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Participating and being a part of the program was a real advantage for us. It all starts with your online application and at each phase, we will assess the fit between the startups and the program in order to invite those that can clearly benefit the most from collaborating with The Journey Partners. The top 40 scores will enter into a remote pitch session and the best 20 startups will move forward. Corporate and startup pre-match for both parties to take the most out of the Bootcamp. The Top 20 startups will be invited to join the one-week Bootcamp benefiting from learning about business model innovation, startup methodologies and tools, get additional product validation, define the value proposition and a business case to present to the Partners.

The best startups will have the opportunity to work together with one or more Partners in developing a pilot. The 10 selected startups that are going to be part of the accelerator will enjoy 8 weeks of close collaboration with the Partners. This is D Day. All the finalist startups will be presenting their solutions. It will be a public event where you will find potential investors, media, Partners and Beta-i representatives, among other invited guests from the tourism industry. We are excited about what we will learn from beta-i and the selected startups but also with so much we have to share and offer.

We are all set to absorve as many interesting pilots as we can — come and challenge us on The Journey. The discovery of the fatally wounded deer confirms to them both that their situation was not planned. When encouraged to kill the dying animal by Paisley, McGuinness picks up a heavy rock but eventually refuses to do the deed, surprising Paisley. As the driver changes the tire, the two then find their way to a disused Protestant church, where Paisley identifies various martyrs in the stained glass windows as being from Foxe's Book of Martyrs. They wander outside in a cemetery, and the topic of the Enniskillen bombing is brought up.

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Paisley rages at the IRA and McGuinness for the bombing, which killed innocent bystanders and not the soldiers that were being targeted. McGuinness admits that the bombing was wrong and that it caused the IRA to question its actions.


He also reveals to Paisley the conversation he had with his young daughter about the bombing, and how it made him feel. Paisley viciously responds to McGuinness' honesty by claiming that he was crying crocodile tears. The heated argument convinces McGuinness that there is no point continuing, and he refuses to re-enter the van. Paisley then states that his own "bark" is worse than his "bite", which indicates to McGuinness that while Paisley may not be apologetic, he is at least conciliatory.

The van drives off with both men inside. As the van gets nearer to the airport the driver realises they need fuel. They pull over at a service station but the driver's credit card no longer works since it was bent during the changing of the tire. The driver asks McGuinness and Paisley if they have a credit card, but they do not, Paisley stating that charging interest is usury and is apparently against the Bible.

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At an impasse and needing to hurry, Paisley enters the service station and uses his fame and his public speaking voice to convince the clerk to try the driver's card again. This time the card works. McGuinness and Paisley then walk back to the van, where McGuinness notices a hidden pistol in the driver's belt and confronts him.

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The driver then admits that he is with MI5 and that he was in touch with them the whole time - but that their agenda is peaceful and directed at getting the two to talk. McGuinness tries to tell Paisley this, but Paisley has collapsed inside the van with angina. McGuinness helps Paisley to retrieve his medication and settles him down.

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Reflecting upon the stained glass windows he saw in the church, Paisley then orders the van off the road and exits, speaking to McGuinness alone. It offers a uniquely potent set of tools for awakening and liberating our infinite human potential. The work has helped hundreds of thousands of people worldwide free themselves from issues like anxiety, stress, depression, low self-esteem, chronic anger and rage, physical illnesses, addictions and unhealthy behaviours, sexual or physical abuse, relationship problems and procrastination and career underperformance.

The Journey has been creating extraordinary transformation in people's lives for more than 20 years. Watch the video now and find out how it can help you too. Join our live monthly webinars to get the latest news and updates from the thriving Journey Community. So often in this world's turmoil we lose track of who we are and what we need.