This book contains haiku of a girl loving a cool Popsicle on a hot summer day, a dog being heartbroken when his owner leaves him in the house all day, and other different ways a person can love. This sweetly simple book focuses on love and the smaller joys in life. During the month of February, students will create their own haiku about love.

They will stick it on a heart and will be able to give it to somebody they care for dearly. May 11, Joey Hines rated it really liked it Shelves: This book was a delightful find. I'm prepping a school-age haiku program, and will definitely be using this to teach the kids how it works.

The haikus are fun, charmingly sweet, and written about things kids can relate to. For instance, this one's paired with an illustration of two kids coloring on the floor, while it's raining outside the window: I certainly don't think this is always necessary in haiku, but I appreciate it here for the purposes of education, because I think it will help the kids to work against a firm limitation. Nov 30, Ashley Cochran added it Shelves: This book contains haiku of a girl loving a cool Popsicle on a hot summer day, a dog being heartbroken when his owner leaves him in the house all day, and other different ways a person can love.

Nov 29, Kaitlyn Tankersley added it Shelves: May 30, Hilda rated it it was amazing Shelves: This children's picture book is a perfect example of beautiful haikus. Every teacher no matter what grade they teach should have it. It makes teaching and learning about haikus so easy. I love it so much!! Look at this beautiful haiku Nov 27, Dynasty Zayas added it Shelves: During the This book contains haiku of a girl loving a cool Popsicle on a hot summer day, a dog being heartbroken when his owner leaves him in the house all day, and other different ways a person can love. They will stick it on a heart and will be able to give it to somebody they care for dearly Feb 11, Jill rated it really liked it.

This was a seasonally appropriate way to introduce my children to the fun of haiku. As I read each page and shared the adorable illustrations I tapped out the syllables on one child's fingers as the others followed them on their own. But counting syllables can be distracting, so you should read it again to understand the message. And still, another read through to dive into the artwork. It finishes up with bedtime haikus, so while perfect for a Valentine's month read, it is also v This was a seasonally appropriate way to introduce my children to the fun of haiku. It was also time to resolve the remaining book elements, like the jacket, end papers, title page and credits.

I had fun with these bonus parts of the book, incorporating secondary details that kids and parents could discover little by little, with each consecutive reading. For example, the boy on back of the cover also appears mailing his valentine on the title page. Here are the links: I loved reading about the process you went through for both writing the haiku and creating the artwork—especially the work organizing separate moments into a whole. I enjoyed watching the trailer and reading about the book.

I will certainly share this with teachers. There have been so many great Haiku books in the last few years…Guyku, Dogku, etc.

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My students will love this new addition! What a wonderful gift I received when I started reading this post! Many thanks to the hosts and to Betsy for sharing her creative process! What a delightful book! I will share this post with my writing group, most of whom are teachers, all are moms and some grandmoms. I love teaching poetry in reading, but I always have a hard time guiding them when it comes time to write poetry. Candy hearts and Superheroes Valentines, welcome to fourth grade! I think I will need this book to show them when we are finished!

What a sweet book! I love all the background info about the writing process. I thought it was interesting that choosing a 2nd person point of view was a turning point. That would be a great discussion in class.

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I also love the idea of building a storyboard with thumbnail sketches of the whole text. I love how Betsy takes us into the process and shows us the struggle she had with finding the correct voice and point of view while creating this book. This book is so sweet…I love teaching poetry and my students love haiku. I would love to have this book! What a wonderful book! I am so in love.

I would love, love, LOVE, this book! This book sounds like every kid will love it!! I just love reading them, also! Haiku is a favorite form I use with my 4th graders. This book is absolutely precious and I will add it to my mentor texts! Reading of the process makes the reading of the book so much richer.

I love the fact Betsy has put in things that will become more prominent when you reread. Sounds perfect for some close reading. I am so excited! I intend to buy Sweet Dreams Lullaby for my daughters-in-law who are each due to deliver another beautiful baby this spring. I will be sharing with my teachers and their students. If I win it will be a second copy we can all share. Thank you Betsy for sharing your process. I am unfamiliar with these haiku books, but I have a classroom of 2nd grade students who love to write haiku.

I need this book for them! What a wonderful way to present Haiku! I have never seen it done this way before. I think that it will maximize on engaging the students. I was just wondering how I could do V day differently this year.

Using the haiku is great. I wanted to begin putting poetry into each weeks language arts lesson and this makes the perfect kick off to a long spring of poetry. Thanks for the post and the mentor text! I love Sweet Dream Lullaby. I think I heard about it from your blog. I have gifted it to 5 parents to be and their little ones.

I really enjoy the community you have built here. Thanks for being a blessing to me! What a beautiful thought and book. And read it to them. Thank you for this work of love. I love this book! I love how you showed us your writing process and gathered your ideas from lots of places! This looks like a great book I could use with my students! Thanks for sharing this process! Always good to show them authentic writing experiences and I live this behind the scenes look at how your book came to be!

I wish I had this book right now! I enjoyed reading about the process, too, as I am working on a poetry book with images that my father drew. In my case, the images came first.

I Haiku You

The illustrations here are precious. I will probably buy a copy, but you can put me in the drawing. Beth Blanchard on Thursday February 14, at 6: Seemingly simple, yet really quite deep! Would love to share with the class! Renee Tobias on Thursday February 14, at 6: Jen on Wednesday February 13, at Amanda on Wednesday February 13, at 6: Our Learning on Tuesday February 12, at 9: Lora Sarchet on Sunday February 10, at Thanks for sharing, I love the book.

Even better is the process behind the creation. Mary on Saturday February 9, at 9: Kelly on Saturday February 9, at 7: Short, cute poetry — What a sweet gift that would be for the one you love. Maureen Ingram on Saturday February 9, at Donna on Friday February 8, at 9: