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As of [update] , there were about floating homes on Lake Union and a lesser number elsewhere in the city. Portland, Oregon also has many houseboats along both the Willamette River and the Columbia River, with the neighborhood of Hayden Island as a prominent example. Float houses are mostly used on the Pacific coast.

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Renting houseboats has also become popular. In addition, houseboats have been used for commerce ; on the Northern Neck of Virginia , Chesapeake National Bank had a floating bank branch called the Boat 'n Bank that provided bank services to watermen. Halibut Cove, Alaska has one of the only floating post offices in the US. Mystic Island, New Jersey had a 'botel' hotel for boaters with water access when it started in the s but the building has since changed ownership and no longer operates as such. Sausalito, California , also has one of the most noted collections of float homes that were owned at various times by the likes of famous musicians, film stars, authors, and other notables, from the hippie era until even today.

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Nearby Belvedere's houseboats date to the late s, and houseboats in the area were homes to railway men shipping logs to San Francisco via the ferry at Sausalito. Like many areas where float homes have taken hold, battles have brewed between float home owners, local and state government, and the local establishment which includes land-based home owners. Float home owners had fought established land-based tax schemes whereby float home owners sought relief from real estate taxes. The state won the battle with the shadow tax allowing the state to make the case that property beneath the float home was improved by the shadow the float home cast upon the bottom.

Houseboating is appealing due to the ability to more completely explore the local scenery, remain in close proximity to other outdoor activities hiking, boating, beaches, etc. Recreational houseboating in the United States started in the late s when people were looking to stay on the water for longer periods of time. Monticello, Kentucky is known as the "Houseboat Capital of the World.

68. What it costs to own and live aboard a canal narrowboat

Four rivers or "arms" merge to create this: Shasta Dam , the highest center spillway dam in the world, can be found at the southwest corner of the lake. Lake Shasta Caverns , can only be reached from the lake. Houseboating is also common on Lake Cumberland - often referred to as the Houseboat Manufacturing Capital of the World as the majority of American-built houseboats are manufactured in the counties surrounding Lake Cumberland. Due to the large number of houseboat manufacturers located in the Southeast US, the new and used houseboat marketplace in the Southeast is one of the most competitive and affordable areas for houseboats to be purchased in the nation.

Houseboat transporters can also deliver a houseboat to any body of water in the US. Houseboats are also available for rental at Lake Billy Chinook in Central Oregon where waterskiing is popular. Lake Billy Chinook has many little coves to anchor the houseboat. Roughly built float houses are sometimes called shanty boats but may be built on a raft or hull.

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In historic logging operations workmen sometimes used an ark as mobile dwellings. In Australia, especially on the Murray River and the sunny coastline of Victoria there are many motorized, pontoon -based houseboats with two or more bedrooms; some of these houseboats have more than one level or multiple stories floors. Some are privately owned as either a primary residence or a holiday shack. Many are also available for hire rent as self-driven holiday destinations with accommodation for four to perhaps a dozen persons.

Coomera River , the Great Sandy Straits near the world's largest sand island - Fraser Island and, in recent times, the Tweed River near Barri Island during the popular Tournament Crabbing competitions are especially popular with Queenslanders and interstate tourists. In New Zealand houseboating is developing as a holiday activity.

Whangaroa Harbour [15] on Northland 's east coast is a land locked harbour that provides houseboating.

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In Maracaibo , Venezuela , there is a big house called La Casa Barco, which was built by a former captain of the Venezuelan Navy in the 20th century. The building resembles a real ship with its anchors, lifeboats, and radars, floating on water. It is located in the neighborhood La Estrella. Nowadays La Casa Barco has become a city icon for tourists.

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Many houseboats use gasoline-powered generators. The carbon monoxide CO exhaust from these generators has caused problems for some houseboat inhabitants. Coast Guard , performed a number of evaluations on air quality, particularly carbon monoxide levels, on houseboats beginning in August Since that initial investigation, over boating-related poisonings in the United States have been identified with over of these poisonings resulting in death.

Over of the poisonings occurred on houseboats, with more than of these poisonings attributed to generator exhaust alone. Some houseboat and generator manufacturers have begun working with these agencies to evaluate engineering controls to reduce CO concentrations in occupied areas on houseboats. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

For the film, see Houseboat film.

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This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. July Learn how and when to remove this template message. Houseboat at Dal lake.

Living On A Narrowboat » liveaboard case studies

Houseboats from Floating Places to Humble Dwellings - a glowing tribute to a growing lifetsyle. Archived from the original on 19 January Retrieved 31 May Archived from the original on 10 May Dutch Answer to Flooding: Build Houses that Swim. BBC News, 1 March Financial Times 18 March http: National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.

Retrieved 17 December Retrieved from " https: Boat types House types Houseboats Tourist accommodations. Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. This page was last edited on 17 December , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Well found, barely-used and ready for immediate cruising. Advanced self-contained system for central heating, domestic hot water supply and all-electric galley designed for 21st century live-aboard life.

Hot water round the clock by electricity from diesel engine with generator or from shore supply and calorifier. Separate head, washbasin and shower compartment with hot water radiator and double galley sinks. Keel-cooled Beta B43 diesel with two alternators, hydraulic drive, electrical generator and hydraulic bow thruster.

Professionally fitted all-electric galley includes microwave cooker, induction hob, freezer and refrigerator, domestic hot and cold water system powered from engine generator or shore power through Victron 1. The three domestic batteries and the one new heavy duty starter battery are managed from an onboard installation linked to a shore-powered battery charger and two engine-driven alternators.